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2009 Ford Escape



  • lkrklkrk Posts: 5
    Usually OD lockout just locks out the highest gear and changes the shift points. I have not checked yet on level ground. Maybe this weekend. I have a question to all 09 Sync guys. Has anyone figured out or know how to change the default Sync voice volume. Maybe if i had all the windows down and was on the interstate it would be fine but i seems no matter the speed or not moving at all you have to be quick on the volume dial or you are going to blasted. i looked in the sync manual and currently have not found where it states changing it. Maybe i missed it.
  • desmo1desmo1 Posts: 26
    So I thought I should tell you about the 2009 Escape LTD V6 4WD we picked up 10-3-08. We drove it up to Mt. Palomar Observatory on 10-5-08. The first thing I noticed was the DELICIOUS sound it made when you got into the throttle. On the twisty roads up to the top of the mountain, it handled like a sports car; stable and composed. My wife and I were yelling and screaming at the NAV system because it is so complicated to figure out. I am confident after a short 9 to 10 months we will have it figured out.... or there will be a big hole in the touch screen!

    Nonetheless, it is beautiful and powerful and got 24 mpg on it's first tank calculated with a pen and pencil so we know it was accurate. It is brilliant silver on the ext and black int.
  • desmo1desmo1 Posts: 26
    It does lock out 6th but also in downhill situations it downshifts another gear when you step on the brake, kind of like a tow/haul mode.
  • bdymentbdyment Posts: 549
    Thanks. I thought this might be the way it works.
  • kjtg1kjtg1 Posts: 12
    Does the 09 Escape have traction control?
  • desmo1desmo1 Posts: 26
    I think it does. I was parked in a dirt/gravel parking. When I left I floored the throttle and could not sense any wheel spin, just acceleration. There is also an intersection where I have to turn right. There is always water flowing down the curb. My Focus always slips and loses traction. Not so with our 09 AWD LTD Escape.
  • I think what you are describing is your AWD system kicking in, sort of used as tracion control. Escapes do not have traction control per se, but they have RSC (Roll Stability Control) which acts sort of like a TCS (Traction Control System) in which it uses gyroscopic sensors to sense roll over or swerving motion, thus applying brake force or engine throttle to control the vehicle. True traction control is done with the AdvanceTrac system (AWD). 2WD models do not have either systems.
  • desmo1desmo1 Posts: 26
    Yes. I read that it monitors traction hundreds of times per second.
  • jmi1266jmi1266 Posts: 1
    When I have my sunroof open in my 2009 Escape the air pressure builds up much the only way to relieve it is to crack open another window. Is anyone else experiencing this problem? Is there another answer to solving this problem.
  • vg33e powervg33e power Posts: 314
    Do you mean that a lot of wind comes in when your sunroof is open? IF so, you may be able to minimize wind flow and buffeting by adding a wind deflector for the sunroof.
  • antoninbantoninb Posts: 47
    I haven't noticed this with my 2009 and I use the sunroof whenever permissable, but I suppose it would depend on how you determine that a buildup of air pressure is occuring. One solution would be to buy the deflector for the front of the sunroof opening. Having said that, if there is additional air coming into the vehicle via the open sunroof, then that additional air has to have some place to go. Opening a window a bit would seem to make sense.
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 9,614
    ok, i will play nice.
    open the right rear window a bit.
  • dontshopdontshop Posts: 2
    I Own a 2009 Escape. Great truck but if you live near Chicago don'r buy from HAWK FORD in Oak Lawn. They will Cheat and steal your money after the purchase.
  • According to Edmunds, the braking distance of Escape is quite poor compared to its rivals. Any experience and comments? This is one main reason stops me from buying it so far. Thanks.
  • bdymentbdyment Posts: 549
    I was somewhat concerned when Ford went to rear drum brakes on the 2008 Escapes. I had four wheel disc brakes on our 07, however after test driving the 2009 V6 with rear drums we purchased the vehicle. The brakes are very good--smooth, nice pedal pressure and the stopping distances seem every bit as good as our 07, if not better.
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 40,013
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  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 10,824
    If you own a 2006 – 2010 Ford Escape or Escape Hybrid and live in the Los Angeles area, please contact by August 12 if you’re interested in being contacted for more information on your vehicle ownership experience.

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  • bdyment: thanks for your comments. You meant Ford had disc brakes in 07 and then went back to drums in 08 and 09. I was concerned about the braking distance compared to its competitors like RV4, CRV or Rogue. I had a 1999 4Runner before and found the brakes are not as good as German autos. I know it's not a fair comparison. I'm thinking to get the Escape as my next car.
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 9,614
    the distances you see are not all under the same conditions and are extreme tests.
    our 04 escape has rear drums and the only problem we have had is getting hit from behind(twice).
    we also have an 09 which has rear drums and it stops just fine.
    rear drum brakes are known to last a long time.
    80% of braking is done by the front brakes.
  • Probably looking at a new car purchase in about 6 weeks. My last new car is my wifes, a 2004 Toyota Sienna. I am giving my 2000 Nissan pathfinder to my son. I love the Pathfinder-Bose, leather, heated seats, sunroof. I would love a new 4Runner, but I want leather, sunroof, upgraded sound system again and don't want to pay over 28K before TTL. I am thinking of a Honda CRV EX-L, a Toyota Rav4, or an Escape/Mariner/Tribute. The last new Ford I had was a '93 Aerostar, back when "quality was job 1" and the water pump failed at about 37K, a thousand out of waranty, followed quickly by the a/c condenser or compressor at around 38K. The dealer did make good on the a/c repair and I paid only a small deductble.

    Anyway, I was wondering if any other buyers here looked at the Rav4 or CRV and how they thought all these SUVs stacked up in terms of comfort and reliability.
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