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2009 Lexus GX Model Change?



  • dakotaokdakotaok Posts: 5
    Dealer told me the new model is coming out December 2009. Looking forward to seeing the new body.
  • Production of the new GX will start in Dec 2009 with arrival in late Dec or early Jan 2010. Don't know if it will be a 2010 or 2011 model. If I were them, I would skip a model year like the RX450h and make it a 2011.
    Only thing that Lexus has confirmed is the 3rd row seat will fold flat into the floor for storage. That makes me wonder where the spare will go, on the back like a RAV4, under the middle of the vehicle like a Sienna?
  • mbdmbd Posts: 12
    Thanks. There were 2 things I did not like (and could not accept) about the old GX - (1) the 3rd row seat did not fold flat, and (2) the rear door swung to the side. Now that they will have the 3rd seats out of the way, I hope they also fix the rear door to open up. If so, I shall buy one. If not, I shall have to search elsewhere.
  • lbjacklbjack Posts: 1
    My dealer told me the 2010 GX will change to the conventional up-lift tailgate.
  • nedzelnedzel Posts: 787
    "My dealer told me the 2010 GX will change to the conventional up-lift tailgate."

    That would surprise me. The GX has always been based on the Prado, which has a side-hinged tailgate (which is a deal killer for me).
  • I just chatted online with and got this response

    DCur: The 2010 GX will be arriving in dealerships in December.
    DCur: Detailed product information will be available on as of November 23rd.
  • lexie7lexie7 Posts: 1
    Looking for information on the Lexus GX 470 2010. Any information out there?
    When? What will it look like? How much?
  • "The new GX will likely be called the GX 460 and bow in towards the end of the year as a 2010 model, most likely with a debut at the 2009 Los Angeles auto show in November."
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