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Infiniti M35/M45 Lease Is Up - What Now?

My 24-month lease ends in April and I'm debating whether to get a 2008 or jump ship. I like the m35 . . . BUT I suspect that the Bluetooth problems with Verizon still exist and it appears that the gas mileage is even worse with the new model. Over a year ago, my dealer promised that a Bluetooth fix was in the works. Never heard a peep after that so I have to assume that the echo issue has never been fixed. Per the mileage, my light foot has made the situation manageable. Around town I get high teens. On the highway, I get 22-24 mpg. A friend with a 2007 gets about half that, however, and her dealer told her the problem is that the car is "overengined." Sounds like a crock to me. Before getting the 2006, I looked at the Lexus GS (tiny, bland interior), BMW 5 Series (not nearly as good a value), and Audi A6 (ditto). I'm not aware of anything else worth considering, though I did rent a Cadillac DTS awhile back and did my best to remember how to navigate a ship. So here we are back in Infinitiland wondering whether a reup with the latest model makes sense or whether there's preferable alternative. My 2006 listed for 49,250 and I'm paying $644 a month all in. Front money was $1,200. Annual mileage is 20,000. I thought that was a decent deal and would hope to do at least as well next time around, especially considering the fact that rates are coming down and Infiniti appears to be looking at an increasing inventory. All suggestions greatly appreciated. Thanks.


  • ghstudioghstudio Posts: 920
    There is a bluetooth moves the microphone and seems to help....just call your dealer to schedule the install. The 2005 engine is identical to the 2007/8 so your mileage will be the same. MPG gets slightly higher after the first 5000 miles or so. Your 2006 has a terribly uncomfortable passenger seat...the 2007/8 fixed that. Otherwise, the car is the same as your current car with some minor changes that really don't matter all that much.

    Alternatives...I'm considering the lexus ES 350 when my lease expires in June....or maybe a Porsche Cayman. Or my wife will get a Mercedes C/E and I'll drive her car for a year or so.
  • james27james27 Posts: 433
    THe feds changed the procedure when testing gas mileage, so they are now more realistic (and lower). They have the old precedure's values listed as well (or at least they did last year, maybe gone now). You'll notice a change in the way HP is calculated as well.
  • I purchased a 2008 M35 and love the car. I think it looks great and does everything I want of it. My prior car was a 2006 BMW 530i which was very expensive and not as fun to drive as my new M. I suggest considering the M again, even though the gas mileage is a bit lower than others. For the price it seems to be the best value even when considering the gas mileage. I use a light foot and do 24 on the highway which is not too bad considering my average speed if around 70mph!
  • bocatripbocatrip Posts: 194
    I too am considering moving from my G35 Coupe into an 08 M35. I've considered the A6, and GS350, but find myself back with the M as the best value with the least amount of grief. I know the mileage is crappy but I only drive 6-8,000 miles a year. I still think the M is the best bang for the buck even with a few shortcomings (gas mileage, and 5Speed Trans)
  • mlevinemlevine Posts: 203
    I recently returned my Q45, end of lease. Wanted to get into M35 as a lease but the price was absurd. The residual values are lower with decent money factors. In addition the dealer did not want to make a deal. Live in Southeast Florida with many dealers around. Eventually went to Infiniti of Coconut Creek and purchased a QX56 and could have made a deal for the M35 2008, but needed only one vehicle. I would pursue the M35 compared to the other vehicles mentioned.
  • ewl88ewl88 Posts: 71
    I'm having the same issues as other posters. My 2006 M35X lease is up in august. I've looked at Caddy CTS (cheaper, smaller interior, unproven reliability), BMW 5 series (not really impressive exterior/interior and for equivalent M35x features would be quite a bit more expensive). Will look at Lexus GS (3 years ago I preferred M35X over GS) again, maybe Audi A6. Looks like 2008 M35x and 2006 are virtually identical. Would be nice to have the new G35's engine in 2008 M35 but I guess earliest this would happen is 2009.
    My mild pet peeves with my 2006 M35x is what every one says- poor fuel economy, road noise (got used to it), wish the handling was a bit tighter in the AWD version. Guess I don't want to duplicate my currentcar. Would be nice to have some significant upgrade.
  • ghstudioghstudio Posts: 920
    I will be moving from my 2006 M35 to a Lexus RX350 when my lease is up in June. I can't deal with Infiniti's crippled when you're moving navigation system again. I'll likely just buy it. The only other possibility is a new FX but then I'm in the same cripple nav scenario.

    You know, if the M had the new engine...and a better transmission which reved at a decent speed doing 65 on an interstate, I'd get over the nav problems...but essentially all I would get with a 2008 M35 is a new 2006 model with a better passenger seat. Unless they want to give it to me so cheap that I can't refuse...I'm out of Infiniti....and Nissan can continue to figure out how to avoid bankruptcy (they were real close) without me.
  • ewl88ewl88 Posts: 71
    Are you sure the Lexus doesn't have the same legalistic restrictions while moving?
    I did a quick google search: Probably should check with Lexus.
    The M35x has been overall a good car for me. Aside from 2 tires getting worn ahead of their time (my brother with a m35x also required 4 tires replaced by his dealer- ?rack problem) and an accident that had nothing to do with the car (careless driver hit me), it's been problem free. Agree with the engine, transmission comments as well as mediocre fuel economy. I'm not much for SUV/crossover esp since I usually only drive myself around but that's me.
    I will have to look at the alternatives. I know the Lexus GS350 is faster than M35x with the former's recently upgraded engine but I wasn't thrilled with the GS series handling last time I tried and the GS's trunk is small considering the cars size. I do like the m35x's backup camera. Lexus has a good one also but cadillac CTS and bmw 5 series still don't.
    Good luck with your decision.
  • mmoreno1978mmoreno1978 Posts: 106
    I didnt realize there is a fix for the bluetooth. My car is almost out of warranty. When i bring my car to the dealer for servicing and complain about the bluetooth, my service manager always says the same thing. "Sorry, the bluetooth system just isnt that good"

    Does anyone know what i should say to the service manager? Will they fix it if i am out of warranty?
  • ghstudioghstudio Posts: 920
    I have had the fix really doesn't fix the problems. However, just get them to write down that you have a bluetooth problem...echos, garbled voice before your warranty runs out to record the problem. I believe it's s service bulletin and will be performed for free no matter when you do it though....

    Whenever I have what I perceive as a problem and they say "oh, that's normal", I make the service writer write down the problem on the ticket anyway. Then if they want to write "it's normal" and you later find out it isn't, you have clear documentation that it was a problem under warranty...right in the dealer's files.
  • nrwaynenrwayne Posts: 45
    The fix is an improvement, but not perfect. Keep the volume on your cell phone toward the low end and it should be acceptable. I had mine fixed three weeks before the end of the lease. The fix should be unrelated to warranty. Without the fix, the system is unusable with the Verizon system. Your service manager just doesn't want to do the work. Call Infiniti in CA if he refuses to do it.
  • mmoreno1978mmoreno1978 Posts: 106
    Thank You both.

    I was called today by my sales rep who wanted to know if I wanted to get into the 08 early. He says is very much improved.

    Any recomendations or opinions?

    Should i wait for my lease to end or just upgrade now? Is is that much better?
  • tayl0rdtayl0rd Posts: 1,938
    Wait for the leas to end! Why take a big hit like that now when you can wait a few months and lease an '08 for dirt cheap because the '09s will be rolling out?
  • ghstudioghstudio Posts: 920
    It's not that much fact the M has hardly changed at all...except if you feel that the now adjustable/comfortable passenger seat "better" enough to justify the move. I can't imagine why you would move to an 08 early unless they gave you such a good deal that financially it made sense. There's some dealer money around now....$2500 I think on the if they will do the deal based on a capitalized cost of about $2000 under invoice....well, then go for it. Anything less...just sit tight...
  • mmoreno1978mmoreno1978 Posts: 106
    Thank You both! I will surely be waiting. My lease isnt up until April 2009.
    I am really enjoying the car, but am just itching to do something! I drive my 535xi less and less as it lacks the luxury of my M35x, but the 300hp is a lot of fun.

    To be honest, my favorite car is presently my wife's 2008 Toyota Highlander. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I may even want to get one for myself instead of the M35x and the 535xi.
  • blov8rblov8r Posts: 567
    I know I'm late to the party, but bluetooth issues with Verizon are non-existent. When the first M's came out three years ago there was a limited selection of phones that would couple but within a month or two the problem was over. I've been with Verizon throughout my present lease and have had zero issues with the connectivity. Bart
  • blov8rblov8r Posts: 567
    It's not the nav system that's cripled ... it's the DVD ... and if you want to watch DVD's while driving your car please let me know WHERE you drive ... so I can avoid you. :( Bart
  • capoanycapoany Posts: 32
    Hey, Bart, actually, certain programming functions of the NAV system are disabled unless the car is in park in my '06 M35.
  • gjonesmigjonesmi Posts: 4
    I have a M45 coming off lease in June that I did a 21 month lease on at a very good residual of 76%. The new lease residuals for 24 months are at a 64% residual and the money factor is nothing to shout about. In the end it is all about dollars to me. Having leased 3 previous BMW's I decided to talk to them again. While the styling leaves something to be desired in the minds of many, I can live with it for for what they are offering on leases. I ordered a 535I with sport, premium, cold weather, premium stereo, park distance sensor and fold down rear seats. The residual was 73% and the money factor of .021 In addition to a very reasonable discount off msrp. As much as I enjoyed my m45 it was time to move on and enjoy the better mileage of the BMW at a smaller lease cost.
  • ltcadviserltcadviser Posts: 38
    What does the bmw lease for with the factors you mentioned. How much down, and monthly payment?? How many miles/yr?
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