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Infiniti M35/M45 Lease Is Up - What Now?



  • mmoreno1978mmoreno1978 Posts: 106
    Trust me, you will HATE it if youve been driving the M35/45.

    Look at the Lexus GS. I hate my 535xi.
  • logs1logs1 Posts: 10
    Option is to purchase M35 with Journey/Tech/Sirius for $30,413 + $150 purchase (air) fee. Car has 20K miles after 24 month lease and is in great shape. I will have to pay a $140 "rim repair" fee if I turn in the vehicle walk away, and will likely have to replace tires soon if I purchase the vehicle.
    I had no intention of buying the vehicle until I started looking at '06 Lexus', BMW's and Audi's. What considerations should I have in purchasing at the end of a lease, as I have never done that before?
    Thank you.
  • ghstudioghstudio Posts: 920
    The only consideration is do you want to buy the car for the price. You certainly know of any problems.

    My experience was that when my M35 lease expired last month, I leased a new M35 with the same option packages for $4 more per month on another 24 mo lease. ($2000 conquest cash with 2 MSD's) so no reason to buy the old car.

    Reasons to upgrade:

    1) A/C is much improved - you could freeze meat in the car
    2) XM standard plus harddisk memory of CD's
    3) Car runs smoother and tighter (can't explain this..maybe it's just new)
    4) Passenger seat now fully adjusts (the 06 seat was just awful)
    5) White lettering on guages is much more readible
    6) voice commands are trainable (good if you have an accent)
    7) Same voice now gives commands and street names.
    8) Bluetooth seems improved...of course there was a dealer update for the 06's but this seems even better.

    the only disadvantage is that voice commands have been significantly reduced and there are some extra steps setting up navigation.

    No change:
    1) Many times the gas nozzle still cuts off before the car is close to full
    2) gas mileage unchanged (but now you only get a graph rather than actual numbers so maybe you feel better)
    3) navigation input severely crippled when the car is moving - you still have to do the nav hack
  • david2udavid2u Posts: 36
    Last month I turned in my 2006 M35X.
    It had 27,000 on it when it was returned.
    There wasn't a mark on the car except for 3 wheels that were scratched. ( I don't know of anyone that doesn't have scratches on their wheels here in NY).
    I didn't have the chance to get it "pre-inspected" so I called the dealer and they told me, "no problem, we'll get it taken care of for you".
    That was a mistake!!
    I received a bill,(over 1,000.00) from Infiniti charging me for all sorts of damage that was not on the car when I returned it!
    I took pictures of the car, at the dealership, while it was being returned so I wouldn't have to go through this crap.
    They charged me for 3 scratched wheels @ 140.00 each (yes, they were scratched from the car wash).
    They charged me for a chip on the front left fender (wasn't there), a chip on the right rear quarter panel (wasn't there), and scratches on the lower front bumper (wasn't there).
    I called them up and they told me that they could do nothing since I didn't have the car pre-inspected, I waived my rights!!!
    I told them that I have had 7 Infiniti's and they would not budge.
    I spoke to the dealer and he told me that "so what if it had a chip...that's normal wear and tear".
    He also told me that since Infiniti is getting hammered at the auctions, they are trying to squeeze every penny they can out of the consumer.
    When I told Infiniti financial that I have digital pictures of the car being returned, they told me that they could not look at them...basically, "too bad".
    I asked to see the report and pictures from their service that did the inspection, and they told me that they don't have to release that information to me.
    I was waiting for the 2009 models to come out, using my son's car while he is at school, but because of this, I just leased a BMW.
    I won't ever deal with Infiniti/Nissan again.
    I guess they don't care about the customer anymore.
    Please be very careful when you return your car!
  • ghstudioghstudio Posts: 920
    Unfortunately, you should have found time for the pre-inspection. They take pictures of the car when they do that inspection and give you an estimate of repairs.
    I thought my car was pristine but the pre-inspection found all kinds of little nicks and chips. They were documented and the inspector indicated no charge for those items. When I returned the car, I asked the dealer to walk around the car and verify that there were no additional isues...using the pre-inspection form as a guide.

    You just asked for problems. However, Infiniti does have to show you pictures of the damage. If they don't have any pictures/proof, you will find small claims court on your side....especially since you do have pictures.

    Next time....find the time...that's a rediculous excuse especially when infiniti's representative will come to your home at your convenience to inspect the car.
  • What happened to your allowance for Wear and tear?

    You get an allowance of $1500.00
  • david2udavid2u Posts: 36
    I never heard of the 1500.00 allowance.

    I know that if I had leased another Infiniti, they would take 500.00 off any damage.

    Where did you see that?
  • david2udavid2u Posts: 36
    Yes, you are correct...I should have found the time to get it inspected.

    I just want eveyone else that turns in a car what to be prepared for.

    The supervisor I spoke to said "I don't know what's wrong with YOU PEOPLE in NY, NJ, you don't think you have to get the car inspected".

    He might have a point, but he was an idiot for saying that to me.

    I spoke with the dealer today....he told me that he is getting calls from people complaining about the excessive fees, whether they had the car inspected or not.

    I will definately go to small claims court on this, but customer goodwill should have prevailed here.

    They just lost a loyal customer over 1,000.00.

    Doesn't make good business sense to me, does it?
  • ghstudioghstudio Posts: 920
    I believe that Infiniti has all cars returned on lease to it's area distributor...and that the inspection is done there. You can not be held responsible for any damage after you dropped the car off at the dealer. Unless the dealer noted a problem, you probably have a good arguement that Infiniti can't prove that you did ANY of the damage.

    With your pictures, you should have an easy go of small claims court...make sure you invite your dealer to the procedure so you can ask him how he handles returns and when they are inspected...after how many days on your lot? oh, you return them by open truck to Infiniti? You get the drift....
  • dsa1dsa1 Posts: 4
    My 2006 M35x lease expires end of November. It has (or will have) about 42,000 miles on it at the end of a 39 month, no money down 15k miles/yr. lease (at around $800/mo.) I know I didn't use all the "leased" miles. Tech and Journey package. Residual buyout price is 26,400. It has been a very good auto, and I would consider buying it (I really like the orange gauges, and not the new bluish ones), but that residual seems way high. I will be dealing directly with the leasing bank, which was not through Infiniti. What would make this a good buy? Or should I just chuck it and go for a 2009, and if so, how attractive are current lease deals?
    Thanks for the help.
  • david2udavid2u Posts: 36
    My lease was 590.00 per month, 12k per year, but had no nav or tech.

    I spoke with the dealer on Sunday and he quoted me for a new M35X, no nav or tech, 12k per year, 515.00 with no money down. (or 460.00 a month with everything up front).

    He also told me that the car I turned in that had a residual of about 27,000, we can buy that car at the auction for about 20,000.

    He said that Infiniti is giving 5500.00 off the car if I had wanted to buy it but since your car isn't leased thru Infiniti, i'm not sure if that applies to you.

    With the new lease programs being so favorable right now, I would just lease a brand new one.
  • 5539655396 Posts: 530
    "Aside from 2 tires getting worn ahead of their time (my brother with a m35x also required 4 tires replaced by his dealer- ?rack problem)"

    Hmmmmmmm, didn't they have a similar problem with the 350Z?
  • radu2radu2 Posts: 3
    My lease on a 2006 M45 Sport (Journey, Technology, and Advance Technology Packages) is due at the end of April. I'm thinking about purchasing the car at the end of the lease and was wondering what price should I shoot for? The lease was for 36 month 15000 miles and I will be right at the allowed milleage (44,000.00 - 45,000.00). The car has every option other than the rear entertainment package. The original MSRP was $58,000.00, however I negotiated the price down to $53,000.00. The residual is $33,000.00, however in checking prices all 2006 are going for less than the residuals. I was thinking about shooting for $24,000.00. I heard someone mention that you could even go lower. Has anybody else purcahsed an M45 recently after their lease has ended?

    Thank you
  • 5539655396 Posts: 530
    "My lease on a 2006 M45 ) is due "

    One method I use to check what the market is willing to pay is to do an Advanced Search on ebay for Completed listings only. There, you will see what didn't make reserve and which items sold.

    BTW, what gas mileage does your M45 get? I considered one after the good reviews, but the mileage on them seemed pretty bad compared tp 28-31 with my Avalon.
  • radu2radu2 Posts: 3
    I drive mostly city streets and I get around 18. On long freway trips I get about 23. Not the greatest, but otherwise I love the car. Other than some issue with XM radio making some weird reverb noise lately, the car has been trouble free.
  • shmangshmang Posts: 297
    If I were you, I won't even bother negotiating, since Infiniti financing will not give you a price near as low (compare the market). Ture, they will lose money even you returen the car and they sell it off of an auction - unless your car is in top condition and they will re-sell it as CPO car at the dealership.

    It makes sense to just return the car and look for another one that is on sale (maybe a 2007 or 2008 if you prefer).
  • dexinsddexinsd Posts: 6
    My 3 year lease is up on my 2006 M45 (Sport, Tech, Adv Tech, Aero). I love the car, but the new Infiniti leases really suck -- 46% residual on a M35 (Sport, Tech, 36 mo/12k mi) lease. I can actually get a 535i with Premium, Sport, Nav for the same money than the M35 (because the residual is 60%)!! Would anyone pass on a 535i under these circumstances? The Infiniti clearly has more bells and whistles (rear cam, better nav, music box) but . . . . .
  • ghstudioghstudio Posts: 920
    I would lease the BMW in an instant. The only reason I'm driving an M instead of a BMW is that BMW had a lousy lease at the time.
  • art234art234 Posts: 103
    Residuals for the most part with Nissan/Infiniti are fiction. My M35X is up in August--I would gladly give it back NOW. The residual value on my lease is $27K. The car TODAY is worth about $16K.

    Infiniti had 6 chances to fix the vibration issue in my car which still is not fixed. They offered me a financial reimbursement which they have yet to pay off on. They would rather take the car back and lose their shirt at auction than give the lessee right of first refusal at adjusted prices.

    I also find it quite interesting that only Infiniti is sitting on a large quantity of 2008 cars in inventory--much more than any other brand (luxury). I believe they delayed the 2009 intro until the number was down (Dec-Jan time frame?) that tells you the brand is struggling.

    To the poster considering a BMW, JUMP on it. Me? I am waiting for the newest Lexus hybrids to come out in the summer time....but I am also going to take a hard look at the new Acura's amazing.

    Good luck.
  • barryendbarryend Posts: 121
    2006 M35X lease was over in Feb.

    I liked everything about the car except the way is drove, rode and used gas like a cabin cruiser. Would not drive straight due to inherent trammeling discussed in all Infiniti boards. Driving daughter's 2006 VW Jetta GLS until 2009 Audi A4 2.0 with sports suspension arrives next month. Jetta drives and rides 1000% better than M35X and uses 1/3 the gas. Audi is smaller, expensive, less gizmo's but rides and drives like a luxury car should. Rear seats fold down so I can take a ski trip for the weekend. 28 mpg on highway.

    I loved Pepe Infiniti but the G's were too small and no more M's for me. Considered FX-35 but another ugly gas hog load.

    Acura TL 4 wheel another ugly eyesore. Caddy CTS was not leasing from GMAC and no backup camera available. No cheap when loaded. Image a little Mafia or Miami for me.

    Cheap gas has not made me forget the $80.00 fill ups to drive nowhere.
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