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Saturn Aura Transmission Issues



  • GM only would help out up to $1000 and until they took the car apart no one could tell me what the bill would be, I was lucky the deaership paid off my car loan and I bought a used toyota camry! no more saturn
  • This is sounding like a broken record in this topic. I have a 2007 Saturn Aura XR with the 3.6L and 6 speed automatic as well, and I had these exact same issues. I complained to the dealer when i bought the car with 56k on it (was the old Saturn Dealer) and they reprogrammed the TCM and said the issue was fixed. I said it was a little better, but still doing it. I was told that was the way the transmission operated. I now have 98,700 miles on the car and was getting ready to schedule the 100k transmission fluid service on it. I was driving it friday and it started slipping horribly, and bucking when put into reverse and feeling like it is going to stall. It bucked hard enough that it almost sent me out of my parking space in front of an oncoming vehicle. I have driven it exactly 14 miles since it happened, half to get home, and half to get it to the Saturn Authorized Service center by me.

    I just was informed by the dealer that the transmission has had an internal failure, and will need to be rebuilt or replaced, to the tune of $2700 for a rebuild, $3700 for a replacement with a new. And to top it off, they said my powertrain warranty expired six months ago, so none of this is covered. Doing a little research, I see this is a common issue with this transmission, yet there is no recall and only a TSB (Service Bulletin Number: 09-07-30-012B NHTSA ID #:10038284 ). If you look at the Arcadia and Enclave sites, you will find more information about the 6T70 transmission that is used with the 3.6L in the Aura.

    This was my first newer GM vehicle, after having switched back from driving an import, but after this experience, who knows. It is sad because I used to love the quality and dependability of the 3.8L and 4T65E transmission, having owned roughly 8 GM vehicles with that motor/trans in the 13 years I have been driving. I wish they never did away with it. Got much better mileage than the 3.6L.

    Right now my car will probably be parked while I try and figure out where the money for this repair will come from. Thankfully I can get a ride from a coworker in the mean time.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,055

    We're sorry to hear that your Aura will need a transmission rebuild or replacement. If you wanted for us to check into this further with the dealership (though we're unable to make any promises up front), please email us at (include your name and contact information, the last 8 digits of your VIN and mileage, and the name of your involved dealership along with a quick recap of the situation).

    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • My 2007 Saturn's transmission failed exactly 5 days past the 5 year warranty expiration.

    GM's "help" was to offer me 4,000 towards a new GM car which I could not afford.

    Now I see a recall in the works about this issue.

    I highly doubt I'd ever buy another GM car.
  • scmadscmad Posts: 5
    I started experiencing some of the same scenarios as listed above.

    I have a 2007 Saturn Aura XR with the 3.6L and 6 speed automatic and began to notice the bucking, when put into reverse, on January 16. I called my mechanic, who has serviced the Saturn since 11/08, and asked that I bring it in to the shop. An evening later, I lost the transmission and had to have my car towed. The Saturn is now at a transmission specialist getting a rebuilt transmission at a lovely price tag of $3,000. I've had to rent a car at $30 a day and the replacement of the transmission will take a week,

    I've not learned what caused the transmission failure and am very dismayed that there was no forewarning. The car has been serviced on a regular basis; just had the transmission fluid changed as the Saturn reached the 100k mark.

    After doing some research, I too have noticed a trend with this car, that had been my very best vehicle over the past 25 years. This vehicle is to last at least another 100k without losing a transmission. My husband worked at GM for 30+ years and after extensive research thought this car would be the one without major problems.

    How is it that there aren't any recalls? I'm sure GM is aware of this and would like to know what they have to say and what is their plan of action.

    Very disappointed. :sick:
  • I have a 2008 Saturn Aura XE with only 58,000 miles on it and recently it started jumping gears when i get to 40-45 mph.... Its annoying and today took it in to a dealership for that recall September last year from on my car i knew nothing about since recently when it started acting up... What it does is goes up and down with the gears in that speed limit.... The dealership took care of the recall but that didnt fix it and i have a powertrain warranty till June 30th of this year...I cant afford to pay to have them look into this further only the quick 25 pt inspection which they did and said it didnt look like anything.... soo what im asking is anyone else having this same problem and could it be a recall? This car is not that old and it just started acting up please help!!!!
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,055
    Let us know if you would like for us to check into anything further for you. We can be reached at (please include your name and contact information, the last 8 digits of our VIN and mileage, and summary of the situation).

    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • scmadscmad Posts: 5
    Kristie and Karen

    What is the criteria you follow in responding to messages? There was no response to message #26 with the same common problem with the transmission going at 100k; and not a word of assistance from either one of you.

    A response would be appreciated.

    Thank you!
  • kevdesadkevdesad Posts: 1
    Wow, I am amazed, it seems like everyone is writing the same thing. My Aura died today, 101690 miles, and the transmission died, slipped for about 1 hour and then suddenly it was done. Does any one know if a recall or a GM repair option is available?
  • scmadscmad Posts: 5
    Unfortuntely for owners that really like their Saturns, there have been no recall relative to the transmission problem.

  • ditoolanditoolan Posts: 3
    My Aura is currently at a repair shop (126k) waiting for a tranny rebuild and also has a cat conv code issue. The tranny is supposed to be covered up to 120k from what I have read due to a recall regarding a cable issue they extended it. GM REFUSED ANY ASSISTANCE. I just wanted them to pay for the dealer to diagnose the issue being they wanted 2 grand to even look at it..hit a brick wall at every turn. If anyone has any advice or has had this similar problem repaired please help! I have seen that the codes could be bogus and be caused by a dirty engine...I have been told that GM doesn't even make the one cat conv anymore and might not be able to get an aftermarket one which means I will not pass a state inspection...
  • Felt some occasional hard shifting into reverse for a week or so, then the whole thing died completely on the road yesterday. 110,000 miles, so no warranty help on the $3000 bill to repair transmission. Shop said it was what typically happens when these trannys go down: loss of 3rd-5th gears and reverse, and very expensive to repair. I've had several cars go beyond 200,000 miles and have never had to replace a transmission, so I am disappointed in the Saturn.
  • onefunkaronefunkar Posts: 113
    4 speed auto has shift cable only covered longer than normal.... 6 speed auto has wave plate problems and is covered on a case by case basis. usualy when wave plate goes it wont shift into reverse.
  • teegee2teegee2 Posts: 1
    edited April 2013
    We just started experiencing the same transmission issue on our 2007 Aura XR 3.6L auto transmission and we only have 48,000 miles on the car. Since the transmission slipping causes the vehicle to randomly want to stall out, I filed a complaint with the NHTSA because this puts the driver in potential danger. I asked for a recall to be issued, and sited this particular forum, stating the numerous consumers having the same issue which simply cannot be random and unrelated.

    If you agree with me, and feel a recall is warranted, please go to the NHTSA website ( and file a complaint asking for a recall.

    Also send a letter to GM Customer Assistance ( or send email to:, so the complaint is on record.
  • jenst33jenst33 Posts: 5
    Jennifer Thilmont; the last 8 digits of my vin number is 8F222982; 59,234 miles...It is jumping up and down the gears at 40-45mph and its automatic transmission... It seems like it wants to act like it wants to stall when its doing that...Jen
  • jd29skjd29sk Posts: 3
    I am having issues with my transmission that just started to occur after 88,000 KM on my 2007 Saturn Aura XE. The shifter would indicate that I was in a reverse or park, but the car would continue to move forward. I was able to start it by putting in into neutral to get it home, but now it won't start at all. I looked at the recalls they did for Saturn Aura's and it very much sounds like the shift cable issue, but when I gave my local dealership my VIN... it was not part of the recall.

    I spent about $1000 trying to get my break lights to work correctly, and then they wanted to charge me about $2000 for replacement of the driver control module and installation before I told them I would not pay another cent into the issue and they did it for free after I filed a complaint with GM Canada. For 3 years I had the break light issue on and off in which it went to the dealership 1/2 dozen times and now I see that GM is considering a recall on this issue? I will be submiting a claim if the recall does go through on past bills. I'm annoyed at the issues that have occurred, but I'm pissed off at the response of GM and the massive delays. If there is a bigger tranmission issue than the shift cable, i'm going to give up on the car as there is no way with proper maintenance a car should have these issues at 88,000 KM. Since GM closed the Saturn line it's been awful to try and get anything accomplished.
  • ditoolanditoolan Posts: 3
    I just picked my car up..$2300 for the rebuild....I will email a complaint also, hopefully I will be able to get reimbursed if they recall..
  • jd29skjd29sk Posts: 3
    Just an update on my post. It was in fact the shifter cable and the dealership has agreed to fix it at no cost under "special coverage". I think they have to look further into this matter as there are probably many other VIN's that are not covered under the recall and they should be. Again another safety issue and this is the second incident where I've had to go to GM Canada and lodge a complaint before they agreed it was a manufacturing issue. Just like the break lights!
  • jenst33jenst33 Posts: 5
    I already took my saturn in for that and it did nothing for my car... Yes it was a recall for me and covered 100%....I will never buy another Saturn again... This has been the worst of worst issues I have ever had with a car...
  • jenst33jenst33 Posts: 5
    I hope you have gotten your issue taken care of because I owe $12,000 on my Saturn and will never buy another one again...
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