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BMW 335d 2009+



  • I bought my 335d in March at a discount of about $8500 off MSRP including the EcoCredit. I have driven the car just short of 15K miles and have had ZERO issues. It was serviced at 13K miles at a cost of $0. I have averaged 32-34 mpg on my daily 60 mile RT commute. It is about 30% city and 70% highay driving. On a highway trip I have gotten as much as 40 mpg at a steady 70-75 mph on level highways. I do not have the sport package so this means 17" all season tires which provide a decent ride and good handling. I have owned over 10 new BMWs and this is the best commuter car I have ever owned.
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 28,850
    Glad to hear it. Keep us posted on how well you like the vehicle. Or dislike, though that is not likely. I like the X5 with the same engine. Just not ready to drop the cash.
  • nopcbsnopcbs Posts: 43
    Out of curiosity, have you run the numbers on actual cost to operate (I mean fuel) on your 335d with diesel at whatever you pay vs. a 328 (using EPA estimates...they are pretty good nowadays) using regular (or premium, if you prefer).

    In Mi, diesel is at $4.00 to $4.10 a gallon now. Regular is at $3.12 and premium 20 cents more. We pay 30% more for diesel than gasoline and the mpg advantage is nowhere near that vs. a comparable gas engine. More like 20%. Plus it is winter and diesels are slow to warm up and hate running "cold" in terms of mpg. I love my diesel, but sure wish diesel was at near parity to gas in price.
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 28,850
    Winter is kind of a double whammy on diesel drivers. Still a lot of people heating their homes with diesel. Keeps the price high during the winter. Though I did not see much relief this year even in summer months.

    Looking at the X5 35D on the economy website, I see owners getting 30 MPG overall with mostly highway driving. That is nearly double my mileage on my last trip to AZ. I got 16 MPG in my SUV. Not to mention the range is almost double. Today in San Diego diesel is available close to me for $3.79 and Premium for $3.51. Only 7% more. Making the diesel X5 a clear winner. Diesel would have to be closer to $6 per gallon to be a factor.

    People reporting mileage on the 2011 335d show over all average of 33-38 MPG. Which is much higher than the flaky EPA estimate of 27 MPG.
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    While the biased EPA numbers may indicate a 20% difference in fuel economy when comparing say a 328i and a 335d, in the real world the difference is significantly greater than that, and the 335d will suck the doors off the 328i at the same time.

    The above said, the 335d cannot be had with a manual transmission, and as such, it will never find its way into any garage of mine.
  • genjonesgenjones Posts: 2
    Perhaps if you read a recent BMW CCA article on a 335is where the author hopped up his car to what sounds like 335d performance (with the Sport Package of course!) you might notice how he stated his favorite part of the car was the automatic transmission.

    The 335d comes with the more durable, possibly better automatic that the 7 series has to boot!

    I won't argue about manual transmissions, I love them dearly, and BMW makes some of the best, but lets not drink too much Kool-Aid shall we! Many people can enjoy such a car in every day driving with a competent automatic.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 44,408
    I think turbo diesels and automatics are a match made in heaven---the two make more sense together than with a manual transmission--the automatic is smart and picks the exactly right match of torque to shifting. You *can* rev modern diesels up more than years past, but I'm not sure it does you very much good to go anywhere near redline.


  • genjonesgenjones Posts: 2
    My Beetle TDI was just fine with a manual tranny - better than my Daughter's DSG automatic. It's just the torque-monster 335d that only the high end automatic can handle apparently. Same thing happened with the early Panteras, the 1994 Corvette and I'm sure some other exotic machinery in the past.
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