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2009 Audi A4



  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,068
    I donated the tires to the Audi dealer's pile of tires.

    Nothing is wrong with the summer only tires -- in summer.

    During temps that drop below 45, the summer tires are not "Ultra High Performance." Moreover, they have a lifespan of under 20K miles and I simply do not want to swap out the tires twice a year.

    The UHP A/S's are a compromise (but not THAT much) -- but I do not track the car. I also like tires to wear at least 25,000 mile before replacement.

    The 19" option seriously reduces your choices of tires -- perhaps the 18" option is (or would have been) more prudent.

    In any case, I am offering up answers regarding ADS if someone has a question or wants a bit of a discussion on its merits.

  • I took delivery of an A4 B8 2009 model in February 2009. When I went to check the oil level via the MMI the other day, I received a message stating that the information was not available for display at this time.

    Can anyone suggest how to have the MMI display the oil level like it used to? :confuse:
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,068
    To check this, you must drive several miles, first.
  • dcjmdcjm Posts: 9
    Was told that in order to get the color Red, you must get the sport package (and that the residual goes down with the sports package). Does anyone know for sure if Red is only available if you get the sport package? Doesn't say anything in the booklets or the website, but was told this by dealer.
  • carnaughtcarnaught Posts: 1,577 long it is to get a factory ordered Audi? Also, when is the switch to the new model year production?
  • Thanks,

    I forgot to mention that I had been driving the car for around 45 minutes before trying to read the oil level so the engine had been warmed up.

    I have followed the instructions given in the user manual regarding warming the engine, parking on a level surface, turning off the engine for approx 2 minutes etc. but all to no avail.

    What is particularly frustrating is that the car doesn't even come with a manual dipstick to allow you to check the oil level, so I am at a loss to know what to do other than contact the dealer. I just thought there might be an easy fix. :(
  • art234art234 Posts: 103
    I believe it takes about 3 months from order to delivery. I ordered a 2010 A4 2.0 Quattro Prestige yesterday and am anticipating delivery mid-late July according to the dealer. Any new orders will be 2010-I think 2009 is built out at this time.

    Can't wait--took my time deciding but after taking a long drive in the BMW 335 yesterday I am happy with my decision.

    Of course it means I am stuck with the M35x for another three months but my wife can drive it.
  • barryendbarryend Posts: 121
    I ordered my A4 2.0 sports package February 4th. It hit the dealer April 24. I will pick it up early this week.

    Anyone have window tinting advice? NY only allows 70% front and back side windows.
  • art234art234 Posts: 103

    I do not recommend tinting at all...I find the windows as is are good enough. In NY, many police officers just like to bust horns over the tint--why expose yourself?

    That said, congrats--and let me know how you like the car!
  • If you don't mind me asking... Did you negotiate your price already or is that something that is done when the car comes in? I realize 2010 prices aren't out yet, but I didn't know if they negotiated $ about/below invoice. Also, are you trading in a car? If so, did you agree on a trade-in amount or will that be taken care of when your new car arrives?

    I'm hoping to order my first Audi early this summer, so I'm curious about the process.
  • carnaughtcarnaught Posts: 1,577
    What's on the prestige package? What was your mrsp based on the '09?
  • art234art234 Posts: 103
    To answer the questions,

    We ordered the car from the 2010 ordering guide. We don't have prices yet. We are estimating price, and we did negotiate a fixed cost over invoice, with all incentives to me.

    The prestige package now has navigation (3G MMI), but driver assist and the rear camera and park assist are removed and part of an optional package.

    I am estimating the cost of the car to be between $43 and $44K or so, and when it comes in I will review lease rates but actually plan to buy the car.

    I was in the car business for about 5 years previously, so knew basically how to negotiate, and the dealer and I understand each other...

    Now the wait begins...I am really looking forward to this car.
  • backroadbackroad Posts: 12
    What is an accurate source for Audi Financial Services' Buy Rate Lease Money Factor?

    I have found sources only for 15K mi/year.

  • salexandsalexand Posts: 3
    My wife and I are looking at an '09 A4 Premium+ with the sport package only because we need the lumbar support it provides.
    We didn't like the jarring drive of the sport package and would really like something a tad softer (we already have a 2000 Jetta VR6 with a stiff ride).
    Does the adaptive drive really offer a softer ride if the sport package is taken and the drive is set to comfort ? Obviously I don't expect the drive to be as cushiony as say an ES 350 (the other car we were looking at)..

    Also, do you have any input on when we'll be able to build out a 2010 A4 ? I hear there are some option changes (eg: no driver memory in the Premium+)

    Thanks so much,
  • fglamserfglamser Posts: 22
    I have the 2009 A4 Premium+ without the sport package. It has power lumbar support and the ride is very compliant.
  • salexandsalexand Posts: 3
    Right ? We were looking for dual lumbar support because wifey (who is going to be the passenger most of the time on this!) needs that.

    Forced to go for the Sports even though we don't want it just for the fantastic lumbar support..
  • barryendbarryend Posts: 121
    I took delivery of the A4 2.0, sports, Nav. on Tuesday. It has the adjustable thigh bolsters that pull out from the front of the seat. I drove close to 200 miles. The ride seems less stiff than when I took delivery. If the roads are not bad the ride is great. Trade off is the handling is extraordinary. The body and chassis are very well dampened.

    I suggest looking into an orthopedic or Temperpedic cushion for a bad back

    I have had much more jarring rides on prior cars, including my 2006 Infiniti M35X.

    My concern is flats and wheel damage from the great looking low profile 18" wheels with costly summer tires. It also is dropped 19 centimeters (3/4") lower and could bottom out. I need snow tires or all-seasons to get through the NY winters. Maybe a spare set of wheels too. Because of those concerns I am not sure I would have ordered the sports package again. I may have looked at the Prestige with 18" wheels and bought an after market Nav for $300.00 to cut back costs there. The 2009 Audi Nav. is primitive. Backup camera is great though.

    Dealer tried to sell me wheel & tire coverage. I am still mulling that over. I have to study the exclusions.

    I had two Lexus/Camry based ES sedans in 2000 and 1997. My mother-in-law liked to ride in them and hated my brother-in-law's BMW 750. Sadly she has passed. Now passenger ride comfort is no issue for me. If back problems are an overriding concern an ES would be a good choice.

    The standard A4 with a seat cushion or custom seat may also be considered.

    My 28 year old step daughter drove the A4 this morning and was thrilled. Her last car was a 2006 Jetta GLI.
  • barryendbarryend Posts: 121

    You are correct.

    Several bill are pending in the NY Assembly to require inspection for unlawful widow tint, increased penalties, and raising light transmission to 90% from 70%. They also seek an appropriation for buying $50,000 for window tint meters. This is a reaction to an officer being killed when approaching a tinted vehicle.

    Now that the economy is bad, window tint fines are a perfect source for a new revenue stream.

    Thanks for the advice.

  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,068
    Comfort setting is soft -- and if you get the 18" sport package, rather than the 19" that I have, the ride is even softer.
  • luvlee824luvlee824 Posts: 4
    I was wondering if anyone had the same issue. I have a 2009 A4 w/ almost 9000 miles and had a squealing coming from the car for a couple months and brought to Audi and finally was told it was the water pump and would be replaced. I thought this was kind of soon especially with a brand new car! Any one else hear of this problem with the new 09 or have the similar problem? Thanks!

    Also my oil light keeps coming on that oil is low! Just had the oil and maintenance done at around 5500 miles. Any remarks?
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