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2009 Audi A4



  • Does anybody have problem bringing the car to a slow smooth stop without jerking your head back and forth? The braking problem is worst in stop and go traffic. I brought my complaint to the dealer. The dealer's service supervisor test drove my car for almost half an hour and could not bring the car to a smooth stop without spilling the coffee or yanking your head back and forth. Most surprising to me was how the dealer viewed this problem. The dealer said the jerking problem is normal as A4 has a strong brake that makes smooth stopping impossible. In fact the service supervisor told me he had driven Audi for many many years and was never able to bring the car to a smooth stop. He said Audi is not designed to be driven like a taxi or limo. It is designed for people who wanted to stop in hurry and don't mind head jerks or yanks. I found their explanation unbelievably unprofessional as if there is a giant cover-up for possible systemic brake design problems and wanted to avoid recalls.
    I wish to find know if any one on the forum has similar problems? Or am I crazy in trying to drive a German car like a normal American car? I am truly baffled by this simply and yet very annoying problem of my 2009 A4.
  • I call BS. This is sometimes called the TADT syndrome, They All Do That. BMW is legendary for that dodge. My 2009 A4 (FWD) has very smooth and progressive brakes that are easy to modulate. That said, as you approach the last stages of a stop, you have to ease up on the pedal a bit, because the same pressure applied to reduced forward inertia will produce an increasing rate of deceleration. The kind of person who buys an Audi is going to know how to modulate brakes.
  • the weirdest story...
    im driving 2009 A4 quattro and have no problems stopping smoothly.

    why dont you test drive any other A4 at the dealership and see if it handles any better? at least you'll know if the problem is with a car (and your dealer too in this case) or your foot is too heavy.
  • i had my heart set on the a-4 until the dealer sold both of my 2 choices out from under me, no chance of a deposit---salesman dragged his feet, now claims he's getting my '09 from across the country. there is no audi dealership closer than 75 miles--this worries me. after reading the many posts, and the problems experienced, red lights are going on----would i be better off buying a car that i can have serviced locally? i'm getting bad vibes on my dream car---- [my 2007 honda accord has has no problems at all, and i'm considering their most expensive model instead of the audi]

    i need some advice quickly!
  • I wouldn't be concerned about being 75 miles from a dealer. That would be true of many brands like Mercedes, BMW, VW and Audi. Service is infrequent. My Audi dealer is 90 miles away and my BMW motorcycle dealer is 150 miles away. I would be concerned about a car coming from very far away because of how it might be driven to get it to you. I like to baby a new car, although I know that some people say to drive it like you stole it to seat the rings. In 5,000 I have had no service issues with my A4.
  • i would have gone for the a4 until i learned the only dealer within 100 miles is a crook---it's a shame. they didn't level with me from the get-go---financing is a scam, especially since we are eligible for 3.99%----didn't even offer us that deal---my score is 797--hubby's 755---and they think we'll accept 6.39%--lol

    they keep changing cars that are available---audi needs to have a dealership in savannah---keep these guys on their toes when there's competition.

    so long, audi....for now
  • On a recent trip one of the heater control knobs (temp, fan speed, seats, etc.) fell off. It's almost a 200 mile round trip to my dealer, so it would be nice if I could fix it myself with a new part. Any one else have this happen?
  • cxgcxg Posts: 1
    Just try to know if this plan worth the price of $740.

    The MSRP of the audi care plan for new A4 is $740 and it will cover "Any scheduled maintenances not completed within 5 years from the original in-service date are excluded".
  • There is a TSB on the sunroof wind buffeting. The fix is quick and warrentied. Here it is.
    60 08 33


    December 23, 2008

    Affected Vehicles

    60 Buffeting noise in cabin


    Rhythmic pressure wave or buffeting noise is heard in cabin with the sunroof open to the comfort position and a road speed range of 35 mph to 45 mph .

    Technical Background

    Figure 1

    The shape of the sunroof wind deflector may make this symptom occur within this speed range.

    Production Solution



    Figure 2

    An effective solution is to replace the current wind deflector with wind deflector 8D9 877 651 A.


    All warranty claims submitted for payment must be in accordance with the Audi Warranty Policies and Procedures Manual. Claims are subject to review or audit by Audi Warranty.

    Required Parts and Tools

    Additional Information

    All parts and service references provided in this TSB are subject to change and/or removal. Always check with your Parts Department and service manuals for the latest information.
  • Any idea what this new wind deflector looks like? In other words, is it ugly?
  • I'm sorry. The TSB I sent didn't show the pictures. The only difference is that the original wind deflector is solid all the way across as opposed to the new one being serrated. The new deflector is identicle to the one on my 2002 Passet. Go figure.
    It is perfectly quiet now.
  • Picked up my new '10 A4 last week and one of the first things I looked for when opening the sunroof was the shape of the deflector--as you note, it's now serrated. Was serrated on my '04 Acura also--Audi apparently got the memo late.
  • No sorry no idea about the same and not sure about the launched. But i also want to know when the car will be at showrooms.
  • Could someone tell me what part of the sun roof assembly is the deflector? I'm not familiar with that terminology.
  • Sorry! Haven't been on for a while. The deflector is a plastic strip that pops up automatically when the sunroof opens. It pushes the airflow up and away from the sunroof opening so it doesn't create a "booming" noise or allow air to directly enter the car.
  • Thanks, Redherring. Does anybody know if the improved wind deflector is a warranty item?
  • EVERYTHING that is NOT part of maintenance is a warranty item -- and there are even some exceptions (sometimes called Customer Good Will) that would allow maintenance items to be charged to the dealer's warranty discretionary account.

    If your deflector doesn't deflect anymore -- it will be repaired or replaced within the warranty period, unless there is some fine print somewhere that specifically excludes it -- even then, Customer Good Will could be helpful.

    Of course, if YOU broke the thing and it is apparent that it was mis-used, well, you might have to fight about it and if you ABUSED something and THAT was apparent, well, good luck chuck! :shades:
  • All true enough, but if the question is: can you get the new, improved deflector under warrranty in place of the old one since it works better even if there's nothing actually wrong with the old one, I would say good luck.
  • i guess im lucky then.

    just before Christmas i went to my dealership for 15k mile service on my 2009 A4 and i asked if they could replace my wind deflector under warranty, i said it makes the buffeting noise at speeds between 35 and 45. they just checked if the part was in stock, and no problem whatsoever! wind deflector is replaced and it did not cost me a penny.

    i cannot say it deflects wind better, because i *think* there is actually more air coming in through open sunroof now, but it certainly is much much more quiet than the original wind deflector... havent tested a lot though, since its pretty cold and snowy here this time of year...
  • I'd call this a good example of good will, for they probably could have told you, no way. My experience is that most of the time, they'll do this stuff without any issue.

    I had a new steering wheel put on my car, free, when there was a mid year update to the wheel and I liked the new one better than the old one. They replaced a non leather wrapped wheel with a leather wrapped one, and washed the car to boot!

    Actually, I had just wondered out loud to the svc mgr if such a swap was possible -- when I came back to pick up the car, the replacement wheel was put on without any charge or fuss.

    My experiences have virtually always met or exceeded my expectations.

    At least with Audis. Not so much with other cars -- but after personally owning dozens of Audis, you'd think I'd have a klinker in their somewhere. :surprise:
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