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2009 Audi A4



  • kurtamaxxxguykurtamaxxxguy Posts: 1,714
    But what's got my shorts in knots is that there will not be a manual Avant. Those dogs! Nothing like paying extra for something that (slightly) slows the car down, hits the mpg, and decreases driver involvement.

    Perhaps AUDI USA cannot sell enough manual A4 Avants to warrant the expense of importing them? Subaru killed off their manual trans Forester Turbo for that same reason.
  • rjlaerorjlaero Posts: 659
    You are few people buy a 6 speed Avant that it's not worth the cost of production to bring it over. The US market is not very eager to buy manual wagons.
  • I just completed a 50 mile test drive in an '09 A4 3.2. It had no options and was stickered at $40K. For context, I have a 2002 A6 2.7T (automatic) I have owned since new. The new A4 has total Audi "identity." It looks, feels, and drives like an Audi. In fact, except for the fact it's just a little bit smaller, it feels almost exactly like my A6. It feels much more substantial than the prior A4. Acceleration is very satisfying, with just a little off the line sluggishness. Handling and ride are great, and the car is quiet. The back seat and trunk are spacious and take the A4 into the "we all can go out to dinner comfortably" mode. It doesn't have the kind of "direct connect" feel I have found in every BMW I have ever driven, that is, it's an Audi. Other than some of the new technology features, e.g., Bluetooth, which is very easy to use, it seems an awful lot like my 6 year old A6, though, of course, tighter and newer feeling. It gets better gas mileage (around 25 according to the computer vs. 21 that the A6 would have delivered on the same route). My A6 listed at $44.5 K in 2002, so the new A4 is a relative bargain. I liked it a lot, but didn't find anything radically new in the car. I will definitely have it on the list when it's time to retire the A6, which has been one of the best cars I have ever owned -- and totally reliable and dependable.
  • I've been driving a 2006 A4 3.2 with lease due in 2 months. Stopped in at the dealer in Charlotte, NC, and drove the 2.0 and 3.2 models. Both cars were black with beige interior and had the lowest trim, hence no sport package. The 2.0 surprised me with its torque. Felt more like my 3.2 and stronger. Quieter too. The 3.2 felt much like my current 3.2 though not as quick off the mark -- probably due to lack of break in on the demo car that had only 120 miles on it. But the 2.0 felt quicker than the 3.2, though I'm not sure it actually was. Also worthy of note is that the wretched lurch/lunge from 1st to 2nd to 3rd gear when in the normal "Drive" gear, seems to have gone away. Seems Audi has adjusted the revs at which these gears change. Curious to see if others have noticed that, too. Can tell much more leg room in rear. Front seats more comfortable as well. New dash layout is big improvement, though did not have many buttons around gear shifter on the low trim level I drove. The speedo dial has terrible scaling on it. The needle hardly moves up and you're at 60 mph, which on my current A4 the same needle position reads about 40 mph -- this is a bad change. Handling was down on expectations, but probably because of the narrower wheels/tires than the higher trims. Don't know if I'm going to get the '09 A4 because the configuration I want is not even available for order with no idea on when it will be. Leaning to the '09 BMW 335. If somehow I did go with the A4, I don't see why I'd go past the 2.0 engine.
  • Really appreciate all of this info as I narrow down my A4 purchasing decision; having a difficult time deciding to go with the 2.0T or the 3.2 V6. Assuming the approx $3k difference isn't a major factor, I want to get the engine I'm going to be happiest with...any thoughts on this?

    Also debating whether to hold out for the S-Line or just going with Prestige and a Sport package and getting my order in.

    Thanks for any thoughts...Audi doesn't make this easy.
  • You and the dealer didn't happen to pull into the Boston Market on Independence Blvd. did you? I was sitting there with the GF and a new black A4 rolled into the parking lot. Someone was test driving it. It is really a beautiful car. My silver '07 A4 was sitting right there. I think this was Saturday. Cheers.
  • Was the Charlotte dealership a popular place to test drive a car? I just got back form there this afternoon. I drove the 2.0T. I thought is was a solid engine, but I can't get a sense of how it truly operates because I am looking at it with a manual transmission.

    Speaking of manual, the dealership just informed me the A4 won't be releasing the car in a manual transmission until the 2010 model. Anyone else hear that? If so, this is pretty much a deal breaker and am going in a different direction since my lease is up in February 2009. Has anyone else heard this discouraging news?
  • Wasn't me. I was there Friday.
  • Here's your problem, which is my problem as well -- you cannot order a prestige trim with sport package just yet because it requires the 19" wheels that are not available. Others on this thread have mentioned supplier-related issues with no known date to resolve. The dealer has no knowledge about availability on this option.

    Question for all -- with the sports package and Audi drive select options, can you only have one or the other, but not both? Seems to me you can't have both. On Audi's site you can't configure a car with sports package (I think a web page error). Any insights? Problem is you can't get paddle shifters with the Audi drive select option, which is what I would lilke.
  • I am located in charlotte NC as well. I went down and looked at the 2009 A4 as well and was pretty impressed. Quick question for any of the Charlotte people? Have any of you had any experience negotiation with Audi of Charlotte? How are they? Right now i am looking at the 09 A4 2.0 or the 2008 Infiniti G35.

    I am gettting the vibe from the sales team at Audi that there wont be much negotiating on the 09.
  • I bought my 07 A4 from Audi of CLT. The buying experience was great. Pretty relaxed. I basically told them what I wanted to pay and they agreed (the price was a few hundred over invoice). This was a copule years ago. Trying to get an '09 at a good price will be tough though. It is a new model and appears to be popular, and the economy in Charlotte is much better than average. FWIW, try to negotiate the price of the maintenence contract in to the deal. It is worth it, and the service at Audi of CLT has been very good so far; although, I am sure they are expensive once the service contract expires :surprise: Good luck.
  • Ordered my 2009 A4 2.0T late last week. My first Audi and I can't wait for it to arrive from Germany.

    Premium Plus with the wood trim. Paid $37,400 (including destination, but not taxes, title.) This also included $500 off from Audi for attending the Audi A4 Driving Experience at Summit Point ( Very fun and free event that ended up saving me $500)

    I live in a one dealer area in Virginia and I didn't feel that there was much negotiating yet. They seem to be selling these A4's before they even arrive in the US.

    Tested the 3.2 at Summit Point and a 2.0 demo at the dealer. The 2.0 feels just as quick with all of the low end torque. Just my two cents. Instead of paying for the bigger engine ... spend that money on adding options.
  • rjlaerorjlaero Posts: 659
    Not true you'll have to wait until '10 for a manual. They should be here 1st quarter 2009.

    I'd personally skip the 3.2 and spend the money on extra options for the 2.0T as others have mentioned.

    There's a huge difference between the 08 2.0T and the 09 2.0T. The new 2.0 is a heck of a lot quieter, smoother, and much more refined than the last generation 05.5 - 08 models. It's a pretty fast car, and the torque curve with 258 lb ft under 2000 rpm is all you need.
  • I just ordered the 2009 A4 2.0T in white with black interior and the Prestige Package, Navigation and 19" wheels. However, it's true that there is a hold up if you want the wheels or the sports line package. My dealer told me they expect to have just the 19" wheels as a single available option any day now. He's waiting for the option before he puts my order in.

    The only thing I don't like is that the 2.0T has a greyish grille and not black. My dealer said he could send me to a guy who does their body work and for a $100-$200 I could get it painted piano black (sweet!)

    I was surprised that I was able to negotiate a good price on the Audi given it's newness, redesign and demand. My dealer agreed to $1000 over invoice (I'll still be paying the stupid $200 advertising fee though) which comes out to be ~$41,700 (not including wheels). However, it's worth noting the difference between invoice and MSRP is only $2600, hey, but I'm not going to complain about a $1600 savings on a 2009 A4! In fact, they agreed to it so quickly I wish I had offered only $500 over invoice. Another Audi dealer who was suppose to be a "friend of the family" only offered me $999 off the MSRP. I guess what this means is that they can sell you these vehicles for under MSRP. :)
  • I would agree. I bought my 06 Audi A4 back in Nov. 05, and I paid $800 over internet listed invoice. Very painless experience - probably the best buying experience I've had. Their service department is incredible. I would definitely recommend them if you found the right car.

    I agree, the 09 models will be more difficult to negotiate on because they are new models. I think you can still get 3% over invoice, maybe slightly less. Give it a try and see what happens.
  • Yes, I agree. My price ended up being 2.5% over invoice. There's an excellent FREE worksheet for figuring out what you should offer at Also, Audi doesn't have any factory holdback like most car dealers do! Although, I'm sure the dealerships make their money somewhere :)
  • Does anyone know when the 19" s-line wheel option (not package) will become available for the 2009 A4? Also, any ideas on what the MSRP/Invoice price will be for the wheels (or even approximately, maybe from past purchases)?
  • rjlaerorjlaero Posts: 659
    As of today, you're probrobly looking at a 2 month delay in ordering 19 inch wheels.
  • yes, i also heard here in northern virginia that the a4 sedan will have a manual in early 09. i also heard from my dealer here that the avant version will have a manual in 2010 but i'm trying to get a second opinion on that. multiple dealers in the area have said that the manual transmission issue is the biggest complaint they have heard from potential customers.
  • "... multiple dealers in the area have said that the manual transmission issue is the biggest complaint they have heard from potential customers."

    Exactly. I would probably have just gone ahead and ordered an Avant with a stick. But I'm on the fence for an AT Avant.

    Just drove the A4 with the auto and, while the auto wasn't too bad, I have little interest in paying for one. It's additional $ for a small hit on performance and mileage. Phooey!

    Also noticed that the sliver instrument surround doesn't work too well with the wood trim. The car seems better sans wood.

    Final note was that the standard suspension was floaty and not at all to my liking. The car needs the sports suspension (or the fancy electromechanical suspension) for sure.
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