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Uplander - would you chose it again??



  • Would never buy another Uplander, and I am so unhappy with my Uplander, will probably never buy Chevy again. With 105,000 miles on our 2005 Uplander, had to replace transmission, third brake light (really??), we have starting issues (have to step on the gas to get it to catch), paint on trim is rusting (coating was not properly put on and warranty is over) and numerous other issues. So very discouraged with my Uplander it's not even funny. Purchased a Honda for our daughter, and will most likely purchase another when it's time to replace the Chevy. This is our third Chevy and if I have my way, it will be our last. Yes, it's roomy and solid, but I'm sure there are others out there as well without all the mechanical issues.
  • alchipalchip Posts: 14
    Yes, I very definitely would choose our 2006 Uplander LS again. Overall, after 147,000 miles of enjoyable driving, I am a very satisfied Uplander owner. We have been very diligent in caring for our Uplander, but we do not garage it (it's spent all of its Virginia winters outdoors). While it is showing some signs of transmission fatigue (it slips occasionally), we've had no extraordinary repair costs to date. Given all of the variables - the purchase cost, the maintenance, the features, I personally think the design team at Chevy did a great job on this product.
  • HELL NO! 50,000 kms on our 2009 Uplander and it has been a prob since about 4 months into buying it! ABS traction control lights on every few months...always in getting a sensor replaced...gas tank does not read right-been in 4 times to fix that and just last week they said it was done but nope not...heat only heats when driving when stopped for a red light it will blow very cool! THe list can go on. PIECE of CRAP
  • jpfjpf Posts: 496
    My wife and I traded in two months ago a base 2006 Dodge Caravan SE (4 cylinder) with 80k miles for a 2007 Uplander LT (SWB) with 55k miles. We had purchased the Caravan brand new in September 2006 for just under $16k and did not have a single warranty issue with it. The only maintenance issue was the serpentine belt and tensioner. The belt was replaced several times and the tensioner twice. The Caravan was due for its timing belt replacement (recommended at 90k miles) and it had developed an oil leak from the valve cover. Overall, a very reliable vehicle that served us well.

    We went with the Uplander because of its low mileage and price. We got it for $11,900 (taxes and $350 of accessories included). Many of the maintenance issues indicated in these forums were already fixed on this vehicle (e.g., sway bar, wheel bearings, head gasket). We drove from northern Ontario to Mississippi and averaged 23 MPG. Overall, we're quite pleased with the Uplander.
  • I purchased 2008 LE uplander with 19000 miles.MAKE SURE IF YOUR HAVING TIRE ISSUES TO GET A 4 Wheel alignment,they had to chime the back wheels in order to get it aligned and no tires issues at all.and that's after 68000 on a set of tires.Had a wheel bearing go out after70000 miles and traction control light coming on which I find out there's. Alot of owners having the same issue,It's working ,some problem of moisture getting in the harness.I really like mine I know have 93000to miles.
  • spike99spike99 Posts: 239
    edited January 2012
    Hi JPF. Just noticed your Nov 21 - 2011 post a few moments ago.

    If wondering, my wife & I did buy a 2009 Montana van - sister design to your 2006 Uplander van. To view a few tips / DIY improvement ideas for your new van, surf entire thread at:

    Hope this helps improve your GM mini-van as well….

    If wondering, our GM mini-van is still doing great. And, I'd still buy another GM mini-van today. Especially for our family and minor towing needs.
  • jpfjpf Posts: 496
    Our 2007 Uplander is running fine. My wife and I have made two trips to Mississippi (2,600 miles return from northern Ontario) and I made one trip to Duluth, MN. We averaged 23 MPG on the first trip, 22.5 on the second trip(mainly highway but some city driving), and 25.5 MPG on the Duluth trip and the van is equipped with winter tires. We've had one warranty issue; cross over pipe gasket was leaking and repaired free of charge under the powertrain warranty. This gasket leak is a problem with GM's 3.5 and 3.9 liter engines. We use Mobil1 synthetic oil. Overall, very satisfied with the van and plan to keep it for at least 4 to 5 years.
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