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Mazda CX-7 Engine Problems



  • tiffer74tiffer74 Posts: 3
    This exact thing happened to us. We have been dealing with this same problem for 8 months which I have been out of a car plus still paying on it. They were wanting to charge us about $4000 and also offered to trade it in for $3000. They also asked if the car was paid off, are you kidding me, at the time it was only 2 years old. My husband and I are outraged by Mazda! We would love to be included in the lawsuit, can you give us information.
  • tiffer74tiffer74 Posts: 3
  • We lived in Cali and hired a lemon atty.. He did not hesitate to take the case...
  • I'm having the same issue I've done every oil change and provide receipts. Mazda said because of the amount of sludge that they will not honor the warranty. Mazda has had oil issues for years and seems to do all it can to avoid paying warranty claims. To add insult to injury Mazda USA treats you like a piece garbage. Some defect is causing the sudge in the engine...perhaps trick photography or perhaps a defect in the engine??? I wonder if engine sludge caused all cars other issues... seat belt failure the faulty battery, the A/C ....
  • Find the TSB that discusses the faulty valve in the turbo.. It doesn't allow the oil to drain back properly to cool thus cooking in the turbo and causing guess what... wait for it.... sludge...
    They replaced our engine about 4k miles ago... and the turbo and we were wanting to change the oil but gotta wait on a call back from our atty cause the oil is filthy... Yes, 4k mile engine and turbo making dirty oil already..
    Email me direct if you like thru my profile and I will give you all the info I have as far as what we provided to push enough buttons to get the engine changed... Were now asking a buy back...
  • I'm having the same issue (Turbo,timing chain and rude Mazda USA Customer Service Reps.) with 49000 miles on the engine, every oil change receipt provided to the Mazda dealer. Guess what ...Mazda claims there is sludge in the engine and touts improper maintenace! I still owe money on the car and after 5 weeks at the dealer... I got a price of $9600.00 to replace the engine. There has to be help for the consumer! Perhaps Mazda Should fire their entire worthless and rude customer service department and hire better engineers!!! ..... DOOM DOOM DOOM!!!!
  • Thanks so much for the information!!!!
  • We've all been through this with them. Believe me, they encourage it. Tell everyone you know of your troubles.
  • angieksangieks Posts: 1
    I had no idea all of these problems were happening with CX7s. Why would I until I experienced it myself? And I love(d) my car too. Bought it new in 2007 and didn't have any issues until last September when my turbo failed. Was still within warranty so I paid $500 out of $5000. Yes, $5000. Then, my engine light came on a couple weeks ago and I immediately called the dealership and they couldn't get me in for a few days... so I parked it. Drove it the morning of my appointment, headed straight for the dealership, and got about 5 miles from home when my engine failed. Had it towed and yep, it's the timing chain which ruined the engine. It's out of warranty - 70K miles. Because of my "superior service record" with the dealership and their many conversations with Mazda, proof of my service records and oil changes, Mazda agreed to pay $3500 of the $7000 cost. So, I'm still stuck with $3500 out of pocket. Am looking for suggestions of next steps to get the additional $3500 paid for. No "sludge" report and have been told I took very good care of the car, but because it's out of warranty, nothing else can be done. Then I read all these posts. Can anyone lead me in the right direction? And, my Mazda Dealership has been great... BUT, I do recall mentioning the "ticking" noise in my engine which they don't recall, and have no record of... and they knew nothing about the service bulletin and said mine was the 1st Mazda they've serviced with this problem. hmmmm.
  • So sorry. I warn everyone I see with this car. Mazda is a joke of a company. I'd say pay it. I think there will be a point where the govt will force Mazda to pay us back.
  • tltermtlterm Posts: 1
    Took my car in for an oil change on Tuesday, April 12th and technician noticed SLUDGE in the engine-- advised me to take it to the dealer. Dealer faxed my service records to the warranty department and claim was DENIED due to an inadequate record of oil changes. After reading about all of the claims that were denied that did have perfect records, makes me think it would not have mattered either way. Now, I have a 2008 car with 45,000 miles on it for which I owe $9K that needs $7K worth of repairs. I told the dealer to put the covers back on the engine and I would come pick up the car. I will not give them one penny to fix it. If this really is a defect in some sort of engine value, then they need to step up and take responsibility for faulty engineering.
  • fonefixerfonefixer Posts: 247
    You didn't state whether the car was purchased new or used? Also, how often was the oil changed before this mishap? At the least, every 7500 miles should qualify for warranty repair under the Mazda powertrain provision.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    edited April 2011
    Sludge does not of necessaty indicate a failed or failing engine.

    I would "tie" the turbo wastegate fully open and then change the oil every 1000 miles or so with a very lightweight high detergent oil for 3 times. If that is successful in removing the sludge, as well it might, then I might consider removing the turbo entirely or at least leave it mostly disabled.
  • runnernicrunnernic Posts: 15
    Hi. I am leasing a 2008 Mazda CX-7. My lease is up in a few months. I've had nothing but problems. Today, I was driving on the garden state parkway and my car starting screeching. It got louder and faster the more I accelerated. It sounds like rattling and screeching along with the sound of a helicopter landing. I was so scared. Then, it wouldn't accelerate. It would hesitate once I hit 40 miles an hour then just jerk to 60. When I turned the car off and then back on it made the loudest noises and rattling. I brought it in today to the dealership and they said they've never seen this. I only have 26,000 miles on the car. I'm so upset! I can't wait to get rid of this car. Any advice? Is it the engine? I'm so afraid to drive this car.
  • I have an 07 and just got the whinning noise. The thing I have noticed is after I shut the engine down it takes the noise a few seconds to wind down. I have noticed a loss in power as well. Is there a fan in the turbo that causes that? The engine runs smooth with no vibration and the whinning sound louder inside than out. Also, I had the oil changed at the dealership and the sticker shows to come back in 7500 miles so I assume this is OK to go that long between changes.
  • Well, they got me. I just got a call from the dealership and was told it will be $2K to replace the turbo assembly. I had thought this thread had a bunch of doomsday's in it and was just a bunch of guys complaining. Sorry about that guys. How do you stand a chance with this motor taking care of it using regular maintenance and getting this? Even the "el cheapo" brands last longer than this. Well, it looks like I have no other choice than to bite the bullet. Good luck to the rest of the CX7 owners.
  • One would think we all are complainers but its all so very true.. To the peril of our pocketbooks... I had my engine and turbo replaced.. Now the transmission clunks through gears and drives like they forgot to hook up the turbo.. Glad I live where the lemon laws are pro consumer
  • mazdausasuxmazdausasux Posts: 5
    edited May 2011
    I urge you all to contact FTC and your state attorney's office. Also discuss the matter with your insurance company. Progressive (my insurance company) is pulling samples from my failed engine. To repair my car will be over $10000.00 for a new engine and labor. Mazda USA told me if I did not use a new engine they would "brand my car"????? Please continue to share your stories in an effort to keep others from buying cars from Mazda and other companies that refuse to stand behind their products and honor their warranty. Urge your state representatives to help their constituents by telling these companies like Mazda that you are not going to screw with hardworking honest people....fix you faulty products. Mazda can recoupe some recoup some of their money be firing their waste of a job employees at Mazda USA!
  • nattiekinsnattiekins Posts: 29
    They quoted me the same price but when they finally caved and paid for engine and turbo and I paid labor I received a rebuilt.. They are LYING so you spend more money... and if you do buy a new engine ask for the dealerships invoice proving new parts
  • catsmith14catsmith14 Posts: 1
    I also have a 2007 CX-7. I bought it used 15 months ago with 16,000 miles on it. It now has 40,000. I have had the oil changed regularly, around 4000 miles. On Friday, the car started making noises sounding like a space ship landing. I had the gas pedal to the floor and it wouldn't accelerate over 20 mph. I had it towed into the dealer and I am now biting my fingernails and waiting to hear if it will be covered under warranty or not. I'm not optimistic after reading these posts.
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