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Mazda CX-7 Engine Problems



  • Bought my Mazda May 2007 as well. Have the SAME EXACT problems.
    Just had to replace the turbo charger. Had the same whirring whistling sound at
    exactly 68,000. Mazda payed for half but still cost me 1000.00 out of pocket.
    3 months ago had to replace the valve (like everyone else.) cost us 800.00
    Before that at 48,000 had to replace the AC unit as well 1200.00.
    Before that had to replace the tires at only 25,000 miles.
  • skye1982skye1982 Posts: 1
    On sunday my Timing chain broke snapped the valves, 5000 quote for a new engine. It happened when my b.f was driving on the highway at 65 miles an hour.
    I do not have warranty but want to take action as even with warranty the issue has nothing to do with a coincidence or not keeping up maintenance.

    Where are you at with this?
  • Mazda CX-7 2007, mileage 62k, engine making clicking noise, towed to dealer in WY, front engine cover pulled, and found timing chain jumped several gear teeth because chain was stretched. Chain tensioner unable to compensate for amount of stretch. Waiting on repairs, dealership needs special tooling. Possible head removal to check for bent valves, chain needs replacing, Mazda Dealership knows timing chains are a problem with this model, but there is NO RECALL on this issue at this time! Of course warranty just expired on this vehicle. Quoted $4,000 for repairs, car still in shop after 4 weeks; do not know final repair issues. If you have this model buy an extended warranty, or better yet DO NOT BY A MAZDA. See all the previous posts on this issue that Mazda still has not addressed.
  • taruleytaruley Posts: 1
    Hello. I currently own a 2007 Mazda CX7. I purchased it on October 3, 2008 with only 9,000 miles on it. I have just reached 60,500 miles anD HAVE ALL OF MY RECEIPTS FROM EACH AND EVERY OIL CHANGE (always on time)and maintenance on the vehicle. I started hearing a slight rattling noise upon a cold start. Today I took the vehicle into the Mazda Dealer Service station to get the Summer Special (oil change,tire rotation, etc. - and asked them to check the noise) and was told that I need a new vvt and timing chain along with new tires. I was offered no reasoning as to why this would have happened at all. When I took my vehicle to another reputable mechanic (ACS Master Technician) I was told that no way should the vvt actuator need to be replaced nor the timing chain with only 60, 500 miles on my car and I have kept up with regular maintenance. Generally the time chain goes at about 150,000 miles and it is rare for a vvt actuator to go at all. I was told that my car may have defective parts in it for that reason. (I do need tires however, smile). If there is some sort of legal action being taken against Mazda regarding these particular parts, i would like to become a part of it. Please contact me and add my name to the list:
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 40,010
    Did the ACS mechanic offer an opinion about the noise that was different than the dealer?

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  • Original post #251 June 15, CX-7 pile. Timing chain DO NOT BUY A MAZDA CX7!!! Still in the shop since May 2011 in Cheyenne WY. Supposed to be ready for pick up July 11th, but know dealership says still making noise, will need to order a Camshaft Censor. This is why it was towed to dealership in the first place in May. So we continue to wait . . . SERIOUSLY PEOPLE DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON A MAZDA!!!!! Do your research and just read everything on this site people are saying, I can only guess every car they make is the same way, with the same problems!!!!
  • sweetie12sweetie12 Posts: 8
    My 2007 CX-7 has had too many problems to list, but now it needs an engine too at 42,000 miles!!! They also told me the same thing, "improper maintenance" and I have all the receipts from the Mazda dealership for all the work they did and their services done. Now they are saying I should have had a fuel injection cleaning done at 15K miles and in the future (after the new engine) a fuel injection cleaning should be done every 15-30K miles at a cost of about $170.00 each!!! I talked to a couple of mechanics and they say this is absurd!! I'm trading it in on a Honda!!! I will never buy another Mazda EVER!!!! And customer service was as useless as the dealership!!! These cars are all lemons and they won't admit it!
  • nattiekinsnattiekins Posts: 29
    We traded in our Mazda Migraine in for a Honda Odyssey and am all the happier for it.. Did I mention its not making us cash poor either!! So glad our nightmare is O-V-E-R!!
  • carbustcarbust Posts: 1
    My CX-7 has the same problem with the engine as all the people who have posted here. Is there some kind of class action lawsuit coming together on this? I am astounded by all the people who have had the same issues on this vehicle that the makers have not taken responsibility for. Please give me some answers.
  • crepituscrepitus Posts: 5
    It seems all the problems is with the 2007 CX7. Is there anyone with newer models having engine failures?
  • My 2007 CX-7's VVT actuator supposedly was repaired according to the recall or TSB back in March of 2009. (I say supposedly because in trying to line up all my maintenance records I called the dealer where the work was done; they have evidence of the labor only, but not on the parts; this comes into play shortly.)
    Even after the repair, she always ran rich and other than ridiculously low mileage (which I chalked up to it being an AWD) I loved my car. Then, about a month ago, I started getting a ticking noise in the engine. I took her in and they determined the timing chain was bad and needed replacement. This was done at 59,850 miles. Almost immediately thereafter, I noticed an odd whistling noise, but it was very intermittent and I didn't notice anything out of the ordinary. Then, my friends and I went over to Cape Canaveral to watch the Atlantis launch. On the way over, the noise started getting worse, then all of a sudden I started to lose my acceleration and my Check Engine light came on. We were almost at the Cape, so she rested in the parking lot and my friends and I watched the launch. Seven hours later, we piled back into the car and headed home (FYI, I'm in Tampa--it's about a 150 mile trip one-way). The noise started up immediately, and although I didn't have the normal punch, I could still drive just fine and get up to highway speeds safely. By the time we got home, we'd determined that my turbo seemed to have an issue.
    Saturday morning, I took my car into the dealer where I had the timing chain done and said I got this repaired, it's making a funny noise, and now I have no power. They tested it and said to drive it home, bring her back Monday and they'd start working on a proper diagnosis. I got about 500 feet away and so much smoke was pouring out of the back of my car that I couldn't see. I turned around to take the car back to the dealer and then she started bucking like a bronco.
    The dealer determined (SHOCKING!) that the turbo was dead and the repair would be $2300. My mileage was at 60,600. I immediately called Mazda corporate to get them to help out with the repair, as I was 600 miles out of warranty and the dealer did this huge repair and now my car is dead, not to mention the fact that my car worked before they started testing it. Today, eleven days later, Mazda has graciously agreed to cover half the repair. When I reminded their rep about the fact that the car worked before the dealer had it, they said that's the dealer's problem.
    I love my car but am scared about what else is lurking. I thought I had been lucky because I'd had no major problems, but I was wrong. Unfortunately, I'm stuck with the car no matter what because I cannot possibly afford to get a different car. Arrrggghhhh!!!
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Rather than pay the dealer $2300 you might consider simply having them "wire" the turbo wastegate(***) WIDE OPEN. The turbo would then NEVER be functional but you would probably still have enough engine power, significantly improved FE, and a lot less likelihood that the turbo would contribute to future problems.

    And if you wished you could have the engine head milled to raise the compression ratio to the non-turbo DFI "standard" of 13:1 and thereby increase the engine HP, not fully back to the boosted level, but increased.

    *** Your post reads, actually, as if the turbo wastegate might have caused the current failure. The wastegate should remain fully open unless the engine power level you "request" via the accelerator is beyond the capability of the engine with "boost".

    "..noticed an odd whistling noise.."

    I'm guessing that was the result of the wastegate being closed when it should have remained open. That would result in the turbo's turbine being constantly, FULL TIME, exposed to exhaust gasses. Turbo's are generally only "rated" for part time use, only during acceleration and/or times of the need for "extraordinary" engine power.
  • tootie6tootie6 Posts: 1
    Engine lite on been on for two days. Had it read to only find out that the erg valve gone to the bad 54,000 miles $500.00 to replace. Mazda should be ashame of themselves taking people money. I was told by the tech a Mazda that this is a common problem Mazda is having with the cx7's and that tells me that they are very much aware of it, but will not stand behind this issue. It is very sad. Mazda need to recall all of the cx7s and fix all of the problems they know exist.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Much like the backside of the intake valves in a DFI engine, your EGR valve will get coated with residue from the exhaust flow. It's generally quite easy to remove the EGR valve and clean the valve and valve seat.
  • Add my name to the ever growing list of casualties! Just was rejected by Mazda for this major repair because 2 oil changes could not be documented. Time for class action law suit. Mazda is now like my health insurance company just rejecting claims knowing they are liable but hoping we all go away. My Mazda service contact WARNED me that even if I pay to have this repaired, there is still a high probability that the engine will need to be replaced.

    Headed over to my local law firm now to see if I can drag their criminal butts into small claims court.

    Can't imagine anyone who does the most basic of research of Mazda would even think of walking in their show room. ZOOM ZOOM. what a joke
  • teaj2590teaj2590 Posts: 3
    edited September 2011
    I am having the same exact problem as you. I have 85,000 on my cx7 2007 and took to dealership to check a leak (transfer case seal leak, another major problem with make/model and year) and mentioned the sound of my car at start up. They informed me needed new VVTA for $900. parts and labor. I called a trusted mechanic who used to work for Mazda and he stated he has fixed this issue on several CX7. Funny the dealership claimed to not have seen this before like it was a fluke! The mechanic also told me the VVTA has not been fixed therefor mazda is selling a defective part. I was wondering what happened with you car? I wonder if I should have the timing chain replaced also while the other VVTA is being replaced? I have an appoitment with the other mechanic this next week. I know I can trust this guy and he is about 200 cheaper than dealership. I am a single parent with little extra money to fix major car repairs. I am also unable to trade this thing in so I am really stuck. Any suggestions or advice you have would be appreciated.
  • I was one of the first to report this problem which occurred to my wife in August 2008. Never heard from Mazda, never saw the service manager. I threw away about 9,000 for it to fail again. I realize you are a single parent with little extra money but if you hold on to this car you will be a single parent without a car. See what your trusted mechanic thinks and good luck.
  • How exactly do you "wire the wastegate open"?
  • Hi,

    I am new on this....but I am desperate. I bought a 2007 mazda speed 6 and it broke down...the engine failed catastrophically.... with 68000 miles. it costs me 7000 dollars to fix it. I still have to pay a big number on it and do not know what to do!!! please any help or advice is truly appreciated.
  • Well, the dealer came through a little bit. Because it took them 4 flippin' weeks, and the Mazda mechanic kept jerking me around, the dealership's owner got my portion down to $770 or so. Now, though, it's still making noise, doesn't run nearly as well as she used too, and I think is running rich as there's soot all around the exhaust pipe and on the bumper. When I took her back to the dealership, they yelled at me and asked why I didn't make an appointment. I said I figured I didn't need to for them just to listen to my engine. I still haven't gone back, but the noise is getting worse. I think it's my VVT again. I'm going out of town next week so I'll probably see if I can get them to take a look while I'm gone, but I'm not holding out hope. If something is wrong, then I'm giving up on the car.
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