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Mazda CX-7 Engine Problems



  • I have a Mazda CX7 2007, read a lot of the posts here, many sounds just like my case. 64,000 timing belt snapped, damaged engine; Mazda wants over $5000 to replace the engine.

    Where is the info about the lawsuit? PLEASE LET ME KNOW ASAP!


  • I am in the same boat..I mean the exact same boat and now stuck with a dead car with a monthly note. They want $8000 from us but who can sink that type of money in a car when the maintenance records are clean. No sludge in the engine at all....U an ready to take Mazda on!!! Let me know anything......
  • I also had a similar experience. 62,000 miles, timing chain belt snapped and engine valves bent therefore need a new engine. Will cost almost $8,000 to repair. And to add insult, I had purchased an extended warranty through Mazda that is with GE (don't waste your money buying - GE is worse than Mazda) which will not be honored because my oil change records do not show the mileage on them even though I had them all done on time. It's an excuse not to pay. I have owned Hondas, VWs, Nissans in the past and drove them all into the ground and never had an experience such as this. Mazda is awful and does not take ownership of their inferior mechanics or protect their customers. Based on this experience, I will never buy another and will get this message out anywhere I can. A HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT!!! I too want to take on Mazda
  • Please look up Mazda on Facebook and voice your complaints. I plan on posting as much negative stuff about this car and Mazda's lack of caring on as many sites as possible. I just posted on their facebook page so they will probably delete it but I will continue to let people know they are wasting money buying anything from Mazda!
  • Hi, is anyone going for a lawsuit against mazda???? My car's engine died 3 months costs me 7000 to fix it! the car only has 68000 miles! what is it!!!!! any advise???
  • Everybody wants a lawsuit as well as I do. However I've tried several firms and they are just not interested. I don't know why but they aren't. We need to make more noise. Any suggestions?
  • I think I have a line on a lawyer in St. Louis. I'll be reporting back soon. This lawyer sued Ford.
  • i have a 2007 CX-7 with 70,000 miles and the engine just blew up. they are saying that it's going to cost at least $4,000. is there anything that i can do?
  • Sell the remainings of that piece of junk; I sold the Cx7 2007 I had with the cursed-design broken engine to Copart ( I was ablt to get $6500 for it. And I still owned money on it :-/

    Cut your losses; the engine design of the CX7 2007 is no good; they put a 4-cylinder with a turbo charger that's putting too much strain on the timing chain, and that causes the timing belt/chain to snap prematurely.
    So, even if you pay to get it fix, it will break again. The new engine (if you get it repaired through Mazda) comes with a 12k mile or 12 month warranty.

    Cut your losses.

    Now I'm driving a Prius, and I'm saving 2/3 of $$ in gas, and reduced my carbon footprint.
  • If you can afford the fix then do it. Trade it the day they are done, thats what we did. Hyundai and Kia are both making really good cars. the Vera Cruz and the Sorento, same car. We got 14,000 for ours after I had it fixed. In the mean time keep your eye on this website cause I think I have found a good lawyer in St louis who will handle this. Same goes for anybody reading this, Mazda needs to take care of their short comings and I think the law is the only thing that's gonna make them.
  • Hi
    I have just bought a mazda cx7 2007 which has done 75000 ks as a second hand and it was a kind of expensive car.
    I start to hear an engine noise immediately after purchase. I took the car to the mechanic who ensure it is a chain problem. I took it to the mazda dealer who confirm chain and vvt problem and ask for an expensive replacement. It was only 8 months out of warranty but they refused to fix it under warranty.
    Could you please tell me is it worth to fix the car or it is better to sell it or trade it with other car?
    Please let me know.

  • Unfortunatly someone sold you the car because everyone is getting rid of them for that very reason. I just replaced my vvta in CX7 two weeks ago. I took mine to the dealership and then to a mechanic who was 300. cheaper. The bad thing about the vvta is mazda is still selling the defective part, meaning they will replace this part but it will eventually go out again. You have no choice but to fix and do it soon. If the vvta goes your timing chain will too and you will be replacing your engine. I also have a transfer case seal leak that needs to be fixed. Don't bother looking to Mazda for help as they won't even help those under a full warranty, finding ways to not accept warranties for one reason or another. Getting rid of this car is hard to do now as everyone knows they are having major issues with this make,model and year. If you have any other question email me
  • Same exact issue. Contacted dealership, they gave me the BS of "engine sludge"... it seems they tell everyone that. I told them about the Mazda Service Bulletin, and they don't seem to care and don't want to fix it. Service will just lie straight to your face. Don't trust them. Will try contacted the Service Manager, but he might be "in on the scam" so I don't expect much results. Contacted Mazda Corporate, and no results at all they said "we will forward this info to the dealer" ... oh yeah, and then what? They are lying bastards... Add my list to the lawsuit if there is one, if not, I will try getting one myself. This "VARIABLE VALVE TIMING (VVT) NOISE WHEN STARTING ENGINE" is a joke. Defective part that they don't want to recall. I can't believe this garbage. Never buy another Mazda ever!
  • fonefixerfonefixer Posts: 247
    Driving a '07 cx-7 w/ 75,000 miles. Purchased new in 10/06 (owned 5 years) and paid $1300.00 extra for a 3 year extended Mazda warranty.

    At 55,000 miles heard a "ticking noise" at start up and brought vehicle to selling Mazda dealer. Dealer replaced VVT actuator/ timing chain/ water pump. No questions about "sludge" , maintenance records, or any questions for that matter. Vehicle was repaired in 3 days and only cost to me was a $100.00 charge for a rental. Apparently, there is a huge difference in Mazda dealer service depts throughout the country.

    Recently, the fuel pump and OGM emissions valve started to fail--didn't leave me stranded-but car became hard starting and running. Both covered under extended warranty minus $100.00 deductible.

    Sometimes--these warranties do what they are advertised to do. When buying a new car-- after reading all these posts about poor Mazda warranty claims-the performance of the service department is more important than finding the lowest price. Who can fix anything these days?
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    There's vast difference between the dealer having to be re-embursed by the factory for repairs vs your "insurance" coverage paying.
  • I have a 2007 Mazda CX-7, just had to have it towed to Mazda this morning for a clicking sound on start up. They just called to inform me that it is the vvta! When asked what we would be looking at, price wise, they inform us that it will be around 1200.00. We then asked why there were no recalls on this deffective part.(we knew this was probably the problem by all of the complaints online) They inform us that they do have a bulletin telling them if someone comes in complaining about this issue, this is the problem...but because my car is out of warranty by 9,000 miles(69,000), i have to pay the bill. They know this is the problem and it's their fault, but they won't even help us!!! I would really like some more information if anyone comes accross it to help hold them accountable for their mess ups! And i know we sure have learned our lesson about dealing with MAZDA!!! What a rip-off!!
  • Three weeks ago yesterday, I was driving about 35 mph when I realized the car had suddenly turned off. I thought, huh, that's interesting. I pulled into a parking stall, easily accessible to a tow truck because what I have learned with this POS car is if it "thinks" about breaking, it has, and it's going to be VERY expensive. Sure enough, it wouldn't turn over. Everything worked in the car, it just wouldn't start. The car is very well maintained, driven nicely, new battery, air filters etc. I just got the car back yesterday, and it cost me over $3,500. Now, I'm seasoned in this whole Mazda CX-7 repair BS. When picking up the car, I asked the shop owner and mechanic who did the work if this was just a normal wear and tear issue and they laughed. They said, this never should have happened, especially at this point. They also said that the Mazda parts were "in stock" which means it's a common issue because these parts are not common parts to have to be replacing.

    So lets recap here. The AC compressor issue happened before the recall. When discussing it directly with Mazda, since my local Mazda dealership said they couldn't help me with the well known issue other than bend me over to repair it, I ended up requesting the woman's supervisor several times, she refused and then hung up on me. 6 months after that, I finally got a letter in the mail and was reimbursed for my costs.

    I called Mazda again this morning to discuss this next major issue, and I got the run around. GO FIGURE!! I did actually talk to a supervisor, and he had all sorts of excuses. "These are all done on a case by case basis." or "If I had been a multiple Mazda owner" . . . if this is my first experience, why in the hell would I EVER consider buying another Mazda???? "I understand your frustrations, but there's nothing I can do for you." or I like this excuse he also gave me . . . "if you would have had the work done at a Mazda dealership, we could have reviewed with them and gone from there" . . . I can't afford the dealership to do the work! I decided to contact my local dealership to see what their response was to dealing with a repair like this, and they said they replace the engine. A used one would cost me around $5,000 and a brand new one would be in the $6-7k range. OUCH. I told him, I have ALL parts that were removed he can review all day long. I would take High Def pictures and send to him, or send all parts to him as well. But of course, he said nope, that isn't going to help at this point. When I asked him to send me an email or a letter, something in writing, with these details and "reasons" he said he couldn't do that. Imagine that!!

    I'm looking for any and every one who has dealt with this issue to come forward. Please email me your story or reply to my post. It's time to treat Mazda as they have treated us.
  • So I started voicing my opinion on Mazda's Facebook page and guess what . . . I am now banned!
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 40,010
    At least you know they are reading your posts. :sick:

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  • Lookup "screwed by Mazda." Please like the page, and share your story!!!
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