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Mazda CX-7 Engine Problems



  • I also received the letter today regarding my VVT/Timing chain, which is great because I've had both replaced and the VVT is still rattling like crazy and the dealer just says "that's how fuel injectors sound, dear." Yes, I'm a girl, but I'm pretty sure my car isn't supposed to shake and make people around me go "the hell?" when I start her up.
    Also in the envelope was a happy little letter telling me they are extending warranty coverage for "heavy white smoke coming from the exhaust due solely to overheating which leads to leaking of oil onto the turbocharger and turbo failure." If you have white smoke and the turbo hasn't failed (which is their way of doing a cheap fix right before everything breaks) they'll add on a ventilation system. If you have white smoke and your turbo is cooked, they will replace the turbo, as long as you're under 70,000 miles and 7 years. I had to replace my turbo back in July, so now I get to fight with them for reimbursement; I am hoping that since they partially covered me as I was 100 MILES outside of warranty this won't be too hard, but I think I'd rather have a colonoscopy without anesthetic.
    For all who are still having problems, the warranty extension cover CX-7s made between 2/14/06 and 7/1/08, Speed3s 6/28/06-6/30/08 and Speed6s 8/4/05-6/30/07. Good luck, we're all in this together. :shades:
  • scgalscgal Posts: 4
    I'm a 2007 CX-7 owner (her name is Cici... :) bought new and have treated like a baby! I drive a lot and have 103,000 miles. It's just started making a high-pitched rattling noise, from the time I crank it until I turn the key off. Does this sound like the timing chain problem you-all have had? This is my 3rd Mazda (had a millinia and tribute before) and I've been very dissappointed with it. The entire air conditioner fell apart at 47k at a tune of $1600 to replace, and some kind of valve went out shortly after that- another $800. Sounds like that's not too bad, tho, after reading some of the other owner's issues! I'd love to sell it but don't want a car payment. :-/
  • scgalscgal Posts: 4
    FYI, Cici is the 2.3L DOHC 16 valve 4cyl turbo...
  • The engines are all the same in 2007. I named mine "misbehaving b****" for sharing purposes here. I can't believe you made it to over 100,000 miles without any problems. You must have gotten the one vehicle off the line that was built with better parts. Good for you. The rest of us are jealous. I would recommend dumping the thing while it still runs and you haven't been stuck with a massive bill to fix it. I stuck over 6k in my car in repairs, and that was only two repairs. I dumped my car after the second mishap which was the timing chain issue. I fixed it and traded it for a German product. Mazda's customer service is absolutely worthless when dealing with the Cx-7, just an FYI. I make it one of my goals everyday to find someone who drives a Cx-7 and warn them to get rid of it as soon as possible. It's unfortunate, but I will NEVER buy Mazda again, nor will I EVER tell anyone anything good about them. If you want to continue to like Mazda, then trade it in for something else. I know they changed the newest models due to all of the issues. You may be safer with that, but I'm going to guess that will end up with it's own set of issues soon enough. Good luck. I'm still waiting for Mazda to reimburse me, but I have a better chance of seeing God walk across the Lake in my backyard.
  • I bought a 2007 new and like it. a/c locked up under warranty-barely, < 100 mi to spare! 72K now, NO other problems-YET. If I trade it, I know I will lose well over a couple of grand. How can I invest $ in this car and have peace of mind that my vvt/chain and turbo won't fail? I've researched enough to be totally confused! oil catch cans, pop offs, ventilation kits, etc. for turbo. replace vvt/chain before I hear start up clatter or wait till I hear it? Dealer said that if they were bad , they would have failed by now-don't worry. PS-oil changed every 7 to 8K (full syn).
  • @ bikerpapa, you best start changing the oil every 3,500-4,000 miles and make sure it's synthetic oil!
    Cut your losses, trade it in now. Crossing my fingers that mine will make it till the end of the year as I need to pay off a few thousand off my loan as it's not worth crap right now.
  • ckbolesckboles Posts: 16
    This just keeps getting worse. Also received the recall on the timing chain,
    vvt , and turbo sensor, however, no luck with Mazda or the Extended Warranty company. It is obvious the engine is "cooking" the oil by faulty design and the dozen or so
    Technical Service Bulletins published document this as far back as 2009.

    I will continue my campaign to hold Mazda responsible for "complete" engine failure, and believe this problem could have been avoided if they stood behind their product and their limited mileage special warranty. Letters, calls and a BBB report have been made.
  • aztd1aztd1 Posts: 1
    Just got my CX7 back from the Mazda shop yesterday. I've owned it since June 2006. A year ago I had this gut feeling to buy the extended warranty (had 59,900 miles on it). I've been reading all the horror stories, and thank God I decided to buy the Mazda warranty. My timing chain, vvt, etc went out on Sunday - 3 DAYS AFTER I GOT THE TSBs from Mazda with just over 75K on it. They covered it without any questions, guess I got lucky. I always do my own oil changes (Castrol full synthetic, Motorcraft filter). Of the 10 vehicles I've owned (almost all were new first-year models), I have never had so many problems as I've had with this one. I will definitely not buy another Mazda and will advise others likewise. Not just because of the problems, but because of the cowardly stance they have chosen in not repairing major known defects. I urge EVERYONE with CX7 defects to file complaints with the NHTSA.
  • jbolesjboles Posts: 3
    edited January 2012
    Exactly the same symptom as mine. We have the extended warranty, and already have had the turbo replaced. Our problem now is that John Kennedy Ford in Conshohocken Pa says the engine needs to be replaced, and they will not honor the warranty because the oil was "low." The oil burning problem was discussed when the turbo was replaced, but they did not address it, and I was adding a quart here and there over the past 9 months or so-

    Even if the oil was low, an engine simply doesn't work and sound perfectly normal one moment, and then simply destroy itself. While this car has been sitting at John Kennedy Ford for the past three weeks while we are figuring out if a lawsuit is our best shot, we received TWO more RECALL NOTICES from Mazda North American Operations- Disgraceful!
  • I'm new in this forum and wanted to take a tour on the posts related to the Mazda CX-7, since I'm planing to get one very soon, by next month.
    By reading the post above, I'm a little hesitant about the performance (technical) of this SUV. Now, I would like to have some advices from anyone about the Mazda CX-7, 2011.
    Wuld you please recommend me to go for it?

  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    There are now 2 versions of the CX-7, one without the F/awd system and the "turbo" one with. If you think you really need the F/awd system then I would go for the turbo motor but immediately "wire" the wastegate WIDE OPEN.

    If you lost to much "go" as a result you could have the head milled to raise the compression ratio to the DFI standard of 12:1.
  • jbolesjboles Posts: 3
    I only know about the many engine problems with the 2007 CX7. The warranty company and dealership have been awful in attempting any resolution, despite the fact that I have a long term warranty. From all of the other posts in this forum, it seems like Everyone gets the same denial: There is sludge in the engine, which means you did not maintain the car. They even refuse to hand over the pictures they claim that they took of the engine saying that the pictures were "Their Property" How is that for customer service!!
  • I would recommend you absolutely STOP looking at Mazda. They have done nothing for the many many people out here who've been taken advantage of. I personally took excellent care of my car and at 73,000 miles replaced the timing chain, vvt actuator and repaired bent valves. It cost me $4500.00 dollars. I traded that POS as soon as I got it back. If you want something like this but only from a reputable car company look to Ford edge, Toyota Venza or a hyundai or Kia. The Kia is an excellent car for the money, but do not buy a Mazda anything.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    +1 on the Venza.
  • My turbo has gone in my engine for the second time! I had to replace it 15 months ago. Here we go again!!! Mazda needs to take responsibility that there is an obvious problem with these turbos! I have kept up with all my oil changes. I will never buy a Mazda Ever Again!! Are they that crooked to rip off so many consumers that have put their hard earned money and trust into a company that turns around and doesn't even back up their own MESS!! I've had it!! I've seen so many posts about this same problem, something should be done! If all businesses would treat their customers the way they do, there would be nothing left in the US. I've Had It!!
  • Count me in!! 4500$$$ for first Turbo replacement in my CX-7 now another for the second replacement. UNBELIEVABLE!
  • My advice to anyone that owns the CX-7 and has turbo problems. Spray paint both sides of the vehicle saying "This car is a peice of Junk and Mazda doesn't Care!!!" Drive it around everywhere you can!! That's my next step!
  • I wish I could drive my Mazda around...unfortunately it's toast:( I've been trying to complain on Facebook, but I haven't gotten a responses. If more people took action maybe that would make Mazda would fix there problems. There recall is pathetic!
  • Marnic73 go to this site below you don't need to put your vin # but put all other info in.
  • One of the single most important things you can do to extend the life of your turbo is install a "turbo timer". I just got one for my wife's CX-7, it cost $30.0 and the "cool down time" it gives after turning off the ignition will save your turbo. It keeps the engine running for a period of time after you shut off the ignition. Cooling the turbo so the oil doesn't "bake" in the bearing.
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