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Mazda CX-7 Engine Problems



  • I'd say thats BS. I'm sure it's the tools they are waiting on. We had the same problem. Took months to get the tools. Mazda sucks! Their cars Suck! and the people that work for them suck too! Good luck and buy yourself a nice Ford.
  • I am interested in joining the class action lawsuit. I've had nothing but problems with my 2007 CX7. I have the same issues that its not covered because of the miles on my car. I was told by MAZDA I would not be reimbursed. Yet I keep getting letters from them on all these issues with the car.
  • jard560jard560 Posts: 1
    I have a 2007 mazdaspeed 6 with the same problem. My car has been at the dealer for almost 6 weeks waiting for a cam gear. I am interested in getting something accomplished for getting mazda to be held accounted for. I am paying for my car every month plus insurance. The car is under warranty and they wont even give me a loaner car so I can take my new born daughter to the doctors they said they can set me up with a car but I would have to pay for it. I cant believe how horrible there customer service is. I will NEVER by another mazda.
  • skokie2009skokie2009 Posts: 3
    I am in the EXACT same situation. have 72k and Mazda said tough. The car makes the rattling sound and my car lunges from 1st to 2nd gear.
    Do you have any updates on the class action?
  • vancekhvancekh Posts: 2
    Yes i am also looking for updates with the class action lawsuit. Well here is my story I change the oil every 4000 to 5000 miles i use full synthetic. Well the last time i change it after about 1000 miles my oil was black and night. I took it to the local shop where i get the oil changes and he says it looks like sludge in the engine. So the next oil change i did myself and after about 500 miles my oil is really black and looks like it has not been changed in 10000 miles. So after reading all the post here i think i do have sludge and i am starting to worry about it. My car has 56000 and is a 2007.
  • ckbolesckboles Posts: 16
    Call Mazda right away and ask for the recall notices......they are good up to 72,000 (if they choose to honor them that is.....)
  • I would try calling another dealership. I had an appointment at one dealership to drop off my car to have the VVT system replaced. They waited till after I got there to tell me that the parts are on national backorder and had no idea when they might get them. They just said they would call me whenever they came in and that hopefully i wouldnt go over my mileage before they got them. My husband went outside and called another Mazda dealer across town and they had all the parts sitting on the shelf. I took my car to the other dealer and two days later got it back good as new. This was about 3 months ago and i have still yet to hear from the other dealer letting me know my parts are in.
  • vancekhvancekh Posts: 2
    they i called mazda and setup a time to go in and get the car checked out they asked me to bring all the oil changes receipts. i will report back tues of next week to let you guys know what has happened
  • jsgnycjsgnyc Posts: 1
    I just had to replace my turbo with engine still under warranty (26,000 Miles).
    Mazda declined to honor the bumper to bumper warranty (36,000 Miles on Engine).

    I supplied maintenance records, they claimed there was a build-up of sludge in the turbo and jerked me around between the dealer and corporate with no definitive answer besides sludge build-up. I have never ever had a problem like this with such a relatively new car.

    I will never ever buy a Mazda again. I think they are absolutely undependable and corporate treats you like youre a nuisance.

    (Very upset with them).
  • 524dnx524dnx Posts: 1
    Car started smoking at 60,000 miles. I just had the oil changed and use synthetic oil. Under warranty. Mazda and the dealer will not cover due to "sludge"; will cost $9000 to repair (they recommend a new engine). Won't guarantee any of the work due to the "sludge" Told me to not even bother to find my receipts for oil changes; they won't cover it. Dealer blames it on Mazda; Mazda blames it on the dealership. Coincidentally, got a call today from Mazda encouraging me to extend my warranty. They stated they would never decline a claim due to sledge.

    Have driven Hondas for over 35 years and this was the first Mazda; expensive lesson.
  • boogitybopboogitybop Posts: 21
    To everyone reading this forum who has owned one of these pieces of junk. I have tried unsuccesfully to entice a lawfirm into taking our case on. Two in New York and one in St. louis. They don't see a way to win this so we have to do something else. If we could all somehow get together on a site other than this site we could exchange information. Maybe if we were able to sue one of these major dealerships for doing shoddy work or something we could get some publicity and some interest. It cost me $4,500 to fix their junky design. We traded it for another car immediately. Also there are multiple problems with this car. I had the vvt actuator go out. Others have sludge issues. We need to bond together where its not public and also where this site isn't responsible. Any ideas?

  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 40,012
    edited June 2012
    Instead of trying to get a class action together that will take years, and may only get you a coupon off a new Mazda, maybe you should consider just suing them yourself. You could even do it in small claims court.

    We see this almost every day - someone is mad over a car problem but they always want the other guy to take the lead and do something. Nothing much ever comes from it. There's plenty of lemon lawyers out there; go talk to one or two of them and see what they recommend you do as an individual owner.

    If you win, and there's no gag order imposed, then you can come back and tell the other unhappy owners how to do it. (link)

    There was a successful suit against Toyota for sludge not that long ago; wonder why the three lawyers you talked to said there wasn't any chance.

    Meckstroth v. Toyota

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  • plopesplopes Posts: 2
    I have the same problem , the turbo just went on my CX7 2007, 44500 miles. The timing change actuater and chain are also shot according to the dealership. The dealer ship is also saying their is sludge in the Engine. I never had a probelm with a car with such low milage. From what I have been reading a lot of consumers are having this problem. The car is driven by my wife and is not driven hard at all, I cannot see how these two items could wear with such low milage.
  • ckbolesckboles Posts: 16
    Best advice.....fix the car, and then sell it. There is a limited warranty out there. Call Mazda and nicely register your complaint, and ask them to fix it.
    Then sell the car right away!!!!! 2 turbos in mine, plus timing chain, "sludge"
    (nonsense). Good luck....mine is going up for sale this week before it breaks again!!!!! :lemon: :lemon: 2007 !!!!">
  • libbyolibbyo Posts: 1
    I would be interested I am in Australia though does that make a difference. My Turbo went on my 2007 CX7 at 55 000kms and my timing chain recently blew and destroyed my engine and the engine is full of thick sludge. I have only done 82 000km. I am struggling to find a second hand engine to put in as so many have broken turbos. It is going to cost me $12000 to repair. The car is only 5 years old and has never been driven hard. Let me know if you have any advice. I am suffering so much financially because of this car.
  • plopesplopes Posts: 2
    I would be interested in the class action law suit as I could get no where with MAZDA; oh yes after I had the dealer fix the turbo and timing chain and associated parts I picked the car up drove a total of maybe 10 to 14 miles and had the All wheel drive unit of the drive train get a massive oil leak spilling oil on to the hot exhaust which I could smell the oil burning. I had ask the dealership if anything else would need changed for Service bullitins from MAZDA and they said no, when I had the car towed back by MAZDA and then spoke their Mechanic on what was now wrong he stated that this was also a known issue with this car's drive train and the seals, snap rings ect needed to be changed. Oh by the way at least this was under warranty for the drive train.

    The dealership also corrected two or three other parts that were under service bulletins listed by MAZADA.
    One other thing that topped this whole problem off was as I left the dealerships driveway the cars tire sensor went off staing the Tire was low on air, When I pulled over to check the tire it was almost flat.

    So how can you get information to me on the Law Suit?
  • I was recently paid in full for my repairs made even though I was originally hung up on by Mazda because I kept asking to speak to a manager or supervisor. My bill came in around the $4k mark because I had it repaired/completely rebuilt after the timing chain broke. The dealership told me they would only replace the engine entirely which was $5-6k used, and $7-8k new. Talk about hilarious - replacing an engine in a car that was only a few years old and had 65,000 miles on it. I received a letter in the mail from Mazda in January saying they would reimburse me if I forfeited my rights to file a lawsuit down the road. I just wanted my money back, so I sent in the paperwork with receipts, etc. It's called a "Warranty Extension Program - Special Service Program (SSP) 87"

    I have never been treated so poorly in my life as I have been with Mazda. I had a similar experience when the AC unit went out at 40,000 miles and of course was another expensive fix. I was eventually re-imbursed for that as well. Mazda drags their feet until they know there are too many people to keep quiet. I will NEVER buy a Mazda again! I replaced mine with a loaded (slightly used) Mercedes Benz ML350 that didn't cost me much more than what I paid for the CX-7. I couldn't be any more ecstatic! I suggest everyone who owns a Mazda product, especially the CX-7, to get rid of it ASAP. I wouldn't waste my time with their newer version either, unless you're made of money!!!
  • stantonb1stantonb1 Posts: 50
    I have a 2011 Mazda CX7 s Grand Touring with Turbo. Bought new July, 2011. From start used synthetic motor oil. Now have 5,200 miles on CX7. Have had AC problems. Two Mazda dealers could not fix, my own mechanic was able to correct problem. CX7 runs smoothly, but I see dark black soot on chrome exhaust tips. Wipe off and it re appears. Use only premium gas, when not available mid range. From what I am reading the recommendation is for me to get rid of my CX7. Please respond. I absolutely agree contacting Mazda is useless.
  • boogitybopboogitybop Posts: 21
    I think at the time there weren't enough people complaining. I will tell you this and I hope some moron from Mazda sees it. I tell EVERYONE I meet about this crappy company and their products. I can't even count the number of CX7 owners I've stopped and told about this. I will continue to do it for as long as I can. They seriously pissed me off with their "don't care" attitude. It cost me 4G.
  • hstacy1hstacy1 Posts: 3
    I posted on this site starting about 8 months ago when my CX-7's timing chain broke, the VVT actuator messed up eventually my whole motor blew up and needed to be replaced. The problem was that I couldn't afford to fix it and keep paying the payments which were pretty high. I eventually had to buy another car to keep from losing my job and I called the finance company and told them, it's in my garage you better bring a tow truck because it won't run. I tried to beg Mazda to fix the problem which they refused. My credit is ruined and I will probably end up going to court to try to settle with the finance company to pay for a vehicle that cost me my credit rating and almost my job because I couldn't get to work. If a lawsuit is filed, please include my story and whether or not I could sue since I lost the vehicle. Thanks
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