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Mazda CX-7 Engine Problems



  • I was kind of hoping that having these things fixed by the extended warranty program would keep the car reliable to be driven for many years to come.

    Been reading your posts and sounds like you've had quite an experience with mazda. How was your decision making experience to dump the car? I'm struggling coz I just bought it a month ago with my savings - didn't finance it. It's stressful to think that I may have bought a lemon. When I bought it I thought - great coz I bought a car I wanted for the price I wanted. Now it seems like Im going through the car buying stress again. And the thought of selling low and buying my next car high is killing me! Grrr.
  • Bottom line...Get rid of it as soon as possible. I was one of the first to start on this and file complaints. As it was not widely known at the time of the problem, dealer said it was my fault, lack of oil changes (even though I documented they did the service). After timing chain failed, had to replace engine at cost of 5,000.00. Three weeks after driving it the other thing failed. they wanted 3,000.00. Never was able to speak with Service Manager, or anybody in management. Mazda corporate unresponsive. Lost 8,000 plus car and had to buy used car... Again, dump the car. Mazda does not care/
  • magic5magic5 Posts: 1
    Hello, Count me in. My CX-7 exploded and went up in flames this past weekend. I stopped at a stop light, I heard a very loud explosion and next thing I knew the front of my car was on fire. The whole front of my car is gone. I had my turbo replaced about two months ago and about 6 months before that the time belt exploded and took out my air conditioning and my power steering. I had all my repairs done by Mazda. :mad: :cry:
  • That should be reported to the national car safety board also. Read back through this thread and you'll find a number for them near the beginning. Good luck. Mazda is a criminal company and should be held accountable.
  • stantonb1stantonb1 Posts: 50
    edited October 2012
    As I said previously I have a 2011 CX7 GT Edition Turbo. This vehicle has under 7,000 miles. Upon delivery of CX7 I had synthetic motor oil and premium oil filter installed. At 5,000 miles I had oil dumped and new synthetic oil and premium filter installed. My CX7 has Turbo Lag, what I believe to be smoking and AC not working properly. I am having health problems so I decided to let independent professionals study my CX7 ( I am unable to drive it now) and try and give me an answer as to problems or design flaws not addressed by Mazda. Let me just say CX7 is with University that knows how to detect problems. I had scheduled appointments with dealer service which I had to cancel and decided to go this route. Trying to obtain credible information for legal action if necessary. I will be able to drive again by end of October and seriously thinking of just unloading CX7 for something else. I was told Mazda discontinued CX7 and replaced with CX5 because of problems related to CX7 that Mazda did not want to deal with. Please keep me in loop. Thank you.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    While the CX7 quite clearly has an inordinate share of problems I suspect the switch to the CX-5 and SkyActive is more about FE and the current, RISING, price of fuel.

    Detuning an engine in a way that results in poor FE 98% of the time so a turbo can be fitted and functional will always be a BAD compromise.
  • to get the ball rolling on a larger suit simply mail a complaint to your state attorney generals office, attach any receipts and document all claims, they in turn present these charges which I expect will soon surface in the public and Mazda will need to answer for them-regardless of whether or not the issues are fixed-DUMP THE CAR A.S.A.P!!!! It is a money pit, someone above reminded me my air conditioner never really blew cold air(I usually have the window down) I had a violent vibration at speeds over 35mph (tires were balanced and in good cond) smoke, sludge my rear doorlocks stopped working one at a time!!!!! Dump the crap :lemon: angry cx7
  • have a chance to be the one to start this suit against Mazda, lawyer is in place, he's already suing them on an RX8 issue, he's ready to file- I only want to hear from serious people who are fed up with being walked on- especially looking for any drivers from california since the attorney is there-contact me only if you are serious!! Angry CX7!! :) :) Will also post this on Mazda forum on FB, please pass this around to any other sight where people are online.
  • attorn. in ca. already in process of suit over rx8, google robert starr-rx8-mazda(spaces not dashes) and that's the law firm, they offered me settlement so I might need to take the money and run-need someone to take over suit for me-no out of pocket expenses unless you win, but I can't afford to wait
  • bryancosbryancos Posts: 282
    I own a 2007 CX7 (purchased used) that experienced VVT / timing chain failure - engine was replaced via 3rd party warranty -- they installed a used engine from another wrecked CX7 with 27Kmi on it -- as they are entitled per terms of warranty agreement. That replacement engine experienced the exact same VVT symptoms at 39K miles and had to be repaired under the engine vendor's 12K MI/12 MO Warranty! I was in a rental car for over a month the first time due to parts delays and for 25 days the second time because the 2nd Mazda Dealership near my office in Broomfield, CO that I took the car to for diagnosis, had refused to work with the Vendor/Warranty company. I took it back to the servicing dealer in Colorado Springs and then had to wait for them to coordinate with the Vendor/Warranty company which was a comedy of delays -- fortunately the 3rd party warranty company ante'd up and covered the rentals in both instances. Now the vehicle is back at the dealer again suffering from a bad throttle body (not covered by warranty :-( ) AND a leaking transfer case! (covered thankfully)

    I would be very hesitant to purchase another Mazda product after the problems I've had with my CX7 -- Please have that attorney contact me! I'd be happy to be a part of a lawsuit.
  • Count me in. I was one of first to file with NTSB an on this site. Never any response with Mazda Service Manager, Dealership Manager of Corporate. Just ignored the 8,000 in expenses and loss of car with no rental car. Gentemio
  • bryancosbryancos Posts: 282
    I can only wish that mine would be totaled, and that insurance and GAP coverage would cover the loss and I could simply start over with a NON-Mazda product... For me, it'd be the next best thing to winning the lottery.


    As I said before someone pls. call Robert, and take over this suit, he's currently suing them on a RX8 issue( remember how fast that dissapeared)
  • Just took my 2011 CX7 GT Turbo with 6,500 to the dealer. My concerns are AC not working properly, when temperature is over 80 degrees does not cool CX7 unless going over 2,000 rpm. When temperature is over 85 degrees and CX7 left outside over night AC starts with loud banging sound. When accelerating to over 50 mph CX7 will make banging sound. Brakes soft and peddle low. When starting in the morning CX7 will larch when putting into reverse with foot on brake peddle. Mazda dealer service technician and service manager drove CX7 with me in it and could not duplicate any of these problems. Therefore CX7 has no problems. My daughter's boy friend took iPhoto of master cylinder being low on brake fluid, when CX7 was returned it was up to level. All of my complaints were noted and should I "experience them again bring to dealer while happening." Needless to say I felt foolish, but these problems definitely have happened. Am having CX7 gone over by certified experts for information and possible law suit. Family says unload the CX7 and replace.
  • Get rid of it. Save yourself thousands of dollars and grief
  • pls pls pls, listen before you end up like the rest of us-while you still have some value-GET OUT!!!!RUN SOMEWHERE AND DUMP THIS LEMON!!! :lemon:
  • In march of this year out of the clear blue I was driving my 2008 cx-7 when I heard a kind of muffled popping sound coming from my engine, I took to local mechanic who said error codes showed him vehicle should be towed to nearest dealer. Did that. At time car had 80,000 miles on it, but I didn't worry because when I purchased I bought extended warranty from dealer from a warranty company called Fidelity. Received a call three days later from dealer service telling me that vvt and chain were damaged as well as turbo, transfer case seals, , engine oil cooler all needed to be replaced and fidelity denied claim due to sludge. I asked for photos and also asked service manager if this sludge build-up was abnormal, no he said not for a car with 80,000 miles. Tried to call Fidelity and dispute the denial but they refused to even talk about it. S o I paid dealer $5,824.00, which I barely had but had no choice. Several times after repair engine light came on and I took back to dealer which they cleared and said it had something to do with computer being triggered incorrectly due to a sensor in gas tank. I am not very knowlegeble about cars so I believed them. Anyway three days ago the light came on again but this time I started seeing smoke from exhaust. I immediately stopped driving and had it towed to dealer. Got call today, the engine was not getting oil engine is hot and turbo too, and they want 8,100.00 to repair, please someone tell me something useful that maybe I can do, I don't have the money
  • sorry to say this ,you're finding out like we did, your car is a lemon-contact your local attorney general and have them investigate , then contact Robert Starr(California lawyer)- he's trying to get a class action started-good luck :lemon:
  • My mazda is now in the shop needing a new motor. The car has 60,213 miles on it and guess what .......the warranty is only good for 60,000...imagine that.

    I have had so many issues with this car that I will NEVER BUY A MAZDA AGAIN.
    I had the rotors hubs and bearings replaced on the front end at 20,000 miles.
    I had to get the A/C replaced at around 40,000, because it completely locked up.

    Then it was burning an extreme amount of oil. They replaced the timing chain, the VVT actuator and also the timing chain seal (where they thought it was leaking).
    Then 4 months later a CEL came on.....Bad EGR valve, then they found the turbo was bad (after I told them to check it before and they wouldn't because they said quote "if there is nothing wrong with the turbo will pay full price for the tear down.) and they found the shaft would not come out of the transmission, when replacing the turbo, so they had to replace the transmission.
    Well last Friday I got the call from mazda because it was leaking oil all over my driveway again. They said oil was in the intake and the turbo and found low compression...SO NOW they are wanting to replace the motor. Oh yeah and we are 213 miles over our factory warranty so.....luckily we bought the extended warranty so it won't be full price, but I feel like after reading all the issues that they should stand behind their product and fix it right.

    FYI my turbo is rebuilt not new. My transmission is also rebuilt.
    I have only had this car 3 years... still owe more than it is worth....this crap sucks.

    If you own a Mazda CX7 get rid of it before you are taken for a ride.
    Read the posts on edmunds if you need to see more.
    I did and after my Mazda is repaired we will be trading it in ASAP and buying something else THAT IS NOT A MAZDA.
  • If a class action lawsuit is filied I will be more than glad to take part in it
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