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Chrysler Sebring Ignition Problem



  • 1996 Sebring LXi Sedan bought two months ago for $2500 with 103k: I love this car, but....(1) hard to get into gear when starting, either reverse or drive - have to jiggle it around and eventually it goes (so far!) (2) how what where? I badly cracked the front spoiler on this used car & in trying to tape it back together found that it was already being held in place by black plastic ties! To whom should I go for fixing this? (3) had to have several ignition keys made because they would stop working. (4) BIG PROB now - the car key turn makes the starting noise, but the car does not start, so I know it isn't the battery. Don't even know what kind of place I should have it towed to? Last, but not necessarily least - I don't know how much coolant it takes - there is no guide on the car and no indicator where the fill line is. If you have any help ideas for me, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks in advance!
  • Can someone help, I am new to a forum... Chrysler Sebring Convertible 2010 - Melb, Aust. I am using the remote key to open vehicle, I can hear the doors unlocking, but the driver side door isn't budging. I can open passenger side door, use everything in vehicle. drive vehicle (haven't driven out of street). but cannot open door. Any hints, clues as it is 1 month out of warranty!!

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