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Toyota Solara 2008

innapropriatusinnapropriatus Posts: 6
edited May 16 in Toyota
I am going to buy a 2008 Solara Convertible SLE. I want to know where I can go to find some aftermarket performance items. I ordered it with 18" TRD rims, lowering springs, strut brace and exhaust. I am looking for a cold air intake, slotted brake kits, and a billet grille...
I have tried ALL the obvious internet searches and it seems that no one is producing goodies in the after market....YET
Any ideas?


  • Almost ready to buy a new 2008 Solara V6 coupe; but after reading some of the concerns starting to have cold feet.

    I have a 2000 Solar SLE V6 Coupe which has 106,000 miles and runs great and I have had no issues. Every one tells me the car will be good for at least another 100,000 miles. I would have kept the car longer but because they are discountinuing the Solara I thought I would by a new one. After reading all the post, I am having second thoughts. It sounds like Toyota's quality is not what it used to be. Has quality really suffered? Do you think it wiser to keep the 2000 (which runs great) and just run it into the ground. Any thoughts would be helpful.
  • I had the same cold feet--but in the end I read all the reviews and did a LOT of research. I finally settled on the 2008 and picked one up this past weekend. I could not be happier with my decision, this is by far the finest car for the dollar available on the market today. I have a good friend who owns a Mercedes, and used to sell Beamers...he rode with me and gushed over the attention to detail and the quality of the ride and performance.
    I hope this helps you out...good luck

    PS...the Solara is being suspended, not discontinued. There will be a one year interruption in production and then in 2010 a brand new version will come out.
  • buppersbuppers Posts: 25
    I went through the same scenario... I have now had 4 Solara's. The most recent had been a 2005 SLE V6 that I liked A LOT. I considered a 2008 only because they are discontinuing Solara's. After exhaustive research and looking for the best deal, I bought my new '08 3 months ago. I could not be happier! My '08 is a great car and was an easy purchase because I knew exactly what I wanted. Go for it, if you like Solara's this may be your last chance.

    *(I hadn't heard the 'only suspended' rumor before. I hope that is true. Anybody have a source for this comment?)
  • I am currently shopping for one. I really wanted one in 2000 but ended up getting an Accord instead. I now want a RED '08 low end 4 cyl. Test drove it Saturday and loved it. I am just concerned about the 4 cyl output. My 4 cyl Accord is great. However, we have a 4 cyl 2006 RAV-4 and it is too weak of an engine. The salesman I had told me that they MAY produce the Solara for the 2009 model year. It has not been 100% decided yet.
  • nextgennextgen Posts: 8
    Don't think twice about a 2008 Solara Coupe 4 Cylinder. Get it, I had an 02 and it was totaled. I wrote the book on how to put Porsche engines in the Classic VW bug ( google me Joe Cali Porsche or VW ) and like power, but I also like saving money. I was going to get a Mini Cooper S but when my Solara was broadsided at 60mph and I was doing 25mph when it happened and it was hit on the drivers front fender, I thought twice about a small car. I was hit by a Volvo SUV, the police called it a double impact, because I was hit so hard the rear of my car hit the Volvo again blowing out all my windows totaling the car. I was very lucky and was only bleeding from my eyeglasses being smashed into my head from the impact of my head hitting the side window. NO side airbags in the 2002's the 2008's have four side. SO back to a big car and bought a nice silver coupe with sunroof. THE CAR GETS 33MPG Combo Highway City and 40.5 mpg on a 400 mile trip I took. The Smart car gets that mileage and is 3 times smaller. OK the down side. The car is not slow on accell. but the reason you get the great mileage is because of the 5 speed auto with overdrive. The tranny is made to upshift fast to save gas, which may put you in a higher gear then you would like for power. Example: the RPM's at 79 are much lower then my wifes RAV 4 and my old 2002 with the same engine but when you are doing 2000rpms at 70mph you have no power to pass. Therefore if you step on it, there is a lag in time for it to down shift, then it takes off. It is a trade off. Were are you going to get a car of this amazing style, size and ride with such good gas mileage. Gas is going up every day. If you don't care about the gas mileage and want power fine then the Solara is not for you. BTY from an inside source the reason the 2008 is on it's way out is because kids don't want what they call an old mans car and adults want 4 doors. I paid $21,500 with the sunroof loaded and love it especially since I drive 70 miles a day to work. I fill up once a week when I reach half tank.
  • Just got back from the dealership. My Solara has just 7,000 miles on it and already a leak? They are ordering parts & say it is a leaky seal. I was told it would be an all day job. Luckily, it is covered by warranty. Does anyone know how this could have happened? Did I do something wrong? Any advice on what to look out for on the repair? Thanks, Carolyn
  • nextgennextgen Posts: 8
    Carolyn, may I can help. Did they say what was leaking? Was it water, oil, transmission fluid or anti freeze.

    What ever it was, it was not your fault.

    I had a 2002 Solara coupe and all I replaced was a tail light bulb.

    Is your car a convertible?? Leaks on those have been a problem.

  • Hello Joe, the power steering fluid is leaking from the steering rack. I was told there was a leaky seal. They told me they were ordering the parts and not to drive it too much so as not to damage the pump. I was also told the repair was an all day job. Geez, I hope I didn't ruin anything.
  • nextgennextgen Posts: 8
    I did some checking and I found some early years Solara did have some steering gasket leaks, but mostly in cars with higher mileage then yours. Don't worry the problem is quite rare, there are many Solaras on the road with over 200,000 miles and little or no problems. My car is getting 31 mpg on my trip to work and 41 on long trips, with the price of gas you have a winner.
  • Awwww, you're sweet. Thanks for easing my worries. You're getting better mileage than I am. I get 18 in the city & 27 to 29 on the Hwy. Maybe I need to increase my tire pressure. It is going in tomorrow AM for repair. I question why they didn't just keep it there rather than risk my taking it home. It is leaking pretty bad. They just told me to drive it as little as possible or risk the pump getting burned up. Guess they didn't have a loaner car. Thanks again. Carolyn
  • solara31solara31 Posts: 14
    I have a 2006 Solara SLE V6 with 24,000 miles. I have never had to take the car in for warranty work/repairs. The car has run flawlessly for me. I previously owned a 2002 Solara SE that I bought used with 29,000 miles on it and drove it to 63,000 miles. Again, I never had any issues with the car.

    The Solaras are ceasing production I believe in August, so 2008 is the last model year for the line (stinks!).
  • njexpressnjexpress Posts: 170
    :shades: Check out the insideline article: :shades:

  • gened1gened1 Posts: 256
    I just took ownership of a 2008 Blizzard White SLE convertible and really am impressed with this car the more I drive it. The Grandkids like the back seat as well. Can't figure why there isn't much in the way of message board/forums for this car - even here in the Edmunds Carspace section. Not much in the way of postings for the newer Solaras in any other internet areas either!
  • I have an 08 Solara SLE convertible and there is a persistent front-end rattle when the wheels encounter several small bumps in succession. The dealer has replaced one strut and mount and has added a shim kit to the braking system. Apparently the entire brake-pedal system was a bit loose! Still the front end sounds and feels very fragile even on a city street that's a bit rough. Anyone else with this problem??

  • gened1gened1 Posts: 256
    I only have 400 miles so far on the convertible but so far so good. The only wierd sound is when I put it into reverse and back out of the garage. The car makes a strange brief sound just as the car moves rearward. I guess it is a normal sound though.
  • gened1gened1 Posts: 256
    Having around 800 miles on the 08 I am wondering just how accurate the distance to empty readout is. At about a quarter of a tank left the DTE screen says there is about 75 miles left to empty. This at 30 plus mileage per gallon. Then when I fill up I only could get in 13.5 gallons even when topping off after repeated stops and restarts of the pump. The in car fuel gauge reads above full but the dte gauge reads 300 and some miles to empty - not what I would think 18.5 gallons at 30 or even 25 mpg should be reading. Has anyone noticed this anomaly?
  • nextgennextgen Posts: 8
    I saw a recent show on TV reporting on exactly what you stated. It seems in Europe cars are made to show exaclty how much fuel they have in the tank but in the U.S. Even if the empty light goes most cars in the US were able to go another 30 to 50 miles. It is like a built in margin of safety. I guess in the U.S we wait longer to fill up and can get into trouble. The Avg. miles per gallon works fine. That I have check the old fashion way by math. But even those figures are related to driving the car at least 3/4 tank to get a good average.
  • I'm wondering if anyone else has encountered this. Last week my wife and I drove at highway speeds from Miami to northern FL. The gauge indicated 77 the entire 6 hours. When we stopped for gas and restarted the car, the gauge read 59. We then drove highway speeds to northern TN and the gauge remained on 59 the entire 6 hours. Then we checked into our hotel, restarted the car to move it, and the gauge displayed 37 (it was indeed cold). We did 2 more 6-hour stints a few days later and encountered the same thing - no change in the gauge reading for hours even though we could tell by opening the window that it was getting colder outside.

    I took it to my local Toyota dealer (St. Charles, IL), they ran some tests that Toyota says they should run in such cases and said all checked out fine so there's nothing more they can do. They also stated the following conclusion on my receipt. "Cause: Subzero temperatures are causing temp sensor to remain at subfreezing value". When I reminded them that the problem occurred in warm temperatures, they stuck to their guns insisting that this is what their mechanic found. I was (and still am) furious. Next I called the Toyota Customer Assistance Center (800-331-4331) and opened a case. A case mgr. called back and listened sympathetically but said there was nothing they could do if the dealer couldn't find a problem. This is the 5th Toyota my wife and I have owned (she drives an '07 RAV4) but it will be our last if Toyota won't fix our problems under warranty - and that's what I told both the dealer and corporate.

    If you've seen the same problem, please let me know. Maybe I can get someone at Toyota to listen if the problem is bigger than just me.
  • By the way, the air temp in itself doesn't seem like a big deal but we also noticed that when it got colder outside and we turned on the heat, it was warm in the leg area and chilly and drafty at chest level so we had to keep kicking up the heat as the temp gauge became more and more out of whack with the real temp. When we restarted the car and the temp gauge changed to an accurate reading, the draftiness went away. This happened over and over as well. The heating system was set to "auto" which automatically switches between combinations of defrost, vent, and low heat as it sees fit - I would guess that the computer is involved. The dealership told me the system uses a thermostat for the heating/cooling system not the outside air temp but I'm not convinced. As near as I can tell, the outside air temp problem also impacts the heating/cooling system operation.
  • arnoldxarnoldx Posts: 2
    bought sle conv. on april 17 in seattle ,drove to santa fe to register and then to nyc ---mostly interstate---even on interstate the front end bounced ,hopped and was so skittish whenever the road was slightly rough i thought the windshield/top and steering wheel would just fly away---i expected some "downgrade" of handling/road sense/feel ,etc as i owned conv's before but this is totally scary---and here in nyc it's exacerbated to where i rarely drive it--still have a '95 camry 4 dr.w/134k on it and it's rock solid by comparison---
    there are other glitches so i haven't brought it to dealer yet but figured i'd ask if my experience is the norm (hard to believe) ---no,i did not test drive one---hell, had 3 camries in family---so what's to test---expected a slightly jittery sedan not a hip hop front end---will be grateful for any info/ideas/opinions/experiences,etc---
    ps---mileage is 4200plus and had problem from day one---
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