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Toyota Solara 2008



  • gened1gened1 Posts: 256
    You don't say what year you bought but my 08 sle convertible does not exhibit any of the problems you have. I would suggest though, that in the future you test drive any car -the exact car -which you are considering purchasing as each car from every maker has its peculiarities and some can be rectified and some are so off putting that they preclude purchasing.
  • There is Technical Service Bulletin (TSB) out that addresses front end shimmy on some 08 Solaras. Check this out as it may be the root of your problem.

    TSB Number:TSB-0106-08 NHTSA Number:10025856 TSB Date:June 11, 2008 Date Added to File:September 10, 2008
    Failing Component:
    Toyota: front suspension- some 2007-2008 model year avalon, camry, camry hv, and solara vehicles may exhibit a steering wheel flutter and/or a body vibration (floor or seats) at highway speeds (approx. 65-75 mph [105-121 km/h]).
  • toygaltoygal Posts: 1
    Have you gotten this resolved? I have a 2008 Convertible. From time to time the inside termperature gauge does not register properly. Yesterday, when I pulled out of the garage, it registered 80. Made a couple stops. Started up, it registered 82. A couple more stops it finally went to 84. The temperature was in the 90's, as high as 92 at one time. I would have teken it straight to the dealer if it had been convenient. I fear they will only be able to fix it if it is registering incorrectly. Would be delighted to see if you got your problem resolved. thanks.
  • larryo3larryo3 Posts: 5
    Unfortunately, Toyota didn't come through for me. They said they ran their check on it and saw no problems. They also said it had happened due to the frigid temps we were having at the time. Since it happened all the way from Florida to Illinois, I questioned that and they just got nasty with me. I called their corporate group and they said there was nothing they could do if the dealer can't find a problem. If you have any more luck than I did, I would appreciate a follow-up note. Good luck!!
  • I have a 2008 Solara. When I got it in August 2008, I noticed right away that the outside temp gauge didn't seem to report the correct outside temp. It would show 66 when the outside temp was 90 using a thermocouple measuring system. I took it to the dealer and they changed the sensor located at the front of the car just behind the front grill, after keeping the car overnight. They reported to me that it was working now. Not! Same problem the next day and for several days. I went back in a week later and they spent an hour with two electronics techs and their computer trying to figure out what was happening and could not find anything wrong. Then another week went by and I went in and got up to the service manager and showed him the problem. In the mean while the service advisor had contacted Toyota Field Service and reported the following back to me.
    1. The temp gauge will only change after you have been driving over 16 mph for 200 seconds, and then only by 1 degree. If you drop below 16 mph then the 200 seconds time period is started all over again.
    2. If the car has been off for over 1 hour the temp gauge will then report the temp at startup.
    3. If the temp at startup after 1 hour is high because of engine heat affecting it, then the gauge will start going down more rapidly to match the actual outside air temp flowing over the sensor.
    The service manager and I took a ride on the freeway for about 20 minutes when the reading was started at 76 and indeed the reading increased every 200 seconds by at least 1 degree and sometimes 2 degrees. It was at least 100 that day so for our entire ride the outside temp was still not being displayed correctly, ending up at around 88. The service manager then contacted Field Service again and got basically the same answer. The service manager called me the next day and his quote was "What a piece of poop", but he didn't use the word "poop". Toyota didn't use any programming algorithm that makes any sense and their own Field Service staff doesn't have any good answer. In other words Toyota's answer is "Pack it where the sun doesn't shine".
    There seems to be other rules that apply here but I haven't figured all of them out yet.
    I hope this helps others understand this issue. Good luck.
  • larryo3larryo3 Posts: 5
    Thanks for the additional info on their algorithm. I think Toyota should revisit the design of their entire gauge package. I tracked my actual MPG over the span of about 7 tankfulls and calculated my average to be about 25.5 but the AVG MPG gauge said I was getting almost 29. The error was 13+% but Toyota said that was normal - their error range is 15%!! What good are gauges that have 15% error?
  • You are right about the MPG gauge. I have tracked it over 33 fillups and have found that it reads about 2 to 3 mpg's higher than the actual mpg calculated from the mileage and the number of gallons. I also have noticed that the clock is fast. In a month it can gain 1 minute, so I have to constantly keep setting it. In this day and age you would think that Toyota could find a crystal oscillator that could keep this clock accurate. Also the "range" display is always low as to how far you have left to go before you need to fillup. But I can attribute this to being on the conservative side so that you don't run out of gas in some inconvenient location. I guess having been an electronics engineer before I retired I just notice things like this a lot more than the average driver. My last car, a 97 Lincoln MK VIII, had all of these gauges also, the clock ran fast, the mpg's were higher than actual, the "range to empty" seemed to be fairly accurate and the outside temp gauge was a lot more accurate and responsive than the Toyota. But what do you expect from a car company? Electronics have always been a big mystery to all but a very select few within any car manufacturer. At least they have supplied the dealers with a fairly good set of diagnostic tools (hopefully). But then the techs can only replace what the diagnostic tools tell them to replace. And when that doesn't work the techs are completely lost. Module replacement is all they can do.
  • I am about ready to trade my car in. I bought this car a year ago. The problem I am having is the car is hesitate really bad sometime. I haven't found anyone that can help except for one, and that what is happening is when I speed up the shift is changing the same time I go which I am told will get wrose. I like the car and Toyota has just brushed me off and they checked it and told me no one has complained about this problem, and they told me nothing is wrong with me and they were supposed to set me up with a toyota person that specializes in problems well that never happened. Has anyone else has this problem.

  • I know this is a busy board but how long does it take to get a repsonse?
  • ClairesClaires Chicago areaPosts: 974
    Hi, crazy3,

    The engine hesitation problem has been mentioned a few times in the Solara Forum (you can find their posts by typing "hesitation" into the search box at the top of the Toyota Solara Forumpage. About a week ago, one of our members mentioned that his hesitation disappeared after changing out the air filter: K&N Air Filter.

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  • jeal1jeal1 Posts: 4
    I have a 2008 Solara Convertible. The heated seats do not stay on - sometimes it takes 50 or 60 miles for them to initially come on. Toyota says that this is normal.
    Also, the passenger seat does not bing if the passenger is not wearing a seat belt. Anyone know if this is normal. The book says it should bing. Thanks
  • The heated seats shouldn't take more than a couple minutes to go on.

    My passenger seat DOES bing if the passenger is not wearing a seat belt. There is some kind of sensor built into the seat to detect whether or not there is a "human" there, so perhaps that sensor is faulty.
  • I've got a 2008 Solara convertible as well and my seats have always heated up immediately when I turn them on. I can't imagine it would be normal for it to take 50-60 miles for them to heat but Toyota seems to be saying every weird thing that happens is normal these days. I'm not sure about the seat belt thing.
  • jeal1jeal1 Posts: 4
    Thanks for your information. The heated seats also only stay on for a few minutes before going off. I also have a 2008 Avalon with heated seats ald they stay on until I either turn them off or the vehicle is turned off. Toyota states the Solara is a different system and not to expect the same as the Avalon. Does your heated seat go off on their own?
  • buppersbuppers Posts: 25
    My heated seats warm up quickly and stay on until I turn them off. This has been my experience on the '08 Solara and also an '05. Yours should work the same way. You should push the issue and get them to fix what is an obvious malfunction.
  • 2008 Solara, I have had a little problem with the accerlation in my solara, it is not bad but I reported it any way. I have already file a complaint. They have had this problem before in the solara. Yes I have the paper work to prove that I reported this as a problem with the dealer ship and called a rep myself he said until I can duplicate the acceration problem there isn't anything they can do. Mine started well before the recall and the deal with the floor mats. If anyone else has had this problem please file a complaint so this issue can be resolved. Thanks
  • I was told by Toyota that the Solara is not included in the floormat recall... that the problem does not exist on the Solara. Does anyone have different info?
  • tsrrrtsrrr Posts: 2
    About 2 weeks ago my new 2008 Solara had its first oil change by an independent mechanic. Immediately after I noticed the car was not driving as smoothly. The ride is now very bumpy and the engine runs louder. Anyone else experience this? I’m taking it back to the dealer to have it checked out.

    Thanks all!
  • Bumpy ride? Did the mechanic do anything with your tires? Maybe check the air pressure in your tires and check your oil level. Make sure the cap is reinstalled and oil levels are full. Also now is the time for winter gas. The extra additives can make your car run rough.
  • tsrrrtsrrr Posts: 2
    Thanks crazedcommuter for replying, per my mechanic's receipt it says "check air pressure tires". I'm sure they checked the tires, but I don't know if they put more air into them. I'm making an appt tomorrow to take the car to the dealer to have it checked out. I'll let you know the outcome.

    Thanks again!
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