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Toyota RAV4 Burns Oil



  • lanie8lanie8 Posts: 4
    The Toyota service bulletin was put out in August 2011 and affects Ravs, Camrys 2007-2009, Camry HV 2007-2011, corollas 2009, Matrix 209 and solaras 2007-2008 with the 2AZ-FE engine. The title is "2AZ-FE Engine Oil Consumption". Rav 2006 thru 2008 VD #s (Look for these within your VIN #) BD31V, BD32V, BD34V, BD35V, ZD31V, ZD32V, ZD33V, ZD34V, ZD35V. The bulletin # if you want to find it is T-SB-0094-11, also T-SB-002411. I only have the first one since it is specific to my RAV4. Hope this is helpful to everyone.
  • Just like what you guys experience. I think i have the same problem with my Rav4. It burns a lot of oil, and this morning my Rav4 start making an engine noise like it whistling when you start the engine and as well as when you step into the gas. I did call the Toyota service in my place and ask if it is normal, but they said i might need to replace the engine. Please if anybody started the class action suit count me in...
  • I purchased my 2006 rav in May '08 with approximately 22,000 miles. At about 125000 miles my husband noticed that it was burning oil. He changes the oil religiously every 3000 miles. We were having to add one to two quarts at around the 2000 mile mark. Two weeks, ago, at about 1500 miles into the last oil change, the engine blew, the vehicle has 160,000 miles on it. I still have one year on the note so I have no choice but to spend the $3500 for a used engine with 80000 miles. I can't get anything for a car that's not running. I previously owned a 2002 Rav4 which had over 300,000 miles on it before the tranny began getting funky. Because of this, I was sold on this vehicle and searched high and low to purchase the used '06 with low miles. I am now totally disgusted. I don't always keep the receipt for the oil purchases, and since my husband does the oil changes himself, I do not have acceptable records of maintenance. However, rest assure I will stay tuned to this post and and hold on to my repair work. I will gladly participate in a class action suit.
  • kris119kris119 Posts: 1
    Same problem here. 2007 Rav4 engine with 92000 miles on it shutoff today while I was going on a highway. Toyota service center quoted $2000 for engine tear down and damage assessment and predicted that it will cost $8000 to repair it. I am stuck without vehicle dont know what to do not sure how much will I get for trade in
    Interested to join the law suit

    Is there a way to get it repaired for around $4000 I am stuck. Dont appreciate the manufacturer not taking responsibility

    Thanks a lot in advance
  • I am interesting in joining, too.

    Noticed my 07 RAV started burning excessive oil at about 82 K when the oil light flickered. I had the same problem with my last Rav, so I knew the drill. Had been assured that Toyota fixed this problem with their engines. Dealer completed a consumption test and determined it was within Toyota's specs. However, it has had the oil light flicker 3 separate times and each time there has been very little oil left in the engine and burned 3+ quarts. Piston slap audible. Toyota has refused to address the problem or investigate further after the problem continued after their consumption test. I had the extended warranty but it got me nowhere with them. Too bad for me that my car had 68 k when the TSB was published.
  • We bought our 2007 4cyl rav4 brand new and have taken good care of it. Noticed at around 55,000 miles it was using oil. Took it to the dealer at 60,100 and they confirmed it but wouldn't do anything because it was outside the waranty window. Called the 800 number and they were no help at all. This thing uses 3 qts between oil changes. Someone please start a class action suit. There is no reason a car should use this much oil at this age. Toyota knows about it but won't stand behind their products. No more toyotas for me.
  • dww5dww5 Posts: 1
    We have a 2007 with 85,000 miles and it uses 1 quart per 1800 miles and started this at 75,000. It was under extended warranty buy Toyota would not do the repair because it would have to use 1 quart in 1200 miles to qualify. They showed me the shop manual and the new 2011 can use 1 quart in 600 miles and be within Toyota tolerances. I think this is a EPA issue. Any car that is using this much oil must be polluting. When we took the car in for its consumption test they filled it about a half quart past the full mark.
  • I just purchased my 2008 RAV4 off lease in December 150K and engine is burning 1 litre of oil for every 1000km driven. Toyota claims this is within their guidelines! Finished the oil consumption test and they determined the following provided that I am out of warranty.

    - They need to complete an engine my cost!
    - If they determine there is an issue, I am responsible for 40% of the repairs.

    Correct me if I am wrong, if there are so many people on this thread that are having similar issues with their RAV4's and all within the same millage (100k-200k), there is clearly defect somewhere and they need to do a recall! If this is how Toyota is going to deal with these ongoing issues, count me in the class action lawsuit.
  • Mine started at 55,000 miles also -It does fall into the engine/serial numbers that relate to the problem per the Toyota service bulletin. My dealer did fix it since it was confirmed to have started at or around 55,000 miles and they documented the consumption was more than 1 qt every 1,200 miles. It was actually losing 1 qt every 800 miles. They fixed it about 3 weeks ago at their cost as part of the powertrain warranty. I can confirm that the problem got fixed; after 1,000 miles I haven't lost any oil and the oil even looks better. Please get that Toyota service bulletin and demand they fix the problem. I heard that they are not doing a recall on this since the bad publicity on the floor mat issue hurt their business so much. Personally, I think a little honesty would be refreshing for a change.
  • My 2006 Rav4 started burning oil at 57,000 miles. I did not notice it until one day the oil engine light flicks at 63000. My car had extremely low level of oil at the time of checkup. It falls into the engine/serial numbers that relate to the problem per the Toyota service bulletin. Now my dealer said that I need a new engine since it had passed the 5 year mark. Even though I have been taking my car to the NJ autoland dealer for service over the years, the service rep claimed that no techenican would have noticed it since the tech only drains out the oil when the time for oil change. No tech would actually check the oil level. What a shocker! I thought it would make a difference taking the car to the dealer for service versus the local garage.
    The image of Toyota builds the most reliable car has faded away in my mind. What a shame!
    Toyota should recall the cars fall into the service bulletin and have the problem fixed. Advise to all Rav4 owner, check your car oil level every month before the engine fails on you.
  • I am interested in joining a class action suit. I started noticing problems in June of this year with my 2008 Rav 4. When I approached my dealer, I was ushered into their business office and was told to protect myself, I should purchase an extended warranty. They said they were 90% sure what my problem was and because my original warranty and run out, this was the alternative. I purchased the warranty (I had been looking to purchase an extended warranty anyway) and they did a couple of consumption tests. It was determined that I did have this problem listed in the TSB and they got approval from the warranty company and proceeded to replace my pistons and gaskets. The problem has been fixed for now but I have a monthly charge for the next year for a warranty that will probably run out about the same time I finish paying for it. I am looking to recoup the money I spent on the warranty because I feel the same as all of you that Toyota should have just fixed the problem. Please let me know what I need to do to join the class action suit.
  • My Rav4 started showing similar symptoms at around 50K. It started consuming about 4 quarts for every 3K miles. Toyota service center managed to send me back twice by refilling the oil. Finally at 57.5K I was very upset and shouted at the service manager saying that they didn't do the job right. Then, I decided to google and happened to visit this site. Thanks for providing the bulletin here. Again went back at 61.5 K. They said I am out of warranty. Finally, the service representative agreed that I complained at 57.5K. Now I am on consumption test for 1000 miles. If it consumes more than a quart I will get a new engine.
  • Hello,

    I am looking for a use 2006 RAV4 TWD with only 30k on it.

    My Vin number is JTMZD33V465032384
    which is not in the engine effective Vin list---JTM#D3#V#85209466; JTM#D3#V#86088135.
    Does that mean I don't need to worry about the oil burn issue?

    I mean anyone found similar problem with Vin number not list by Toyota?

  • I noticed the probem when it had 70K miles on it, and when I found out the oil stick only got the tip wet, i went to NTB, and they told me my engine is about to fail soon, so I'd better sell before the value crushed to 1/3 of a working car, what a jerk. Then, I went to firestone, the tech told me although only the tip is wet, it should still have 2 qts remaining, so that's kind of relief for me. So I had firestone put in 5 quarts of high mileage engine oil, and it is about another 3000 miles now, and the oil level is at the minimun mark, now i read this thread, there has to be a class action against Toyota. 2006 Toyota uses camery's engine, if there's a class action filed in Luisiana in 2007, the 2006 toyota has to be eligible, but anyways, what is the procedure to file a class action, and we need to do this fast before the engines crush
  • vivaldi7vivaldi7 Posts: 2
    edited October 2012
    I got 2008 Rav4, 4 cylinder engine and only about 71 000 km.
    Car is still under warranty for another week !
    During my last summer trip , this car burned 2 L / 700 km.

    Currently running through 4th oil consumption test with Toyota dealer.
    On first test it burned 1 L per 1600 km.
    Last time it burned 0.5L / 800 km.

    Toyota Canada states that the 'Industry standard' is 1.5 L / 1500 km.
    So technically speaking they can do nothing.
    Thinking about arbitration and court case if nothing is done,
    will decide soon.
  • rishyarishya Posts: 2
    Update to case mentioned in message #54. My 1K miles test returned 0.8 quart consumtpion, which is within the limit. But my VIN was listed in their service bulletin. They kept my case pending for two days in discussion with the head office. Finally, they worked out with HO and and they got the approval. I got my car back yesterday after the fix. It costs around 4,500 for the fix if I had to pay. They also provided me with rental car for two weeks. (Wolfchase Toyota, Cordova, TN). Hope everything fixed.
  • Yes, mines was repaired but I had to purchase an extended warranty which covered it. They also gave me a rental car for two weeks. I should have waited them out instead of purchashing the warranty but glad it is fixed. I am still interested in a class action suit since they should not be giving everyone a hard time since they know it is Toyota's fault.
  • I have a 2008 rav4 still under warranty which is burning oil. Its funny how Toyota was the one that initially told me about car consuming oil (3L since the last oil change i did). I came in after 2000km as they requested and said it only burnt 0.7L which is under the limit. I find that weird how they tell me about an oil consumption problem then tell me it's not ENOUGH oil being burnt after. It's burning oil and still an unusual amount. Let me know what you guys decide to do.
  • justus6justus6 Posts: 10
    This is justus6. I just saw your msg. I had my gaskets changed but my problem still exist and is getting worst. I now have an extended warranty plan. Hopefully, they will authorize my problem to be fixed as well. I am ready to get started with the class action suit. Does anyone have a lawyer that they can ask about our issue and let us know how to get started?
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