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Toyota RAV4 Burns Oil



  • I started to notice the oil thing at around 100k. I'm at 115k miles now and decided to trade it in. Just bought a 2012 Camry. The Rav has been a wonderful car up until the last 5k miles. It's too bad though because I had intended to pass it down to my daughter, she is driving a 2001 corolla, which is running better than this newer Rav . I won't pass it down now with this problem. It seems whenever I buy a new car big stuff starts to happen at 100k. Oh well. I hope it doesn't crap out on the way to the dealership tomorrow to get the new car ha!
  • jmbczajajmbczaja Posts: 1
    Bought 2008 Rav 4-brand new from dealership and had all oil changes and maintainance done through dealership. Had trouble with the car from first day-the whole car shakes after you come to a stop, like it couldn't gear down properly( they always said they couldn't feel it-What!!), and have continual problems with the cruise control surging to high speed even on flat ground like it's trying to go up a steep incline (even after the computer update, it still does it) In January, all my lights came on and my oil light stayed on even though it wasn't time for my service. I had my husband check the oil and it was almost empty. I took it to the dealership and they said they weren't sure why it was doing that and they did an oil change and said to bring it back in 1200 miles for an oil check. I took it in today and there was only 1/4 of the oil still left. They tried to tell me this was normal until I pulled up this forum on my iphone and showed them the info. I park in my garage and have never had a drop of oil on the floor so they said it was probably burning oil. They told me they couldn't do anything about it as my car has 80,000 miles and is now out of warranty - I had to call the 800 Toyota number. Toyota told me they could not help me with anything except they would give me a customer loyalty deal if I wanted to purchase a new car from them. Told them I would never buy another Toyota again. I asked them if my only recourse was filing a class action law suit to get some retribution and they said "if that's what you feel you need to do." I'm forced to trade in my car that I took great care of b/c Toyota won't stand behind their product and fix something they obviously did wrong with the engine. If a class action starts- I want in on it!
  • mihlmihl Posts: 1
    I have a RAV 4, turbo Diesel 2.0 Y2004, with 155.000 Kilometers. It consumes about 1,5 litres of engine oil per 6000 kilometers. The fresh oil is totaly black after about 2.000 kilometers. [non-permissible content removed] this Toyota!

    Example: Kia Sportage 2.0 Y2000 with 175.000 Kilometers consummed only about 0,5 litres of oil per 10.000 kilometers (!). Will buy Kia next time again. :)
  • donr163donr163 Posts: 1
    According to a friend in the business (a long-time Toyota service writer), this excessive oil consumption is due to an oil ring issue that Toyota has known about for years. Apparently the oil rings, over time, gets caught up inside the ring groove in the piston and is not making contact with the cylinder walls as it should to scrape the oil back into the oil pan. The oil works past the compression rings above the oil ring and is burned during combustion. As far as I have heard this only happens on the 2.4 liter four-cylinder and not on the V6 engine. It's an appalling situation that would cost Toyota millions and they will not correct it voluntarily, as in a recall.
  • tmistaltmistal Posts: 1
    I am about to buy a 2008 Rav with a 4 cyl. What is your VIN or I can tell you mine, I may close the deal tomorrow. I want to see if this one is close to yours. I don't want to buy someone else's headache. Any help would be appreciated.
  • justus6justus6 Posts: 10
    This is justus6

    Update- I had my oil consumption problem fix, the cost was about $3,600 bucks. The issues were pistons and oxygen sensor. Thanks to my warranty company, carchex, they paid $2800 for the pistons and I had to pay the balance for the oxygen senor, which was damaged by the oil issue. Did everyone receive and submit their claim form for the brake override system. PLEASE DON'T PROCRASTINATE. It will help our case when we decided to file. Since they are having so many documented problems and issues, we can definitely start our case for the oil consumption.

    Also, I called Toyota headquarters today 3/15/2013, and asked are they getting in complaints about the oil consumption. And once again, they stated no. I am finding this hard to believe.
  • My 2006 RAV is around the 90,000 mark and it has begun burning oil as well. Not to the extent of some of the other posters here, but it is definitely losing oil. I mentioned it at my last service (5000 miles ago) and they offered to track it for me, but I decided to do it myself. I will update them at my next service which is in about 900 miles. Perhaps if enough people complain, they will address the issue. I will subscribe to this thread to stay informed. Thanks!
  • justus6justus6 Posts: 10
    To save yourself some time, tell them to do the oil consumption test. This involves, putting a plastic tie on the oil cap. They will ask you to return at 1200 miles to check the oil. When you return they will check your oil to see how much you are burning and it lets them know that you have not applied any oil to the car. Please, Please, do not let them trick you, "HOUSTON YOU HAVE A PROMBLEM." You need to start your contingency plan now because it only gets worst. If you dont have $2800 bucks to spend, I suggest you get a good car warranty plan.
  • I do have the same problem with my rav4/2006. Tomorrow I have to drop off the car at the dealer. They said they think is the pistons and since the guarantee ran out they will be covering for everything but $1000. Don't know if I should bring it somewhere else. Frustrating.
  • If they would cover everything but $1000 I'd be thrilled. Mine was diagnosed with only 60 miles over the warranty and they wouldn't do a darn thing about it. From what I understand, to replace the piston and rings is about a $4000 job. No thanks, Toyota can have the piece of junk back before I drop that much into it. :mad:
  • ravnmadravnmad Posts: 15
    I agree with rav4stink. Not just with his screen name but also with the idea that $1000 is a good offer. I knew nothing about this condition when it happened to me and had a used engine installed for over $5000.
    The only recourse I have is to never buy a Toyota again. They clearly DO NOT stand behind their product as defined in the field book "The Toyota Way".
    They were ignorant during all my correspondence all the way up to their Executive Claims Manager.
    The fact is that there was a design flaw with the 4 cylinder engine that creates this problem. Very expensive lesson for me.
  • Update. Very happy Lexington Toyota in MA is taking care of the $1000 they initially told me I would be responsible for. The girl that is working on this case said I have been a good customer and have brought in the car for every service the car is required. Dropped off the car today. They gave me a rental they will pay for also. Good luck to all of you. Hope your oil problem gets fixed. Come to Lexington Toyota!!
  • ravnmadravnmad Posts: 15
    It sounds like you will make out ok. It's nice that the dealership acknowledged your service records and I'm happy this worked out for you.
    There is a law that is supposed to protect the consumer from warranty claims rejected due to having service provided at shops other than the dealer (Magnuson Moss Warranty Act).
    One very big reason my dealership failed to help me was because I didn't have my vehicle serviced by them. I had service records from other shops that were more convenient for me to work with and had no idea this would impact their decision to help me. I also had to do all the fact finding myself because the dealership never mentioned that a design flaw could be the cause of my seized engine.
    I am still very bitter towards the dealership (Toyota of Batavia, NY) and Toyota as a manufacturer.
    They respond with support for a chosen few and leave the rest of us out to dry. Typical big business ignorance against the customer.
  • teresa60teresa60 Posts: 2
    I complained to the dealer about my oil light going on prior to my extended warranty being up. They told me they needed to do a oil consumption test. They did the test and then they told me Toyota's guidelines are that it has to be using 1 qt. of oil everything 1000 miles. My vehicle was not consistently using a quart every 1000 miles, so they said the extended warranty would not cover it. They also acted like they didn't know about any problems with this issue in other RAV's. My car now has 121,000 miles on it, and I have been adding about 2 to 2 1/2 quarts every 5,000 miles. I had the oil changed 1,222 miles ago, and I just had to put a quart in. So, now it's getting to that level. I see all of these complaints on line, and I also heard other people in the Toyota Service Center talking about having oil consumption tests on their vehicles. It appears there is a problem. I also had the issue with the steering column, and Toyota would not cover that. Toyota finally admitted there was a design flaw, but that it was only covered if the car was still under warranty. Of course, the clicking noise didn't show up until the car was out of warranty. I have been buying Toyotas because they have been rated as the "most reliable" vehicles! That is not the case anymore. They don't stand behind their products, and they won't admit they have even have problems! It's not like the oil issue is a minor problem! They have lost me as a customer! I will never buy another Toyota!
  • My confusion regarding this and other issues regarding 'known problems' by auto manufacturer's is why are we only notified about recalls and not all the TSB's (Technical Service Bulletins)? We have been loyal Toyota owner's since 1973, 3 used and 4 new. All have served us well and other than routine maintenance, done with due diligence, oil changes and simple stuff done by myself, we've remained loyal. We converted my parents and 5 siblings and spouses to Toyota lovers, as well! Our last purchase was our 2006 Toyota RAV4. About a month ago, with recall notice in hand, I visited the nearest Toyota dealership for recall repair. Since we've not had any issues with the vehicle, and I do all my own oil changes and any other simple stuff, never needed to seek one out. They told me when repair work was finished, that they needed to add oil. Then proceeded to tell me they wanted to do the monitoring, and went to explain why and what may need to be done in the event of excessive oil consumption. Really? We all should have been notified of this, and any other issues whereby a TSB had to be issued. We pay a lot of money for the car and the technology that goes into it. We should be given the same information the dealerships receive in order to have the repair done with a Toyota dealership, or a facility of our choice. To force car owners back to the dealership isn't fair, even a hardship for many. This is so wrong, on so many levels.
  • Hello everyone. Sounds like Houston (or Toyota) we have a problem!
    I'm an owner of a 2006 Rav 4, 4cylinder engine. I service my car regularly at the Toyota dealership here in Seattle. I service it every 5000 miles, where about a year ago i started noticing the oil light coming up after 3000 miles from my last service. There was no indication for oil leak so i was buffled. In my next oil change i mentioned it to the Toyota service man. At the time they looked for leaks, found none and told me to come back for a 120k mile service where they will look better. At the 120k mile service they again didn't find anything. At that time they recommended the oil consumption test. (what a joke!!!!) after coming regularly every 1000 miles for 6 months they told me that my car burns too much oil (3qrt every 1000 miles) and needs an engine re-haul! In my opinion, these were all buying time tacktics on Toyota's end. Now my car is a year older with a lot more miles on it, so it diminshes the problem. They can now blame the problem on age and miles. The miles put us all pass the warrenty.
    I've been talking with the dealership, but feel like i'm getting no where right now.
    They quoted me $10,000 for re-hauling the engine, and $6500 for a used one!
    So much for Toyota standing behind it's product.
    Anyone knows a good lawyer?
  • Whoa! Your costs far exceed any figures I've seen quoted while researching this issue. I'm still going through the monitoring so haven't been given a cost to repair quote. The dealership said they have had good luck getting Toyota to pay a good percentage, thus far. However, we only have 71,000 miles.
  • ravnmadravnmad Posts: 15
    My oil light never came on when the oil was low. It wasn't until my wife mentioned the light come on when she came to a stop, but it went off right away.
    The manual even suggests that this may happen and that there is no need to worry, just address it right away.
    When I checked the oil at that point, it didn't register on the dip stick. I bought oil thinking is was just under the point of touching the dip stick but was shocked when it actually took 4 quarts. That means it was dry and the light didn't stay on!
    So, not only did my RAV burn oil but the monitoring system didn't do anything to warn the operator.
    I hope that someday Toyota will take responsibility for this poor product. I too was a very happy owner until this happened. I had my oil changed regularly and I'll admit I may have driven past the 5000 mile mark a few times but to have an empty reservoir is totally ridiculous given the new technology. Even the oil manufacturers are improving the oil to the point that auto manufacturers are looking to extend required change intervals. In one article I read, Toyota was on the top of the list of manufacturers that support longer intervals. How can that be?
    I'll say it again; Toyota had a design change for the 4 cylinder engine that involved pistons and rings. The TSB solution is to monitor and repair as necessary. The repair is to guessed it...the pistons and rings. BRILLIANT!
  • mag75mag75 Posts: 1
    I noticed the exact same problem that you mentioned on May 2 2013 with oil light not coming on and monitoring system not picking up that the oil was low when i checked the dip stick it did not have a drop of oil on it. I drive a 2007 rav4. I took mine to the Toyota dealer ship they are going to do a 1200 mile oil consumption test. There is no reason why it should be burning that much oil. Is Toyota going to fix your problem? I have called the National Traffic and safety Administration and made a complaint. If they get enough people calling in making complaints they will do an investigation which could result in a recall.
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