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Toyota RAV4 Burns Oil



  • ravnmadravnmad Posts: 15
    I already contacted NTSA, EPA (for combused oil polution) and JD Power and the local news station. Toyota will not take responsibility for this. It cost me the price of a replacement engine (>$5000).
    I hope others have better luck getting support. I will never buy another Toyota. I know it's trivial compared to their annual sales but it's still one less sale I was going to make until this happened.
  • Is it possible that not all vehicles with VINs listed will not have an issue with oil consumption? So far, first 1200 miles has shown no loss of oil.
  • lizzie07lizzie07 Posts: 6
    Sorry that you had to come out of pocket. My dealer paid for everything including a rental car for 7 days while it was being repaired.

    I have since traded my 2008 Rav 4 and bought another Rav 4.

    I think it depends on what dealer you have but I would continue to fight this because Toyota should be taking care of this.
  • ravnmadravnmad Posts: 15
    I suppose it's possible that some engines perform better than others because it's a mechanical tolerance that causes the blow through of oil.
    I agree with lizzie07 in that a GOOD dealer would want to support their customer and push back to Toyota. In my case, the dealer made me feel like it was all my fault and that they didn't have a clue about this condition.
    It seems that this happens more progressively as the vehicle approaches the 50-60k mile mark. Regardless, my oil light never came on but once and the reservoir was empty by then and the damage was done. Bottom line is that any vehicle that consumes oil that much with todays technology is just a poor design. In this case, Toyota realizes the design flaw but opts to pick and choose who they help starting with whether you had your vehicle seviced by Toyota or not (which is against the law according to the Magnuson Moss Warraty Act).
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 39,993
    edited May 2013
    "Before you say "hey, that's not fair" keep this in mind: why should the dealer offer any help on the manufacturer's behalf to customers that are not loyal to the dealer when having their vehicle maintenance performed? If you service your vehicle through an independent or aftermarket facility, what does the manufacturer owe you in terms of assistance?"

    Different story if your vehicle is still under warranty.

    The Secret Warranty

    How Can a Technical Service Bulletin Help Me?

    Need help navigating? - or send a private message by clicking on my name.

  • somusomu Posts: 5
    Just sold my 2007 Rav4. Goodbye TOYOTA and GoodBye Dealership.... who thinks burning one quart of oil per 1200 miles is OK. I am glad I am out of this before my engine or O2 sensor blow out. Just got a 2013 Honda CRV. Good Luck to all fo you.
  • gail53vtgail53vt Posts: 1
    Hi, I had same oil consumption issues listed above and at 99,000 miles had my engine replaced under my extended warranty (which everyone laughed at me originally for buying) with a used engine (under 20,000 miles). I started having some issues about 11,000 miles after engine was replaced. I now have 133,000 miles on my car and altho the dealership has been great working with me and has done another oil consumption test, it's too late to get the engine replaced under now expired 12,000 mile warranty. The oil consumption test showed that there is engine failure. I have taken the advice from one of the bloggers above and emailed a complaint to the Nat'l Highway Traffic Safety Administration so they could start an investigation which will hopefully lead to a recall. I noticed Camrys from 2007-08 are having same problems. I feel like I just lost the blue book value on my car. Who is going to buy it?
  • djmush1djmush1 Posts: 2

    A favor to ask: could you please post the TSB (Toyota Service Bulletin) listing that you obtained regarding this particular issue, including all of the affected VIN #'s? I found the 2007 Rav4 TSB online @, but it did not list this issue.

    Thank you very much in advance,

    Jeremy Mush1
  • rav4rerav4re Posts: 1
    Hi. Thanks for your post. I was planning on contacting many of the agencies that you contacted and I saw that you already did it with little success... Do you mind telling me what state you're in? I'm in NJ and I'm completely frustrated with the same issue with my Rav4. Toyota does not want to budge on this and I'm stuck. Thanks!
  • ravnmadravnmad Posts: 15
    I'm located near Buffalo NY and the dealer I worked with was Toyota of Batavia. The dealership was useless in helping my cause.
    I have heard of some folks getting much better support from their dealers. They must have had better training in customer service or they were just compassionate people that understood that there was a big problem with the manufacturer that they were willing to fight for.
  • Just returned from Toyota service department after 1200 miles and the tech told me because oil was not down much, about a pint, we shouldn't spend the money to replace pistons and rings, just keep checking and adding oil when needed. Don't want to spend the money, but don't want engine problems either.
  • javatechiejavatechie Posts: 11
    edited June 2013
    My 2007 Rav 4 has 59,000 miles and still under platinum coverage extended warranty for another 3 months.

    I am struggling with the Oil consumption issue for last 9 months. I had done all the scheduled maintenance and oil changes with the dealer and I was made to undergo almost 6 oil consumption tests by Woburn Toyota MA, Every time they sent me back saying it is within the spec ( even though the car burnt 1 quat in 1200 miles).

    This time I went to Lexington Toyota MA, They agreed to use my own Mobil 1 - 5W20 synthetic oil and allowed me to watch it personally, I took pictures of the dip stick level (to make sure they fill only till max level in dip stick), I had them mark everything with a white marker and at the end of 1200 miles I checked again with the technician. The car was consuming little more than 1 quat.

    Now I have called the Toyota financial svcs customer care and spoke to a few representatives and a supervisor, here is the update.

    Toyota will cover the repair, if it is part of TSB0094-11 oil burn problem ( ).
    I have to give the dealer a Customer Authorized Tear Down of the engine. If it turns out to be a TSB oil burn issue, Toyota will pay for it, if not I am liable for the tear down charges. I still do not know how much it costs or if the dealer will waive it for me. I will keep you posted here.
    Here is what I want to know from any of the experts here

    1. My old dealer was using 5W30 oil in my RAV4 since around 15k miles even though Rav4 4 cylinder engine is supposed to use only 0W20 or 5W20 oil. Is the viscosity of the oil anything to do with the Oil Burn problem, Could they be using the higher viscosity 5W30 oil to suppress the oil burn problem till the warranty expires?

    2. Is the Oxygen Sensor replacement related to the oil burn issue? I too had to replace the oxygen sensors a few months back.

    I really wish Toyota made a recall for this, instead of making me undergo such a lengthy & painful process in spite of me spending ton’s of money on the platinum coverage extended warranty.
  • lizzie07lizzie07 Posts: 6
    When my dealer agreed to fix my problem, I was also told that if it was not the problem related to the TSB, I would be responsible for the tear down of the engine. I am not sure what to tell regarding whether you should authorize the tear down since my car was almost empty at the end of my consumption tests. Check to see if your vin number is part of the TSB.
  • djmush1djmush1 Posts: 2

    I checked out the TSB for this issue posted above (I requested that someone post a while ago); here it is again:

    It looks like the TSB states that this issue is limited to 4-cylinder Toyotas. Has anyone experienced this issue w/ V6 Rav4's?

    Thanks alot -
  • jenthomasjenthomas Posts: 1
    Does anyone know if there is a class action suit in the works? If so would you please forward me the information so that I can join? I'm so done with Toyota. Brought my first and last toyota!!!!
  • typesixtypesix Posts: 314
    Yes, the 5-30w is an attempt to slow down the oil consumption. Some Subaru owners are experiencing higher oil consumption with using 0-20w oil and some are trying heavier weight oils such as 5-20w or 5-30w.
  • javatechiejavatechie Posts: 11
    Thanks, yes looks so. another suggestion that Woburn Tyoyota was telling me to do for my RAV4 (60k miles) was to use a High Mileage Engine Oil - looks like that too may slow down the oil burn. osity_Oil.aspx
  • jinniejinnie Posts: 2
    Jenthomas, have you filed a report at & the, pls do so it you have not. Especially with the, once they have many complaints they can get Toyota to start doing recalls. I too have a 2006 RAV4 with the same problem. Thanks!
  • jinniejinnie Posts: 2
    Javatechie, don't waste your time with these Toyota dealers. I've tried changing oil and that didn't work either. These oil consumption test are also a way to distract you. Toyota knows about the problem. They been knowing it. go to and file a complaint. this is the only way we're going to get a recall on these cars and have it fixed by toyota. I hope everyone that has a RAV4 see this so this can start going. I was going to upgrade to a newer RAV4, but it they can't fix this, I will go somewhere else to buy.
  • joyspr13joyspr13 Posts: 1
    edited June 2013
    I am so glad I located this post. I am having the same issue with my 06 Rav4 with 4 cylinders. They did the last oil consumption test over the weekend and told me I need to rebuild my engine. They also mentioned that upgraded parts were recommended but that it wasn't a recall so it was my option if I wanted to do that instead. My vehicle already has 105000 miles so I am no longer under any type of warranty. I'm still waiting for a call on a price for all of this. I will be going to website to file a complaint about this as well.
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