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Toyota RAV4 Burns Oil



  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 40,013
    edited October 2013
    For how long should Toyota stand behind it? Your 2006 is at least a year out of warranty time-wise and 100,000 miles over the drivetrain mileage warranty (link).

    The article I linked notes that a manufacturer does not have to offer any after warranty assistance, but they are more likely to if the consumer shows loyalty.

    Being a repeat customer is certainly one way to demonstrate that loyalty. Having your car maintained at the dealer is another.

    The other factor that may work against you is whether you purchased your used RAV4 in '08 at a Toyota dealer or not.

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  • I, for one, am not going to remain loyal to a company who is not upfront and honest about a known engine defect. The dealer I was working with on our consumption test played DUMB. They acted like they had no idea what could be causing our Rav4 to burn oil, until I showed them I had a copy of the TSB. At this point, it isn't a matter of the warranty to me. I'm out of warranty, I get it. It is a matter of not being forthright with their customers. Whether I had my car maintained at the dealer should not matter. Personally, I believe Toyota has done everything it could to keep this problem hidden from customers knowing that, once warranties started running out, they weren't going to be liable for anything. Just my opinion.
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 40,013
    edited October 2013
    Yeah, and that's another issue. Some dealers can make living with a lemon tolerable and others are just lousy. We have a place to review dealers too and the more the word gets out, the fewer times service writers try to play dumb about known issues. So please write one up.

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  • HOST,
    You're describing a one way street. Buying the Toyota in the first place is showing loyalty. Toyota reputation for quality was a decision maker.
    My RAV4 died because of a manufacturing defect, not because I abused it or had it maintained by someone other than TOYOTA. The dealer I worked with also played DUMB.
    My RAV never gave any indication that the oil was low, all the way to the point of severe damage. This is 2013 (2007 when I bought the junk) and technology should be better at preserving the engine. In addition, TOYOTA is on a panel of experts claiming that oil changes are not necessary as often as suggested because the oil manufacturers have made significant improvements to the formula (going green).
    It is BS to suggest having a vehicle maintained at the dealer will show loyalty. The dealer makes the money on this, not the manufacturer.
    What pisses me off is that I can't buy a vehicle directly from the manufacturer so when I have a problem, I expect the dealer to go to bat for me. I tried taking my dealer to court and they claimed that they only sell the cars and my problem should be directed to Toyota. That's a major cop-out!
    Toyota has a field book dedicated to describing good business practices that made them the #1 manufacturer on the world. At the heart of their business model is the customer. What they write and what they practice are two different things.
    The only way for consumers to show dissatisfaction is to NOT ever buy another Toyota and also, spread the word. Money is the only thing that rules.
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 40,013
    You can call me "Steve". :)

    The dealer makes the money on this, not the manufacturer.

    That's not necessarily true - the manufacturer doesn't pay "retail" for warranty claims and dealers often complain that they lose money on warranty work. So there's another source of friction that makes it harder for owners to get help either from the dealer or the manufacturer.

    And yeah, the dealer lobby is strong so it's unlikely that you'll be able to buy direct from a manufacturer anytime soon, unless you get a Tesla.

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  • Hi my wifes 2006 Rav4 is doing the same thing and i have to check her oil alot more. she has always kept her oil changes up with the car. I am really upset that so many others are having the same issue and there has been no lawsuit or any recalls on this model. If there is ever any action taken on this we would also like to know. My wife has never had anything but a Toyota and i am pretty sure that this will be her last one unless Toyota steps up to the plate and fixes this problem.
  • My 2007 Rav4 started burning oil at 80k-85k miles. I dont normally check the oil in between 5k maintenance since i am used to it always not receding from the time i bought it brand new. Just so happens when i checked it about 1k miles before its next service only to my surprise that the dipstick is dry so i filled in a quart. When i brought it to my dealer they put in an additive and observe till next service. Turned out it didnt work. I ended up putting in a quart twice in between 5k service. Now they will do an oil consumption test and have it bring back after 1200 miles. I told them about the feedback i heard from this forum and they did not deny it nor acknowledge any assurance the its covered. Just keeping my fingers crossed hoping that the dealer of my two cars which i have them religously maintained stand by me in the worst case scenario. Otherwise Toyota and this dealer will be in my generations blacklist. I have had Toyota cars in the past and never was this an issue at this early stage. Sign me in for any class action needed.
  • I own a 2006 Rav4 sport. Bought it new and have had every oil change and recommended engine service done since that time done at the dealership. A few months ago, my engine oil light suddenly came on out of the blue when I put on my brakes. I immediately took the car to the dealer and they added some oil and said they would "monitor the oil consumption." This incident happened shortly after I had been in for an oil change. I thought maybe a careless mechanic failed to properly fill the reservoir. However, since then, I have had to go back several times to have oil added, but each time was told that they will continue the monitoring. However, late last week, again not long after I had the oil changed, I had to brake kind of hard because someone had pulled out in front of me. The engine oil light came on and I immediately checked the dipstick and found that there was almost no oil. I then had 4 quarts added, and brought the car to the dealership yesterday, and was told that to fix the problem I really need a new engine, as the oil is being used internally by the engine due to a piston assembly design problem per the TSB. I asked if Toyota was going to fix the problem for me at it's cost and you can guess what I was told. This is an unacceptable answer as this is not a "normal wear and tear" issue, it's a design defect issue. As such, Toyota should step up and fix the problems that are obviously being experienced by ( judging from the various blogs I've been viewing) LOTS of Toyota owners who have the 2AZ-FE engines in their vehicles. The dealer gave me 3 options: I can buy a new engine for $7200.00+, or a used engine for a little less, or I can have the piston repair work done for $3172.00, but note they advised against doing the repair work. I said I felt Toyota should pay for this, not me, as Toyota, not I, caused the problem. I don't have to tell you what their answer was, nor that of Toyota USA's corporate office, with whom I spent a good 30 minutes on the phone. The rep did tell me that if they receive enough complaints, they may do something about this, but I'm certainly not holding my breath.
  • Not a happy camper today at all. Went into the dealership b/c oil light flashing when I make a hard stop. Now, even though I have less than 59000 miles on my Rav4, bought it new in 2008, and have religiously serviced my car at the dealership every 5,000 miles - I am told that I have to have the engine rebuilt! Oh yes, and I am 6 months past the end of my warranty. What timing? Have seen online forums where this... seems to be an issue Toyota knows about and hasn't taken appropriate measures to address (like recall!). I bought this car believing it was reliable and safe - So, I wait patiently to hear back from the dealership by COB Monday as to what they plan to do. I have no intention of paying to rebuild an engine due to a known problem! I will post what I hear back on Monday.
  • Our 2008 Rav4 only had 32,000 miles on it when it started using lots of oil at 1000 miles after oil change. Oil light never came on even though it was almost dry. Just 6 months out of warranty as well. Never used oil before. Toyota website states a problem with the piston, but of course won't admit liability. Used to love toyotas. Not anymore.
  • Sorry to hear you're having the same problems as I am. Hopefully they'll do the right thing and take care of it for you. I will check back here Monday evening.
  • Oops. Am new to this blog and my reply went to you instead of to the other blogger who is waiting to hear back from the dealership on whether they will pay for a new engine. Wish I didn't need to be on this blog at all. It is very strange why the oil lights don't work when the car has gobbled up all or most of the oil. Seems like a fair number of people are reporting this rather odd issue. I think I'll contact Car Talk (National Public Radio) and see what they think.
  • Thanks for the website ' ' I will file with them. I sent a certified letter off to Toyota in Torrance, CA with supporting docs. from New York Times oct 13, 2011 which detailed the oil consumption problem. It started with my 2007 Rav 4 in June two months after the dealer did their complete check I needed to add a quart. I put on 820 miles a month. I had the oil change again in September with only two quarts in the pan. I am demanding that Toyota do the repair for free; I will file a small claims case against them as I do not have the funds to do a class action.
  • Please every one with this problem even if it was fixed needs to file a complaint with www. to try and get it a recall item. I just filed this today.

    Tell us what happened:
    This model Toyota has a record of stuck oil rings causing excessive oil consumption which leads to failure of engine and catalytic converter. See New York Times Oct 14,2011 and the hundreds of on line complaints about using one quart of oil every 1 k miles. In April of this year my dealer did a complete check with oil change, in June the Oil was down one quart and in September I did another oil change with only two quarts of oil left in the pan when it takes 4-1/2 quarts. I took my Rav 4 to the dealer(11-23-2013) I bought it from and without looking at it I was told the oil rings get stuck and I need an engine repair for $2,660 plus tax and most likely a new catalytic converter for $2,500. I had them check it out and I got a written document with the repair that is needed documented. This "NEEDS" to be a recall item. If a car doing 70mph has an engine failure due to loss of oil then the person will loose steering and brake control leading to a serious accident and most likely death. Toyota did two recalls on my car in April, Door switch needed a drop of oil and rear suspension needed to be re-torqued. Made a big deal out of what cost pennies to fix. Now a $2,660 engine repair and we need to go to small claims court or class action suit or plead to you to help us get this a recall item.
  • Went back to the dealer; they put in oil and a on monitor on the car and I will be back in 1200 miles to get the status. In the meantime, I will keep a couple of quarts of oil in my car and will check every 1,000 miles and refill as necessary. I also contacted Toyota USA and filed a complaint and and also filed a complaint. Still not happy, but nothing I can do until the meter gets read and the dealership confirms what the problem is. They of course are not aware of this being an issue with the engine in Rav4s. I will ensure that I get everything in writing from them and will keep buying oil until things get figured out. Thanks to all who post info here. It is very informative and makes me feel like I am not alone in this issue.
  • "They of course are not aware of this being an issue with the engine in Rav4s."

    They are playing dumb.
  • Someone mentioned earlier that if you are aware of the oil consumption issue, you can be proactive in checking your oil more frequently to make sure the well is never dry. It is extremely important to spread the information to anyone having a vehicle that has the suspect engine. My RAV never showed signs of low oil or overheating when the engine failed. Unless you know your vehicle is consuming oil, you may rely on the "service light" that comes on when due for the 5000 mile oil change only to be too late and have significant engine damage.
    My Daughter was left stranded at night when ours failed. That is a safety issue in my world. Toyota has a responsibility to make good on a bad design. I bought our RAV with the understanding that Toyota was a "quality/reliable" manufacturer. They preach customer satisfaction is key to success yet when it comes to supporting the buyer, they claim no knowledge of a problem.
    Again, the least we can do is spread the word to as many outlets as possible.
    Even if you nurse the vehicle to the point of trade-in, some poor sole will likely be the recipient of this design flaw. Like maybe a college student buying their first used car or a family struggling to make ends meet unknowingly buying what they think is a reliable vehicle.
    Toyota doesn't care! They already have your money when you bought the vehicle.
  • Please go to if more people complain there then Toyota would be pressed into making this a recall. I am now using 5w-20 Valvoline max every 3,000 after the oil change I did yesterday. Fingers crossed it is a high detergent maybe it will loosen up the oil rings :)
  • I don't mean to discourage you, just letting you know my experience. I've been using the Valvoline MaxLife 5W-20 for the past couple of oil changes and have not noticed a decrease in oil usage. Hoping you have better luck (and that mine turns around)!
  • My 2007 Rav 4 just died! I was shocked. The car only has 63,000 miles. I expected another 5 years out of this vehicle. My mechanic said it had less than 1 quart of oil and the engine was beyond repair. How could that be? I have been the only owner. It has had regular oil changes. The last one was less that 4000 miles ago? The oil pressure indicator never indicated that oil was low? How can a car just suddenly give out?

    The dealer says I have 2 options. Option 1 for $5,000 is to get a used toyota engine. Option 2 for $7,000 is to get a remanufactured engine. I ask about the pros and cons of both. The service tech "encourages" me to do some research on the toyota engine because replacing this vehicle with the same toyota engine may mean I get the same problem? That seems strange? i thought Toyota was tops in quality.

    So I do some research. Get to this web-site. Seems lots of people have the exact same experience. Seems like Toyota knows there is a problem because they actually have a service bulletin that warns of this problem. Seems like they don't want to tell anyone about this because that admission will cost a lot of money.

    Gee thats great. If I knew they had a defective motor, I would have closely monitored my oil level. Or I may have gladly shelled out a few hundred bucks for the recommended repair to avoid the $7,000 bill I am now stuck with to replace the defective engine.

    I call Toyota. Get the expected run around. A service bulletin talking about an oil consumption problem doesn't necessarily mean we think there is a problem? Umm OK??

    Thanks Toyota. You know exactly what is going on here. We all know as well. We will all remember.
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