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Dodge Challenger Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • plus the 5.7 gives ya the LIFETIME warranty not a 6.1. and its easy to tweak the 5.7 via factory add on for more HP
  • great northern dodge in Ohio has a couple Zero over sticker.
    ext 125
    The car is covered for life. and you can upgrade to cover EVerything mech. FOR life
  • sweendogysweendogy Posts: 1,108
    zero over sticker is way to much-- they are not selling these cars-- less then 2k sold in a month is laughable for a new car-"covered for life" --sure if your willing and have the time to keep bringing it to your local dodge--soon to be chevy dealer..
  • Toyota has recalled more vehicles than they have sold since 2005.
    Its not so much that imports hold their value better than domestic. It appears that way because when blue book, edmunds, NADA etc. Use this information they normally use MSRP as their starting point..not the ACTUAL sale price.
    Domestics typically have more rebate in them than imports. Taking all that into consideration you actually loose LESS money in alot of domestics compared to imports when you take into consideration the actual sale price of the vehicle.
    a dodge truck may have an MSRP of $30,000 with a $5000 rebate and then whatever discount the dealer may give you, in this case we will say $5000. So you paid $10,000 less than MSRP. ...........$20,000
    an import may list at $30,000 however the rebate may only be $2000 and they do not discount near as much as domestics but to be semi fair we will say $5000. A total discount of $7000.........................$23,000

    kinda get where this is going? of course those numbers arent accurate but just a simple way to explain
  • Toyota also got thrashed at the last autoshow in Detroit due to them "living on thier past reputation for quality" and having issues with their current products.
    yes if you ask you average person about Toyota and quality they will go for it, yes they will say Toyota is more fuel efficient, yes they will say Toyota will last longer...and at one point in time that was true....
    however not here, not now, not in 2008.
    A lot of people respond out of habit and because of what they have known of the past. Domestics (generally speaking as a whole) are just as reliable and just as fuel efficient, and will last just as long. with a more cost effective maintenance.
  • the challengers are selling as well as can be expected considering todays market for vehicles.
    its not ONLY challenger sales that are down or hurting, it is the entire market, taking everything into consideration they are doing pretty well.
  • sweendogysweendogy Posts: 1,108
    yep toyota really worried about the great quality cars coming out of dodge-- the journey and calliber should really put the fear into them.. I agree in 2008 you have better choices from detroit but the reason why dodge has to put a 10 year warrantee (non-transfer) on a car is because if they didn't they would not sell half of what they do now bad is that.. Read consumer reports on all of this in the current month mag. no dodges to be found..
  • sweendogysweendogy Posts: 1,108 ted.html

    the above piece was from july when the car came out.. -- challengers are not the only car not selling --yes --but they are selling less then 1 challenger a month per dealer.. there is 2k dealers in the states-- that is pretty bad no matter what economy we are in. Pretty cool looking car--performance numbers great-- but i would have a hard time paying more then dealer invoice.
  • I drove a basic R/T yesterday, Hemi Orange in color, only had the 20" wheel upgrade and the black stripping, That is a nice looking car. The seats are a little hard compared to our 02 Intrepid, but the performance is OOTW compared to the 08 Mustang GT I'm also pricing out. The GT is a manual, hte R/T an auto.

    The dealer was actually offering 1000 off MSRP, (31K vs 32) I offered 28K Out the door as the Ford dealer down the road priced out the 08' GT for 23K (I offered him 20)

    The ole' sales manager pulled the "these Challengers are holding their value and we're actually taking a LOSS selling BELOW MSRP" ... I told him, 28K Tax, title dealer prep and whatever else he wanted to add, No more.

    He was pushing that R/T hard as he has four sitting there and there are at least 50 on dealer lots within 100miles Charlotte area. He also has a SRT8 priced at 48K. He was pointing me in that direction fairly hard also.

    I'll check back in two weeks and see if he's ready to deal on the R/T.
  • Well, my Dodge Dealer actually sold that R/T sometime in the last couple weeks,

    Unfortunately for Dodge (and their overpriced cars), I've decided to buy a 2004 Mustang Mach 1 and save myself a lot of money.
  • frankygfrankyg Posts: 32
    Anyone get a 2009 R/T for invoice? My local dealer, in NY, has an 09 R/T w/leather, auto 28J pkg. Sound Group II, R/T hood to fender stripe and 20" wheel pkg. for 34,015 MSRP. Am I nuts to think that I can get this car for it's 31,854 invoice price? A dealer 70 miles from me had a similiar R/T, blue w/6spd that they sold for $32,996, $1,479 under MSRP
  • Anyone lease a Challenger?
    I was looking at an 09 RT 27J package, electronic convenience group, 6speed manual trans, sun roof and 20's. it stickered for $37,035. The internet manager offered $33,502 and another 2 grand on top of that if I completed the deal before month’s end. Since I am not buying my next car I inquired into lease options. This is what they came back with.

    Purchase price: $31502
    Money Factor: .00257
    36month Residual: 17406
    Miles: 12k yr
    Due at signing: 1000
    Monthly payment: 490-570 (I was fuzzy on this range)

    I didn’t have time to sit around and ask a bunch of questions because lunch was about over. I told him I would do some more research and get back with him.

    So what do you think? To me that payment looks more like a buy then a lease.
  • frankygfrankyg Posts: 32
    The EP ++ program on R/T's isn't so bad. The EP price would be around $33331 minus $1,000 if you finance through Chrysler. You may also be eligible for 0% for 48 months too.
  • Got Employee Pricing Program, $1000 Chrysler discount, 0% for 48 months. 16K on trade in, $329 per month.

    Black/Black Hemi R/T 6 speed leather Trak Pak 20" wheels, stereo upgrade. MSRP 35K

    It is absolutely awesome. I traded an 03 cobra and the Challenger is ten times the car.
  • smithedsmithed Posts: 444
    Post from July, 08: "Yes, wait until next summer when you can get one with $3500 cash back, 0 % financing plus $3.99 Gas card (gas will be $5 this time next year, if not sooner)."
    Oops! Hard to tell the future, isn't it?
    Got Employee Pricing Program, $1000 Chrysler discount, 0% for 48 months. 16K on trade in, $329 per month.
    Black/Black Hemi R/T 6 speed leather Trak Pak 20" wheels, stereo upgrade. MSRP 35K
    It is absolutely awesome. I traded an 03 cobra and the Challenger is ten times the car.
    I am envious. :shades: I'm sure you are going to enjoy this one. (I'm crazy about my 300C) What made you go to Dodge rather than a new Mustang?
  • Hey folks, looking to buy an SRT8/6 speed this spring. Would
    Like to know where the largest Dodge dealer is near the Ny/Nj area.
    Also, would like to hear of recent buying experiences from people
    In the same area. Rock on!
  • I decided to buy my challenger last november. the markets were crashing and i lost over $25,000.00 in my 401k plan. i was pissed i had nothing to show for the lost money, so i decided to pull out about 30 grand and go shopping. i went to melloy dodge in albuquerque nm and decided to order one with the options i wanted. i wanted the six speed tranny(only way to drive a muscle car), they had an orange one loaded with all the bells and whistles. well they wanted $41,000.00($5,000.00 market adj). long story short. i bought it for $38,000.00. i love this car, it puts the fun in driving, and the young chicks always tell me they love the car. if i was only 30 yrs. younger. don't wait, do whatever you have to do to buy it. or you never will. when the challenger came out in 1970 was in vietnam and missed it. when it was offered again, i knew i would buy one.
  • i bought my 09 r/t in november with the 5.7 and six speed tranny. the owners manual says to use premium grade.
  • I've seen that in the manual as well. I haven't heard how it does on 89 or 87.
    Does anyone else know about that?

    I've been looking for deals on Challengers and the best I've found was $1500 off of MSRP on a base SE with sunroof.

    Has anyone else done better? What's the average for this super car?
    I can't believe how tough it is to get a Challenger.
  • mikefm58mikefm58 Posts: 2,882
    I've read differing opinions, but I think it's 89 octane in the R/T auto and 91 octane in the R/T manual. But many have posted the 87 works fine in either, not on this forum but on another one. If anyone is interested in the link, shoot me an email, the addy is in my public profile.
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