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Mitsubishi Outlander vs. Subaru Forester



  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    The IIHS site states that tests conducted on cars with typical equipment

    The moonroof is typical equipment.

    Models without moonroof: X base.

    Models withmoonroof: X Premium, X Limited, XT, and XT Limited.

    4 out of 5 models have it, including the best-selling model.

    So if IIHS tests a typical Forester, than means they tested WITH a moonroof.

    it’s a $1000 option

    Nope, it's not an option, it's standard in all 4 of those models. In fact it is not sold seperately in any model.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    They are available on any Forester model, have been since 12/08, BTW.


    Twice chelentano implied they were not, messages #741 and #746.

    Visibility is good enough that they're not necessary, IMHO.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    To clarify once again, you can get satellite radio on a Forester, It's not installed by the dealer, and there is no labor charge for any of these 4 order codes.

    For XM 2 ways to get it:

    Popular Equipment Grp 6A, #F9M order code.
    or a-la-carte, #D9D order code

    For Sirius two ways to get it:

    Popular Equipment Grp 6B, #F9N order code
    or a-la-carte, #D9C order code

    So there are plenty of ways to get satellite radio, but I'd still rather see HD Radio, because it's free!
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Interesting ice video.

    No surprise about all the wheel slip in the first one, with traction control off. Fun maybe, but not safe.

    Is the 2nd one the old AWC model, minus the S for Super? It allowed a lot of wheelslip. Is the the old 4WD lock mode? Or AWC without the "Super" part?

    S-AWC on the 2010 does it with much less drama and a lot more control. There's only slip when the driver guns it.

    Reminds me of the videos Subaru came out with in 2006, showing their cars climbing those ramps with rollers. The Subarus also demonstrated very little wheelspin. Systems from Honda, Toyota, and VW struggled.
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 39,971
    In terms of cost to own, Subarus are selling "well" in this current market. No one else really is, except Hyundai. Subie sales were up 41% last month. Mitsubishi sales dropped 48%.

    So the Mitsu dealer may be more willing to deal than your local Subie dealer. Especially on a Forester or an Outback, since the redesigns for those two have been a big success for Subaru. But TMV for both the Forester and the Outlander is running about $500 above invoice on a mid-level trim without options. More like $700 over for the Equinox.

    Novembers typically are lousy months for car dealers and this November is especially bad, so if you are ready to buy "today" you can probably swing a good deal anywhere.

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  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Just watched the off road video.

    Here's one from Subaru:

    It's long so the highlights are the first 30 seconds (a summary), then at 1:48, when the Forester has one wheel in the air, a trick copied from the Jeep Grand Cherokee at auto shows. They go a step further and open and close the door to demonstrate chassis rigidity.

    They compare to Honda, Toyota, Nissan, and Hyundai.

    In this one a bunch of rally fanatics who would usually compare EVO vs. STI, but they went a little nuts and compared Outlander to the Forester.

    Check out who wins the tug-of-war at 2:36:


    Time for a rematch, though. The current Forester has more low-end torque and the Outlander added S-AWC and 10 horses.
  • fushigifushigi Posts: 1,232
    Subaru should have split the WRX video out as a separate entry. If I was wanting to see just it I'd have been annoyed at waiting through 9 minutes of Forester coverage for that last minute of WRX footage.

    Really, not bad for offroading. But the most I would offroad would be grassy areas that a sedan could probably take and maybe onto a beach. I would have liked to see footage of the Forester handling snow conditions. I'm sure it handles the snow& ice comparably to the Outlander, but I'd like to see a standing takeoff on ice like the Outlander video had. That's a condition I'll actually face from time to time.

    And speaking of snow, that Russian comparo was hard to follow. Except for the getting stuck thing I have no idea which vehicle did better. There were no displayed track times, no side-by-sides, etc. Both vehicles seemed to do fine as near as I could tell.

    Agreed a rematch is due. But I'd hope to have more useful info to glean from it.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Subaru should have split the WRX video

    Absolutely. I guess they were at the same dealer training event, but I agree 100%.

    Russian Rally Fans + lots of vodka + a couple of rivals = madness. Seemed like they had fun. :shades:

    And please, no cheesy techo music. :D
  • fushigifushigi Posts: 1,232
    After posting my response a question popped into my head. What powertrains do Russian Foresters & Outlanders get? I'd imagine we would not be talking the same 2.5 Turbo & 3L V6 engines we get in the US. Maybe a 2L diesel or something?

    Not that it matters when all you do is line up another row of shots. My niece is a bit too fond of Jello shots made w/Vodka. :sick:

    BTW I priced a Forester XT v. Outlander GT and made them as equal as I could. There were definite differences in equipment levels but in the end I had them within $500 of each other with the Mitsu being more expensive. But I would get a Mitsu loyalty rebate which for me would make the Outlander about $70 cheaper. So cost-wise they're a wash at the equipment levels I would choose.

    I have yet to talk to my insurance agent to see which is cheaper to insure.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I think Russia gets the EJ20 2.0l turbo Forester, at least they used to.

    Not sure about the Mitsu, it was an "XL" model.

    Can you use the loyalty cash on an EVO? :shades:
  • fushigifushigi Posts: 1,232
    Can you use the loyalty cash on an EVO?
    Even if Mitsu said yes the wife would say no.

    Autoblog seems to like the GT although they still haven't done a full review. Well, they didn't like the brakes and didn't like the glove box door. But most everything else seemed favorable. Link: -cuv-we-can-live-w/
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Don't ask, just do it. ;)

    Will you tow? Edmunds complained about brake pedal fade. That might be a concern if you haul very heavy loads.

    The EVO's brakes won't fade. Tell your wife you picked it for safety reasons, LOL.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Whoa....where'd the roof rack go?

    Leather on the dash looks great.

    Mitsubishi upped the compression ratio of the Outlander's 3.0-liter V6 from 9.0:1 to 10.5:1

    Interesting because typically a high compression ratio like that would prefer premium fuel.
  • fushigifushigi Posts: 1,232
    Towing: We will equip whatever we buy to tow in case the need arises but we've no plans to.

    The leather, in fact most of the interior, looks pretty nice. It looks like a good upgrade.

    The roof rack is gone on the GT but is on the lesser trim lines. On the GT you can get cross bars for strapping things down but no side rails. Not a great move IMO but then I can't envision using it personally so I suppose the weight savings & slight boost in aero is fine for me.

    Fuel: While indications to me are that premium is not required, I am withholding final judgment until I see the car & what it says. If the Outlander does require premium I will most likely drop it from consideration.
  • comem47comem47 Posts: 390
    "Mitsubishi upped the compression ratio of the Outlander's 3.0-liter V6 from 9.0:1 to 10.5:1

    Interesting because typically a high compression ratio like that would prefer premium fuel. "

    Way back when, yes, but Hyundai has been doing it for years (check out Santa Fe for example 10.4 /1 with 87 octane)
  • tazzitazzi Posts: 23
    Thank you Steve! I appreciate the information. Not quite ready to buy waiting to see what happens at the work place first. Hopefully there will be good deals to be had next month too.
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 39,971
    The TMV trend is flat for the Forester, and we don't have a prediction up for the 2010 Outlander for some reason. Looks like you'll be able to get a good deal on an '09, assuming there's any left in stock that meet your criteria.

    True Market Value®: Predicted Price Trends

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  • tazzitazzi Posts: 23
    Technically, I can drive a stick but the clutch doesn't usually enjoy the ride very much :blush:

    I'm planning on buying - was looking at the $25k range +/-. Of course, I don't want to have to pay anymore than I have to :)

    Fuel economy is important but I live in the foothills so it has to have enough pep to get me home and get through the snow/ice.

    Reliability is a very important factor. My current car is a Land Rover - I love it but it's expensive to maintain.

    Fun is an important factor too though! I have to love my car or it's pretty pointless. That's why I have avoided test drives up until now. If I drive it and love it, I'll buy it. Even if it's not the best choice. That's how I ended up with my Land Rover. ;)

    So, I'm trying to be good this time around and check out the models online first, get some feedback and only test drive those that sound like a good driving investment.

    Most of my driving is to work which is about 15 miles away. But I visit family all the time and they are anywhere from 2-3 hours away so the car has to be comfortable.

    My Mom has an Outback and I didn't find it to be very comfortable over a long drive - but that could just be the passenger seat :confuse: How comfortable is the Forester?

    More than likely, I'll still with the 4 cylinder of any model unless I have to get a V6. I don't tow anything and the traffic in California makes it impossible to drive above 45 mph on a freeway :D Well most of the time anyway. But if the V6 is what I will need to get me to Tahoe, that is what I will buy.

    Another all the Forester's have the cheap materials? Or if you get the leather/premium package are they a bit better?
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    The seats were nice, too, I mentioned that when I wrote my review a long time ago. Wonder if they upgraded things like the headliner and arm rest covers?

    I use my roof rack all the time. Even on the minivan I've used it a lot.

    Are you looking at the XLS or GT? Or the 2.4l? I ask because the '09 has a $1500 rebate (listed on the right margin). With your loyalty rebate, that's about 10% off a basic 4 banger, a steep discount. The 2010 has 0% for 3 years.

    Forester doesn't have major incentives and won't any time soon. Supply is still very short. Fitzmall has just one single XT model, and that's a dealership with 3 locations.

    What else is on your short list? Test drive a manual trans Forester X Premium with the all-weather package. It's arguably the best value in the Forester lineup. In the mpg threads people are reporting high 20s-low 30s all the time.

    What are you trading in? An '07?
  • tazzitazzi Posts: 23
    Thank you! Very good information. Fun is important and so is reliablity.

    This is going to be tough
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