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Ford Fiesta



  • fintailfintail Posts: 32,892
    Just preparing the US for a future of being second world - at best.
  • texasestexases Posts: 5,423
    Well, there are other reasons besides the EPA (and isn't another diesel issue particulates?) - don't you and the EU tax diesel less than gas? What's with that? More CO2/BTU from diesel...
  • alltorquealltorque Posts: 535
    No, the tax on gas and diesel in UK is exactly the same. At a pump price of 102.9p/Litre the real cost of the fuel is 39.12p/Litre. The rest is Fuel Duty and VAT...................yes, we even pay tax on the tax !

    Other parts of EU may tax gas and diesel differently - I'm not certain but the days when diesel was a fair bit cheaper than gas seem to have gone forever. Recently, UK diesel prices have typically been 4 - 5p/Litre higher than gas - but that was actual fuel cost; same Duty but higher VAT cost as that's a %.
  • Not sure if everyone got the most updated info on the Fiesta. There's lots of websites for the Fiestamovement and it was big in the XGames recently. It's the Ford Car spotlight in the SoCal Ford fanpage: SoCal Ford fanpage. Anyone test drive one yet? They are looking for comments on people who have test-driven or just in general feedback.

    Here's a hot video posted on the Fiesta practicing for XGames: Fiesta XGames Rally practice
  • roxy11roxy11 Posts: 27 this article: y-for-u-s-arrival/7#comments

    4000 rpms at 75 mph is ludicrous. im sick of these subcompacts being geared so low, especially with the manual transmissions. when will they get that those of us who choose manual transmissions are more than happy to downshift when we need more power.

    even the yaris isnt geared to where it would hit anywhere near 4k rpms at 75 mph. the honda fit manual comes close, and it is a very noisy, unrelaxed drive at interstate speeds.
  • plektoplekto Posts: 3,706
    So go drive an automatic. Lug the engine and putter around town all you want.

    I appreciate that they are actually giving us the same sporty transmission that they offer in Europe. With proper gearing you don't need massive amounts of HP.
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    Well, that review was for a euro-spec Fiesta, so it does not necessarily tell us what we will be getting in the US. However, I'm sure the manual will be geared similarly, as they all are.

    There is supposed to be a ("power shift"?) DSG type transmission also available.
  • bamacarbamacar Posts: 749
    I disagree. Yes I want the first gears set up for sporty driving, but the last gear should clearly be overdrive. It is this kind of crap that has done just what you asked and sent all but the most aggressive drivers to automatics. With such a small market share, even the supposed sporty makes have dropped manuals. Try to buy a Mazda6 with a manual, you will be lucky to get A/C on your stripper.

    Nobody is lugging the engine unless they choose to with a manual. If a 5th or 6th gear gets you over 4k rpms at 75, add a 6th or 7th gear. I am not disabled and enjoying shifting down for more rpms when necessary. If you are scared to have to shift at highway speeds, get an automatic it will do it for you.
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    But this was a euro spec model. So it would appear that the fact is, that even in europe where the majority still buy manuals, they do not gear them they way you (and I) would prefer. I tend to think this means that we are a minority and most buyers want them geared in the way they are.

    I'm a fairly aggressive driver and even I went to an automatic when I bought a car a couple years ago, because there were no longer any practical advantages to a manual (other than saving a few bucks up front, which you give right back if you ever sell). My primary reason for having had manuals was never the supposed thrill of stepping on a clutch and moving a shift lever around,
  • fintailfintail Posts: 32,892
    I'd think in the year 2010 a 6-speed manual shouldn't be a trouble...when 7 speed automatics aren't uncommon. For a car with fun or sporty aspirations, it shouldn't even be doubted.

    Europe doesn't have many stretches where you have to buzz along at 75mph for 4 hours on straight boring roads like so many areas in NA. This should be able to be adapted.
  • But the engine has to have enough torque to pull 6th gear. The Yaris could never pull 6th gear except maybe down hill. You can't do it with these small displacement engines. Torque requires displacement. (per cylinder--it doesn't matter how many cylinders--each cylinder produces optimal torque the bigger it is). I'd think you'd need at least a 2.0 or 2.2 liter 4 cylinder.
  • fintailfintail Posts: 32,892
    Yeah, I didn't think of that. 4K+ rpm for highway cruising doesn't sound good though, unless the engine is super smooth. Of course, the car isn't really intended to be a long distance highway cruiser anyway, so maybe it's kind of moot.
  • Any 1.5L car is not a very good long distance vehicle--I mean, sure, you can do it, and Europeans often do, but they have an entirely different road structure than we do--not these 1000s of mile stretches of highway. Yaris and cars like that are really "metro" cars---and they can be fun to drive. They dart in and out of traffic, have short turning radiuses, and carry quite a bit of cargo. But just try and pass a semi at 75 mph---it's white knuckles all the way.
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    But the engine has to have enough torque to pull 6th gear.

    I assume this really means that there has to be enough torque to handle a high gear ratio. But on many cars the gear ratio in the top gear of the auto is significantly higher than the top gear in the manual (I have no idea if this is or is not the case with the Fiesta).

    In my car, which has a 2.3 L engine, 4th gear in the (5 speed) auto is nearly the same ratio as 5th in the manual.
  • that's always been the case, hasn't it. They gear the automatic differently for fuel economy, and because the transmission will automatically take you out of a gear that is too high for the situation.

    Nothing...I mean NOTHING...will strain and break an engine faster than lugging it in too high a gear with a manual transmission. In the same way, towing a heavy load in OD with an automatic will overheat the transmission.

    This is why on many new cars, the electronics won't allow you to shift into OD in an automatic until engine temperature is sufficient.
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    that's always been the case, hasn't it.

    Well, no, actually. Once upon a time the choice was often 3 speed auto vs. 5 speed manual. Then it became 4 speed auto vs. 5 speed manual. In those cases, at least in my experience, the top gear in the manual had a higher ratio than top gear in the auto. There was also a significant mpg advantage for the manual in those days.
  • I guess I was thinking of American cars with V-8s. They always offered the economy rear end ratio with the automatic. I can't imagine how much gas a Ford 460 in a T-Bird would have swallowed with a 4:10 !!!
  • plektoplekto Posts: 3,706
    I can :) My old Toyota has roughly 1/3 the displacement and the same gearing almost. So about 18/3 = 6mpg... :P
  • british_roverbritish_rover Posts: 8,476
    The 1.6 liter engine in my MINI loved cruising at 75 mph on the highway.

    I think it turned pretty close to 4,000 rpms at that speed too. I think 60 mph was right around 3,000 rpms so 75mph had to be close to 4,000. Its been so long since I drove it I can't remember exactly. I did get used to using the tach to figure out speed since the speedo was in the center of the car.

    Of course that engine had the positive displacement roots type supercharger on it so its actually displacement was maybe 2.3 liters. That supercharger is an M45 eaton so about .75 liters of displacement.
  • gregagrega Posts: 31
    If Ford continues their development of EcoBoost engines and a family of I4's (1.6, 2.0 and 2.5L) the 1.6L could produce upwards of 200 HP and 200 ft-lbs torque at only 1500 RPM. That should solve any concern with having enough torque...

    Maybe use Fords exclusive "RevoKnuckle" suspension setup to handle any FWD torque steer that they use on the Euro Fiesta RS... doesn't need AWD and handles well...

    That would be a joy in the Fiesta, bring it on Ford...!
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