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2009 Mazda5

ptien_vaptien_va Posts: 3
edited April 10 in Mazda
Does anyone have confirmed information regarding the US version of the 2009 Mazda5? I have read rumors but have not seeing anything solid. I figure for a car that is going to be released in 8-10 months there would be some info out there!


  • Good luck and keep us posted. If for the 2008 we just knew 2-3 months before, and it just got a facelift this year, I doubt there will be information soon. I think Mazda USA will be very very busy with the Mazda6 launch, one of the cash cows...
  • ericdsericds Posts: 4
    I'm also awaiting a date. The power doors are one of the key elements of the facelift. My wagon should hold a bit longer but I'd love an early release rather than later.
    Maybe things like the Chevy Safira are an indicator of mini-minivans coming to the US market.
  • coolmazda5coolmazda5 Posts: 525
    Is it confirmed that the Zafira is coming? Thaaat is a sweet ride. Seen it in Europe, it is just great. funny thing it does not have sliding doors, which is a big plus on the Mazda5 IMO.

    2008s are selling well w/o marketing so I'm almost sure the 2009 will make it here. As per power doors, the standard ones are so light I doubt they will have them, also, Mazda will be doing a lot of campaigning for the new Mazda6 so that will keep them busy :surprise: for sure...

  • coolmazda5coolmazda5 Posts: 525
    Thanks for the Zafira tip :D. Yeah only the Rondo and the Mazda5 are around here so far. This article comments caught my eye:

    It’s the same approach used for the only other such vehicles on the American scene, the Mazda 5 and Kia Rondo, each a five-seater.

    However, we suspect final pricing will be somewhat lower and maybe sweetened with incentives, this to match the competition and because mini-minivans have yet to catch on with U.S. consumers. Indeed, both the Rondo and Mazda 5 are hardly flying off the lots, with respective sales around 24,000 and 14,000 for the first 11 months of 2007.

    Rondo can get up to 7 seats and the Mazda5 is 6, weird
    Also, this year is selling very well after the facelift. I'm not sure that they will make 2 facelifts in a short period of time though.

    Yes, Premacy in Japan and the Mazda5 in Europe and Asia offer power doors since 2005, but I think the article is right on one thing: price needs to be lower in NA. Keeping that on mind things like power doors may not make for models here to remain competitive on price. I mentioned somewhere here that last year I stopped by at a Mazda dealer in Germany. A Mazda5 "Top" (kind of a Touring here) was 27100 Euros! For that money power doors should be a must :D

    Allright, best of luck! I own a 2006 and a 2008 Mazda5s, so I doubt 2009 will be a time to trade-in any :D
  • jonat1xjonat1x Posts: 34
    Currently owning a 2008 Touring, successor to two Previas and a Windstar (total aberration mandated by wife) I think that a power door system would be utterly superfluous - these doors operate so smoothly that my 8-year old mastered it in minutes. I feel like a shill for Mazda, but I'm finding that this is an all-round extraordinary vehicle. After a couple of months during which the reality check should have arrived, the bass response on the stereo is my only issue with it.
  • ericdsericds Posts: 4
    I'm looking for the power doors for a special reason. I use a manual wheelchair. I'm hoping to fold the chair and pull into the car. The power doors would allow me to close them remotely.
    I may remove the drivers side rear seat or install some system that lets me fod it backwards, since the seat back only folds down rather than than the whole assembly folding forward.
  • jonat1xjonat1x Posts: 34
    I can't picture the maneuver but it might still be worth your while to visit your dealer. These doors have a great mechanism and basically close themselves - in fact, the manual describes a hands-off technique, letting them close themselves. It is a small cabin, though - not a lot of room for a wheelchair, even folded.
  • wardwwardw Posts: 10
    I have a 2007 Mazda5 and I also use a manual wheelchair. The reason I bought the car was because I could fold the wheelchair, tip it back, and slide it between the drivers seat and the second row seat. I have enough stability standing to be able to do this. The folded wheelchair does fit between the seats. To take it out, I roll it out, leting the rear wheels down to the ground. I never have to lift the wheelchair. I have no trouble with the sliding doors as they are light and open and close without a problem.
  • ptien_vaptien_va Posts: 3
    Okay, can we get the focus back on the entire 2009 Mazda5 and not just the possible power sliding doors? Any one get any leaked info yet? I contacted Mazda and they said they have no information they can release to the public. Grrrrr! :mad:
    My fear is I buy the 2008 5 and then three months later they announce the bigger/better specs for the 2009 model and a Mazda5 Speed edition.
  • coolmazda5coolmazda5 Posts: 525
    Mazda5 Speed edition

    LOL, would be great, but no. Mazda NA is running the Mazda5 message as economical, great family hauler and without sacrificing handling and fun-to-drive. A turbo engine like the ones for the MazdaSpeed3 or MazdaSpeed6 will bring the MPG really down plus may not be a good seller for such a small market niche.

    It might be more attractive to sell in Japan or Europe though but the new Mazda6 will keep them busy at least through 2009.
  • motormopemotormope Posts: 1
    Has anyone seen anything indicating an engine upgrade (the new 2.5L) and/or ESC for the 2009 Mazda5?
  • ericdsericds Posts: 4
    My local dealer said September release for the 09.
    Who knows...
  • coolmazda5coolmazda5 Posts: 525
    Other forum posted the Canada specs for 2009. No ESC nor 2.5L, changes in packages and colors only.
  • athenasiusathenasius Posts: 118
    what is the link to the other forum? please (just to prove i am Canadian and oh ever so polite eh lol ) ;)
  • chiefbongochiefbongo Posts: 10
    I'd read rumors of a new engine that got 1 mpg better gas mileage and added a few more horses to boot. I was driving past a Mazda dealership and decided to get a firsthand look at the interior and let my 3 year old clamber around in it.

    The sales guy confirmed that the 2009 would have a new, improved engine. But, generally, details on other features are few and far between.

    I'm in the burbs north of Seattle. We get rain like 200 days a year and a few days of light snow here and there. The 5 doesn't offer AWD or even traction control, so I'm wondering if they might be upgrading the safety features for 2009. I like the 5, but if they don't step up their game on safety, it's going to be a hard sell to the wife.
  • wp746911wp746911 Posts: 24
    Where are these rumors from? I would be interested in knowing if there was any solid information what the mazda5 will have in 2009. I guess I could just wait until September to see, but curious if someone knows...
  • According to this press release, the Mazda5 will have minimal changes for 2009. According to it, the only changes for 2009 will be:

    "New Liquid Silver exterior color to replace Sunlight Silver (late availability)
    Sand interior color now available with Stormy Blue and Brilliant Black exterior colors."

    Since we will not buy a family vehicle without Electronic Stability Control, that rules out the Mazda5 for us for at least another year.
  • coolmazda5coolmazda5 Posts: 525
    yeah, that was my guess. The Mazda3 and the Mazda6 will keep Mazda busy at least for one more year. No ESC, that's OK...

    This should have been my first Mazda purchase and the start of a long valuable consumer relationship between Mazda and me. Instead, this glaring lack of proper, soon to be mandated, safety feature technology has bittered this consumer to the core. After patiently waiting, and taking the time to personally write (by both s-mail and e-mail way back in Feb) all explaining the expectations of ESC in the ’09 model; I am utterly disappointed they have stuck with the status quo; ignoring my (and many others) call for an updated M5 with ESC.

    I am sure that by the time Mazda sees right; there will be lots of new space wagons as competition here in the US. Look for new products in late ’09-’10, that will surely all come with ESC standard. GM, Subaru, Honda and others are all rumored to have Mazda5 class competition under development. With the cost of fuel on the rise, and a move to smaller more efficient autos already apparent - this niche segment will expand rapidly. Mazda, who was poised to strike while the fire was hot, with an outstanding product in the Mazda5 (save the obvious oversight of no ESC) will blow this perfect opportunity to become a leader in a new segment. No, instead they have settled for a sub par safety reputation; choosing the easy road, the lazy road, the road that leads to mediocrity.

    For me, I will move on to something else for my purchase. I cannot continue to wait for Mazda USA to wake up… a different brand for me, for sure. Likely, I will be less passionate about its shape and size than I was about the 5 - but at least I will be confident in it safety performance; which is the bottom line for first time parents – purchasing a car for their first new baby.

    Mazda… you’re dead to me.
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