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Honda CR-V Timing Belt



  • I don't know what you mean by interfere. The mechanic read off the different months and mileage for each year but I don't remember what yours was but it was pretty close to mine. Mine is a 2000 so I would guess they are about the same. All the Honda's CR-V's have this same type of belt that needs replacing. :cry:
  • All the CR-Vs through the 2001 model have timing belts...

    From 2002+ models, they use a chain..

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  • I know that the 99 CR-V, 2.0L engine requires a timing belt replacement. Interfere type engine would cause a valve damage when the timing belt snaps whereas the non-interfere type does not. This depends on how the engine is designed. If there is a enough clearance between piston and the head when timing belt snap in high speed, valve will not be harmed but if there is not enough clearance, one of valve will snap and requires a replacement of valve and that could be a very costly repair.

    So the question is does this engine have enough clearance or not?
  • My mechanice read off a list while looking at the Honda site and as I remember 99 were supposed to replace at around 6 years but any mechanic can bring up that information. If it was a non interfere I wouldn't think there would be anything about months mentioned, just mileage as it wouldn't be a problem it if broke. From what the mechanic told me on my 2000 CR-V and before there would be so I have to assume that mean it is an interfere type. I am sure if you google "timing belt change CR-V 1999" you will find the interformation you need or call you dealer. :)
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