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Jeep Commander Electrical Problem



  • I was having the same problem. Many people on this site, said the problem was with the ignition. My son had told me that I had too many keys on my key chain and that would damage the ignition. I removed all of the keys except for 2 keys and the problem has stopped. Maybe I caught it before the problem worsen. Try that before sending to the dealer. Good luck.
  • 08 jeep commander ..tac and speedometer jump back and forth while driving ..doesn't effect running of dead when I went to crank? Any one have this issue?
  • @mrswilson said: Issue with mine also. The jeep wont start, clicks when i turn the key. the screen says i need to service my 4wd system, PO 513 CODE, service park assist and transmission over temp. What???? Its stalled outside my house right now. Did u ever find the issue with your elecrtrical complications?

    Did you ever figure out the problem with this issue? That is what mine is doing.

  • drossartdrossart Posts: 2

    @posessedjeep said: By the way, this all happens while driving - high speed, low speed, hot or cold. Thanks.

  • drossartdrossart Posts: 2

    having the same problem with my 2006 commamder.. head light and dash lights go out by themselves. if i push the control stick forward they come back on.. comments?

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