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Ford Focus Interior and Passenger Comfort Questions



  • I bought a 2012 Focus a month and am having the same problem with the water stained seats. I noticed it after we came home from swimming and there were stains in the seats where each person had sat and where they had leaned back. I tried to clean the areas with warm water and a white rag... made them worse, the further out I went with the water the worse it got. Then I noticed that even my water bottle sweating leaves a brown outline on my grey seats... it looks awful in an otherwise spotless vehicle. It's too much money to spend on something that ugly from day one. I am taking it in to service on Friday and they gave me the same story that they will have to take pictures and send to Ford. I told him I would be bringing a fresh bottle of water with me so that I could show him myself how it stains instantly with plain water... so they can not try and tell me it is from excessive water. My husband and I are actually thinking of recording this disaster first hand live and posting on u tube so that other consumers wont have to go through this mess and won't make the mistake of buy the Fords that seem to have this issue.... oh and I did call Ford customer service center and they acted all nonchalent about it like they didn't know anything at all!
  • I am sorry you are having the same thing. I know how frustrating it is! One of my back doors had to be slammed hard to shut every time, Ford could find nothing wrong. Now after warranty is up the molding around the top of the car has falling so every good rain or car wash seat gets wet! Smells real bad! :sick:
  • Does anybody have experience with the new '13s? Is this still an issue? I'm taking one of them out for a test drive in a few days.
  • Thank you all so much for this information as I was going to look at the 2012 Ford Focus this week. I won't even go near it now. Much appreciated. Seacluded :lemon:
  • Bought a 2013 focus titanium HB for wife. Amazingly, with the seat all the way down and back, and the wheel at maximum tilt/telescope, I have good leg room and knee clearance. I'm only 6'5" but with long legs and have very little choice in cars with comfortable knee clearance. Just tried 2013 cadillac XTS and lincoln MKS and don't fit. Previous model of chrysler 300 was good but not he new improved version. Maxima used to be good due to lots of tilt/telescope until they added paddle shifters which took up knee room. Auto makers: stop adding room to the rear seat and add it to the front. The person who buys the car does NOT sit in the back seat!!!
  • jerfjerf Posts: 1
    Ive owned a 2012 Ford Focus for a few weeks now. The interior light does not come on when you either use the key remote or manually open the door. After driving the car or sitting in the car for a few minutes, re-opening the door will turn the interior light on. The dealership says there is a way to set the light to come on by pushing a combination of light switchs. However nothing seems to work and the owners manual says nothing about this. Does anyone else have this problem? Or is this normal? :confuse:
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