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2002 Dodge 3500 van axle ratio

I posted this in the Ram truck page by accident yesterday...

I just bought a '02 3500 5.9L V8 1-ton extended van in which to transport equipment. I just realized, after the fact, that the rear axle ratio is 4.10. Is this going to hurt me in gas mileage? Most of my driving will be on the highway. If so, how much? Would it make sense to try and swap out the axles or gears in order to get better gas mileage? I am not planning on pulling a trailer with it at all.


  • jj1012jj1012 Posts: 1
    we have 2000 Dodge ram 3500 van, (15 passenger) has a rebuilt transmission with 150,000 miles on it. started making strange noise last monday, thought it was starter. now it is making a clicking noise constantly, in the front of the bell housing. what is the noise? what do we have to replace? no shifting problems, is drivable, so whats up?
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