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2008 Honda Civic Problems and Repairs



  • heaven help you. I fought them and got slandered locally and by the company and was stuck w the lemon. they would not even trade in the lease for another.

    here is what I want you to do:

    Contact the office of Glenn Thibeault Canada, speak with his assistant Noah tell him your issue.

    pass on my name if you like. that office wrote Honda on my behalf. it was not successful. even the politicians cannot control the corporations who cheat and put the onus on the customer.

    ask for a Canadian lemon law which is what I did .

    this is called strength in numbers.

    my car was tested for mould, metallic sounds chemical to me may be impossible to test for.

    they are slapped together, therefore they leak simple

    Good luck email me if you need me
  • Thanks so much for your reply, and so sorry to hear that you couldn't reach a satisfactory resolution. I'm actually here in the U.S., so I'll have to see what resources are available here. I'm pretty upset about it. I chose Honda for its reliability and economy, and what I've got now are weakened lungs and a dangerous car I can't drive after nearly five months new off the lot. As for now, I have been instructed to wait a few more days for them to try to diagnose the problem, so I'll wait to see what they say. I'm too scared to get back in the car regardless, especially after my husband landed in the hospital as a result of whatever is blowing in there from somewhere in the engine compartment. To be continued . . .
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