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Dodge Dakota Fuel Pump/Fuel System Questions



  • Have a 1997 Dodge Dakota 4x4. About a month ago my pick up would only run for about 3 seconds and die. Was told it was the fuel pump so i put another fuel pump in and it ran for a couple of weeks and now it is doing the same thing, starts up and runs for 3 seconds and dies out. I Can hear that the fuel pump is running. Can anyone help?
  • My 91 dakoda stops running and will not pass fuel to the injectors . I have replaced the pump, filter, and ragulator it will run and drive sometimes and it will act like it runs out of gas and then it will not start and at that time there is no fuel coming out of the injectors and then out of no were it will start and run for a little. Please does any one have any advice.
    Thank You
  • I have 91 Dakota, My fuel filter is under the truck mounted to the frame, Left side in front of the gas tank.
  • my 1999 Dodge Dakota start fine but after running a minute or two will act like its running out of gas, it will backfire, and create a smelly exhaust. This occures for maby 15 seconds then you can drive the truck for hours with no problems unless you shut it off for a few minutes.
    Now I have fuel in the oil and in the tailpipe please help
  • I have a 92 dakota 5.2 MFI..... Will not start or run...... Good compression, good spark, to much fuel. So much fuel that there is gas in the crankcase. I have replaced the computer with no luck. If you hold the pedal to the floor the truck will fire but then will instantly flood.. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • did you check "both" fuses
  • if it's a hot start problem meaning starts fine with the motor cold i.e. in the morning

    then its probably the ecm under the disturbter'
  • what i did was put the copper tubing in one side of the plastic line. find a piece of neoprine hose about 6" long id just larger then the plastic hose believe mine was 5/16" slide it on the other side make sure the copper tube and the rubber hose are approx. the same length now slide the coppe tube in the other side, the push the hose back over the copper tube now clamp all three down together make sure you are using strong clamps not the cheap china ones

    the copper tube prevents the plastic pipe from crushing the noeprine hose is what makes it leak proof
  • rclemonsrclemons Posts: 2
    I have a 94' Dakota, 4x4, auto, V8. Today I lost power to my fuel pump. I changed the pump and swapped the relays. According to the dealer, there are no other switches etc in the fuep circut. Any ideas on what to look for? This is my first major problem since buying the truck.

  • eodopseodops Posts: 1
    I have a 97 Dakota, 4x4, V8, that I just installed a 3" lift on. Prior to the lift, running great. Immediately after installing the lift, it will not run. I start it up and it kind of surges, it will continue to idle indefinitely, but dies as soon as I try to put it in gear. Also, the fuel gauge now reads 0 and the DTE displays "OC". I know that there is at least a half of tank of gas though.

    I tried switching out the relay, which fixed the problem for about four seconds.

    Any suggestions?
  • josh59josh59 Posts: 1
    Ok so i have a 91 dakota with the 3.9 v6. when i barely push push on the gas peddle it sputters and wants to die it does it when its warm and cold but its just that one spot every where else is fine except the one spot when i barely push on the peddle runs fine except that spot

    Any advice thanks!!
  • jpwats6jpwats6 Posts: 1
    I have a 2003 Dakota 2wd 6 cyl., and whenever I back up and stop to put the truck in gear, it just shuts off. it seems like it has to be a fuel delivery system problem but i have no idea what it might be.
  • carvermancarverman Posts: 101
    I have a '98 V8 (318) the fuel pump is controlled by the fuel pump relay
    which is controlled by the PCM (power control module)/engine management
    computer. Assuming the fuses are good, the fuel pump relay controls fuel
    delivery to the fuel rail/injectors. (normal operating pressure is 45-50 psi)
    If the engine is running, pulling the fuel pump relay will stop the fuel pump
    (located in fuel tank) from running and once the pressure in the fuel rail
    bleeds down to less than 25 psi, the fuel injectors will stop working and
    the engine dies being starved of fuel.

    Assumption here is that your V8 is similar to mine and has the same
    control circuits.
    The ASD (auto shutdown relay) will kill the injectors, and ignition coil.
    It is controlled by the PCM. The check engine light will probably come on.

    For the ASD relay to NOT operate..all sensors need to be functional.

    For the ASD relay to operate any one of the Critical sensors indicating
    some kind of fault to the PCM (camshaft or crankshaft) . The PCM
    will de-energize both the both the fuel pump relay and the ASD relay.
    is in the fuel pump module
  • carvermancarverman Posts: 101
    This fuel pump module in the tank is a very stupid design. Not only do you have
    to drop the fuel tank (and it needs to be partially empty), but getting at the filter
    pressure regulator is a real chore. I wanted to change my fuel filter and was
    told by a couple of aftermarket parts places.."no listing on that item".
    So in essence, you have to wait until the fuel filter clogs up or buy a complete
    new fuel pump module for several hundred dollars.
    Very stupid engineering..Dodge/Chrysler!
  • jman45jman45 Posts: 1
    I am having the same problem on my 2002 Dakota. Did you ever get the problem resolved and if so what did you have to do?
  • The floor controller on my 97 Dodge Dakota 4 X 4 will not move! Anyone have suggestions?
  • CTM = Central timing module, located behind the Glovebox, this is the anti theft, and most likely you need a replacement CTM to fix your problem, if you have a v6 your in luck, the v8 is expensive...
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