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2009 Toyota Corolla Problems and Repairs



  • I have the exact problem... :cry: I bought my 2009 Corolla CE 4 months ago, and has 4500km on it. The engine oil level has already felt below low. I have checked twice after I shut off the engine and the next morning. Since the oil is like dark brown, I am pretty sure it's the correct reading.

    Tire pressure light is constantly on - all tires are with 30 psi (as written on the side of the door).

    I am bringing my Corolla to dealership tomorrow morning. Will update.
  • mnfmnf Posts: 404
    I would be worried and concerned about the oil have you seen and leaking or puddles in the garage or maybe burning smells.

    Good Luck
  • There is a small detent type stop that needs to be depressed during removal. This is used to drain the canister before complete removal.

    I like to change my own oil...can you explain this part a little more? I'm not sure what you're referring to.
  • erikhaanerikhaan Posts: 29
    I thought the low engine oil was true of my Corolla, too. I checked the oil a few times and hardly even saw any oil on the dipstick. But I took the car in for an oil change at the scheduled time and the mechanics didn't say anything about it. I think the design of the dipstick is poor, and that maybe the oil is getting scraped off before the dipstick is fully pulled out of the engine.

    Your tire pressure is too low. I spoke with a Toyota technician, who recommended the tire pressure be at 40 PSI. The 30 PSI you see on the side of the door is for when the car has been sitting overnight in ice-cold temperatures (in other words, this is the lowest the tire pressure should ever get). Try increasing the pressure to 40 PSI. I'm willing to bet the TPMS light will turn off. ;)

    Erik Haan
  • cpu8900cpu8900 Posts: 53
    Just look at the oil filter cannister and you'll see
    what I'm talking about......similar to some bottle
    cap tops where you have to depress the catch
    to permit the complete unscrewing of the cap.

    I've already changed my oil and filter and
    it was very easy. Forget about trying to change
    oil and filter without raising the car.....there's only
    about 8" clearance from bottom of filter to ground.
  • cpu8900cpu8900 Posts: 53
    The first time I checked my tires while cold they were 40 #...... lowered them to 30 like the door jam says....40 while cold is too high and they won't wear properly and might affect proper handling and stability......I'll trust the manual and door jam before what the dealer says.
    After lowering the pressure I didn't get the TPMS
    light but still followed the procedure in the manual
    by resetting the TPMS button under the dash and the system works fine.

    As to your oil problem I never have any problem getting an accurate reading from the sure to wipe it off before reinserting it then allow several seconds before removal.
  • cpu8900cpu8900 Posts: 53
    I'm very happy with my Corolla so far and the only complaints are what many others say about the clock and having to push thru all the info. to get to the mpg, etc.
    I just leave it on avg. mpg and it brings a smile to my
    face as it usually hovers at 40.3 mpg as I cruise by
    the gas stations.

    I'm at home with the way the steering feels now and
    enjoy the way I can easily make a U turn in such a small

    I already have some 15" custom alloy wheels picked out
    that I'll be installing to replace the stock black wheels in the next month or two.
  • Hi, I am new to this ...I brought Toy Corolla 2009 3 months back and allready 3200 miles on it. It is great car, but now adays i am haveing a problem with my milleage, i am driveing with in the city driveing at 45-50 Speed and i see i am getting gas milleage of just 21-22, why is it, i just noticed this when i filled my gas at Shell gas station .Earlier it used to give atleast 25 in the city and on high way it used to give me more than 30 when i used to maintain 65 not more at all, please help....
  • terceltomterceltom Posts: 1,017
    I wouldn't necessarily say it's a problem at all. I would just guess that your getting comfortable in your new car and might be changing your driving habits slightly as you do. So stop the worry and enjoy your new Corolla. My Corolla consistently gives me no more than 23 mpg. in 90% city driving but get it on the highway and I can get 39 mpg. no problem.
  • After you put gas in it did you reset the avg MPG numbers? The range setting resets on it own, but you have to reset the other info numbers. To reset the numbers just go to the one you want and push and hold the buttom till it goes to 0. Then it reset and should show the correct mpg.
  • erikhaanerikhaan Posts: 29

    Are you stating that there is a way to view MPG in my 2009 Toyota Corolla? :surprise: How do I do this, if so?

    Erik Haan
  • Yes, You know where the clock is. If you push that buttom it shows all kinds of info like outside temp, avg mph, instant mpg, avg mpg, range felt on tank of gas, hours the engine been on. You just need to push the clock buttom to see them. the mph and instant mpg sucks. for you avg mpg so need to reset itafter ever fill up. The range will reset itself. Its cool you can see what you mpg is. my is always around 38-42. I get about 440-470 on a 13 gal tank!
  • It could be that you are running the AC more...spending more time at red rights or just "not babying" your car now that some of the new is gone. Always look way ahead to try and avoid stopping. Every time you stop you will experience bad mpg as you get the car back up to speed.
  • I just bought an 09 Corolla and noticed that when I have the rear windows rolled down, even half way, and go over 40 mph there is a loud, almost unbearable bass-like noise that reverberates throughout the car. It's impossible to drive that way so I have never been able to roll the back windows down. Any ideas on why this is happening? Thanks!
  • Why did you state the following?

    "the mph and instant mpg sucks."

  • It does that in every car I've owned. Don't know why, but I guess it has to do with air trying to enter and exit the car at the same time through the same openings. That would set up an oscillation like a sound wave. Experiment with other windows down a bit or uneven lowering of the backs and see if that helps any. I know when I lower both the windows on the drivers side it greatly reduces the buffeting for the drivers window.
  • i said that because if you look at the numbers they go crazy. the number never stay close. the instant mpg goes from 100 to 20 to 50 to 80 it all over the map. the avg mpg works great.
  • I like to have my seat at the hightest setting when maually adjusting the drivers seat. Occasonally, I find that the seat drops down a little and doesn't keep its postion and have to pump up the seat to its original position. Is this normal on manual seat height adjuster? I'm the sole driver of this car.
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