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2009 Toyota Corolla Problems and Repairs



  • terceltomterceltom Posts: 1,017
    I'm not quite sure what your question of my employment status has to do with "Toyota Problems and Repairs". Do you have a particular question pertainant to Toyota problems you would like to ask me?
  • Yes, this is a forum.

    The assumption is that we are all Toyota owners except Pat and the other person whose name is listed who hosts this forum. It seems you tried to squelch one owners complaint, making it seem to me that you had a stake in what was posted. So yes, your employment status is a legitimate question here, I believe.

    As an employee of or representative of Toyota, your responses are not of the same level of consideration as those of everyday owners such as myself.

    Why don't you want to answer?
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Hi 2009buyer,

    I'm sorry you've had a problem with your brand new Corolla and that your dealer wasn't able to fix it right away. You asked if it was normal to wait from Monday until Thursday - today is Thursday, have you gotten any word today on a status yet?

    If you are not happy with this dealership, you might try another one. All dealerships are under independent management, so you might have better luck with another one.

    Terceltom has been a big help to lots of posters here. I have no idea one way or the other for whom he works, but we welcome all helpful posts here from anyone who has thoughts about the questions - no matter where they work and no matter what vehicle they own. Please realize that personal information is revealed only at the poster's discretion. There is no requirement for it and in many cases, posters are wise to refrain from that for safety and privacy reasons.

    Let us know how it goes for you.
  • mcdawggmcdawgg Posts: 1,666
    So did you check the warranty yet? I think you should be getting a free rental. Let us know.
  • terceltomterceltom Posts: 1,017
    I understand that you are very upset about loosing access and having problems with your new car and as you should be, so I will not take issue with any of your invasiveness. I tried to help you by telling you that waiting four days for a Toyota part is very unusual. I would definitly take Pat's advice and take your car to another dealer.You are aware that all Toyota dealers will honor your warranty, right? You don't have to go back to the same one you bought the car from. Now, what I will tell you is that I am a proud and current owner of four Toyota vehicles. I have a 1986 Toyota Tercel (hence the "Terceltom"), a 2001 Toyota Corolla, a 2002 Toyota Celica and a 2009 Toyota Corolla. I also have a 1994 Plymouth Voyager, but I don't brag about that one. As you might be able to tell I JUST LOVE TOYOTAS. Being a proud Toyota owner has never kept be from being critical of them when I felt I should be, but when I hear total untruths about "Toyota's disregard for safety" or whatever, I will defend them as well. I feel my Toyota purchases have entitled me to express my oppinions however I wish. Now can we put my occupation to rest and get back on topic?
  • I was wondering if the sqeaking on startup on your 2009 Corolla issue has been resolved? My mother bought one a little over a month ago and was told the squeak was not normal and was the serpentine belt, which they replaced. Since then the new belt squeaks periodically. She has spoken to both the Toyota service department and a couple of other mechanics. The mechanics have told her it is not normal and that the belt needs to be manually adjusted, but the Toyota service people told her it is normal and that they only replaced the belt because of her concern.

    I would appreciate hearing if the sound you were dealing with was resolved and how.
  • chrischris Posts: 9
    Hi Tim/Amy,
    Yes, it has been resolved
    1.They replaced the drive belt (not serpentine) and it still squeaked.
    2. they tightened the bolts on the alternator
    and it has been fine since (even in -25 degree weather)
    Have them check bolts on alternator etc etc for tightness.
    Good luck!
  • Thank you!!! I'll pass the info on to my mom. Hopefully it's the same problem and it can be fixed. Appreciate the reply!
  • BakkaBakka Posts: 12
    Very good reply...

    I, for one, appreciate your insights, and it is my opinion that many more do as well. (Almost wish you did work for Toyota.)

    Have another 1200 miles to go before seeing the dealer and leaving the vehicle to have the left engine area noise issue resolved. (That is, unless something falls out while I'm driving before I reach the 10,000 mile mark.)

    Stay committed, they are good cars..
  • terceltomterceltom Posts: 1,017
    Actually the "serpentine belt" is the "drive belt", just different terminology. This belt drives the alternator, A.C. compressor, water pump and the vacuum pump. This belt can slip in colder weather causing the squeaky noise. This is not harmful, just annoying and usually disappears with the onset of warmer weather. Another thing that can cause slipping/noise with this belt is the tensioner. This tensioner is attached to the engine body and keeps pressure on this belt and is supposed to keep it from slipping/squeaking. Toyota has actually had some problems with these tensioners in past years and initiated some recalls and replaced many. It's always a good idea to get any unusual noise or problem checked out by your mechanic, especially with a new car that is still under warranty. They should resolve any new car noise you are having under warranty regardless of a real problem or not.
  • Thanks so much for the info! I'll pass it on to my mom and I'm sure she'll be going back to the dealer to talk to them again.
  • I've been noticing lately that the washer fluid in my 2009 Corolla does not spray very high up on the windshield. Am I just noticing something that is normal, or is there possibly something wrong? :mad:

  • mnfmnf Posts: 404
    Check the spray holes as they can get clogged very easy and mis direct the fluid.

    Good Luck

  • terceltomterceltom Posts: 1,017
    They can reaimed with a pin of something very sharp by inserting into the little hole and moving where you need it to spray. It could also be partially blocked remove the little hoses under the hood and check the tubing for blockage.
  • I am having the same problem but the dealership assures me that is the way it is supposed to be. I will be trying an adjustment this weekend myself to see if it helps.
    I also find that the wipers do not do a very good job of keeping the windsheild clear. They have changed the blades and it is no better. The suggestion I was given was to go to Canadian Tire and buy new wiper blades.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,624
    Is your car brand-new? It's possible that some of the protective coating used during shipment is still on the windshield. You might try cleaning it with good glass cleaner e.g. Bon Ami to see if that helps.

    If the problem is clearing snow and ice (likely since you said "Canadian Tire"), you could get the special winterized blades that are available at any auto parts store.
  • I got my car in July and the original blades did not clear the windsheild properly in the rain. They also splattered a lot. The replacements that the Toyota dealership put on are no better.
    Do you really think a consumer should have to purchase new wipers for a brand new car?
    I don't know if I mentioned it but I had an 05 Corolla and did not have this problem.
    I appreciate the comment about a protective coating, I will definitely look into that possibility...thanks.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,624
    Do you really think a consumer should have to purchase new wipers for a brand new car?

    No. And I never have over many years of car ownership. Which leads me to believe it's not the wiper blades, especially since a new set of blades didn't help.
  • I find the position uncomfortable as well. The front headrests are supposed to go up and forward in a rear end collision to protect the neck. It already pushes my head forward as it is. If the active headrest works like it supposed to when I'm rear ended, it'll probably snap my neck off :cry:

    The active mechanism from what I read is in the upper portion of the backrest. The headrest itself doesn't fold forward. It is triggered by pressure from the lumbar area on the backrest. It seems like the headrests have already been activated or have never been deactivated on installation. There is no reason the drivers and front passengers heads have to be in contact with the headrest in normal driving position. If the car was designed to be driven with your head resting on the headrest, there would be no need for an active headrest.

    Another possibility is that the wrong headrests were installed or maybe the correct headrests were installed but Toyota did not install the active mechanism in the backrest. One thing for sure is the headrest position is WRONG both for comfort and function as an active headrest. Like I said, if your head is already tilted too far forward, any abrupt forward motion would injure your neck and not protect it.

    If you feel something is wrong you should call Toyota Labor Relations and complain. You could get the 800 number from your dealer. They are very helpful and will contact your dealership so they could inspect your backrest/headrest promptly. More people should complain and not try a temporary fix like swapping the front to back headrest or removing it altogether.
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