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2009 Toyota Corolla Problems and Repairs



  • cass01cass01 Posts: 10
    You need to challenge this. There is a service bulletin on that stupid water pump and it should be covered under the drive train warranty. I had my pump replaced last year when it started leaking.
  • terceltomterceltom Posts: 1,017
    While you are correct that there was a TSB out on the water pump I highly doubt your going to convince any dealership that a water pump is part of the drive train, really ! They were replacing any customer's water pump who requested it to be replaced. I had mine replaced on my 2009 in 2011 right before the warranty expired and I was experiencing no problems whatsoever.
  • mcdawggmcdawgg Posts: 1,667
    edited May 2012
    The water pump is covered under the 5 year, 60k mile powertrain warranty - see the warranty book for information.
  • cass01cass01 Posts: 10
    We must have an unusual dealership because the mechanic told me it was covered under the drive train warranty. He said this after I said I was relieved I got it in before the 3 year. I was surprised when he told me that, but hey, what's good for him is really good for me. At least in this circumstance.
  • cass01cass01 Posts: 10
    Thank you for the back up. The guy threw me when he poo pooed my reply that the water pump was covered under the powertrain (sorry I said DRIVEtrain). I knew I was correct. So, anyway, I hope the guy can talk to Toyota and get reimbursed.
  • mcdawggmcdawgg Posts: 1,667
    Call Toyota (number in your owner's manual) if you have any problems. They can (and will) straighten out the dealership for you.
  • sjareasjarea Posts: 49
    Maybe I should have the dealership verify that my water pump is the redesigned one too. I don't trust a g-d dam thing Toyota says anymore.

    My car was bought on 3/31/10 made on 3/3/10 at NUMMI (last month they built cars there). This was about 1 or 2 months AFTER Toyota said we have stopped production lines to change the floor mats and install the gas pedal shim/shave the gas pedal. So, what do I get in the mail about a month after purchase? Bring your car in for the recall. Grrrrrr.

    The it had the EPS issue. And now with 15.5K on it the brake pads have developed 'pad shift' which three dealers have looked at and said it's normal. Really? My car making a clunking noise every time I back up and go from reverse to drive is normal? Uh, OK. I will remember that the next time I buy a non-Toyota made car....

    Maybe Toyota missed the point as to why people buy new cars. It is NOT so they can constantly bringing them back in for 'service' or 'fixes' every 6-9 months. It's supposed to be a reliable commute car. Ha!

    Brake pads, EPS, water pumps, special oil filter wrench, etc.,......what a turd this model year has become IMO.
  • Just had the engine in our 2009 Corolla replaced (under PowerTrain warranty) as water pump failed and caused engine and associated systems to fail. We purchased this car "used" with 29,000 miles in 2011. Mechanic told me that water pumps on any 2009 Corollas that come in for ANY service are automatically checked for pre-mature failure. We are very thankful that all parts, including an entire new engine, and labor was covered by Toyota. We strongly recommend that anyone with a 2009 Corolla, that have previously had no major service, have their water pump checked. If you are outside the warranty period, replacement of a water pump is cheaper than the entire engine.
  • toyodave5toyodave5 Posts: 2
    edited May 2012
    Mine was doing same thing now it is getting worse and dies I was able to put in neutral but know idle drops and raises in neutral has been in for diagnosis three times and they cannot find the issue no codes are showing on car .

    water pump transmission have been replaced burns oil tires and brakes have bought toyota for years this is my last one.
  • toyodave5toyodave5 Posts: 2
    They must all do this mine is the same POS
  • terceltomterceltom Posts: 1,017
    Did you by the car new? The whole things seems so weird that your having so many problems that others have not, (transmission?, brakes?, oil burning?)
  • terceltomterceltom Posts: 1,017
    LOL, no sorry, they don't all do this !
  • mcdawggmcdawgg Posts: 1,667
    I guess he did not see post # 923 about the JD Powers 3 year dependability study, or Consumer Reports!
  • j06j06 Posts: 90
    for my 2009 corolla @ 21K miles

    For the past few weeks on cold starts. I turn the ignition and as soon as the motor kicks in, there is this loud grinding/rattling sound for about one or two seconds. It only seems to do it when the motor has been off for at least a couple of hours. The sound went away for few days.. then it came back.. The degree of noise depends on the length of time it has been off (i.e. it is usually longest and loudest in the morning, shortest when you start up again after few hours).

    I found below TSB.

    link title

    Did any one of this forum experienced this problem ?. How long it took to fix ?
  • mike7945mike7945 Posts: 1
    Purchased my 2009 Corolla XLE with a Five year warranty from Toyota (warranty should be good until April 2014) My air-conditioning was working perfectly for the first three years and recently during June only works intermittently (inability to produce cold air) it blows but not as good as before.
    Called Toyota and I was advised it would cost $280.00 to service. Booked it in for the service then Toyota asked if I was sure I wanted to have the a/c repaired as they could not find anything wrong with it. Well I agreed to see how it goes and try it out for a few days. The problem continued and I booked the my car in again for the a/c repair and oil change.
    Received a call from Toyota again that there is nothing wrong with my a/c and I was only billed for new oil change .

    The same problem continues… took my carback to Toyota the cold air works but agree it’s fine in the early morning when it’s not hot and you don’t need much air. But if my car stands in the sun all day and you get into at 4:pm in the hot summer afternoon the a/c just cannot cool my car anymore like it used to. So drove the 25 miles home with nonfunctioning A/C direct to Toyota they took my car to the back and again called me to the back and they somehow managed to get it to blow cold again better than what it was but not really like when I had my car for the first three years (only 21000 miles driven.)
    They asked me if my car had been in an accident which it has not. They still insist that they cannot find anything wrong with my cars a/c and if I continue to have problems I must bring my car back to them. I feel that I’m am going insane with dealing with Toyota not to mention the time wasted taking it to them for three times already.

    Clearly there is a problem with the thermostat and Toyota keep on doing the sidestep in committing to do any repairs. I used to be a proud and satisfied Toyota customer but not anymore.
    How do I get a car with a/c that works ? trade it in and buy a new car ?

    This situation is so ridiculous !! so much for Toyota’s five year warranty that I paid an additional $2,000 .00 for

    Anyone with a similar problem ?
  • terceltomterceltom Posts: 1,017
    Let me start by stating the price you paid for the 5 year warranty ($2000.00) sounds outrages. But anyway, I also have a 2009 XLE I bought new in 2008. I do notice the A.C. in my 2009 does not cool as good as my 2001 Corolla LE. That being said, the only problem I have experienced with the A.C. in the 2009 is the stinky odor from the evaporator coil. There is a TSB out for the odor which many have experienced. They will replace the evaporator under warranty but it's really a labor intensive job where they have to tear apart the whole dash just to get to the evaporator coil. I chose to just put up with the smell as it's only for the first two minutes when you turn on the A.C. Below is the TSB link for the evaporator
  • jpfjpf Posts: 496
    It's time that you part ways with that dealer and find another one. Good luck.
  • j06j06 Posts: 90
    Yesterday evening I dropped my 09 corolla at 20K miles to the dealership for cold start rattle/grinding noise from top of the engine. I mentioned the TSB on camshaft but the service guy was not interested about the TSB. He asked like you don’t have extended warranty?. I said Toyota should cover this since I am within the power train warranty period. He told if the mechanic starts the car and hear the noise tomorrow. He will look on it. If any thing Toyota covers you don’t have to pay for it. But if they don’t cover and you do not want to be fixed here.. I will be charging you $150 for diagnosis.

    Just called today morning.. the mechanic is still looking at the car...

    I am thinking like as soon as I get the car back.. I will trade in for a new Camry. I am afraid this one.. also after driving for a while grr.. grr.. grrr noise seems to come from the water pump assembly ..
  • terceltomterceltom Posts: 1,017
    Yea, water pumps are bad on the 2009's - TSB on that too - had mine replaced on my 2009 Corolla under warranty - no questions asked
  • j06j06 Posts: 90
    for the water pump did you hear grrr...grrr....grrrr noise with idle ?

    How long did your dealer took to diagnose & fix ?
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