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Lexus RX Transmission Problems



  • rquinn55rquinn55 Posts: 1
    My RX 300 only had 64000 when the transmission blew. Has anyone had any luck contacting Lexus and getting some satisfaction?. The cost of repair was $4200
  • flsjr55flsjr55 Posts: 16
    Contact Lexus Customer Service. Save all your receipts. Lexus paid 35% of my $3700 repair bill.
  • lserlohnlserlohn Posts: 10
    just learned that rav4 owner had a class action on its bad transmission, I am wondering why there is no action from lexus owners. 001-3-rav4/
  • slsrmeslsrme Posts: 2
    I just had Lexus service my 99 rx300 tranny in March 2011. This past weekend while driving back from vacation my transmission starting whirring and slipping. It would only shift through the gears after turning it off and letting it sit for a few minutes then starting it back up. This has continued since Saturday and so I took it to my Lexus dealer and they are telling me I need a $4500 transmission. It does seem odd that there are so many of these exact same problems accurring even after Lexus services the tranny. Isn't it their job to inform you when they service your car of any impending damage that may need addressing? I certainly am all for a class action if enough people come forward. Since last year I have spent several thousand dollars in repairs with Lexus, and now they are milking me for more.
  • Sorry to hear you are joining our RX 300 Tranny club. You want to fell better about yours ...mine cost me $5500. Needless to say I will never deal with this dealer again ( I purchased two Lexus from him). Mine happened a year ago and is still working. Many crap out a second or third time. Good luck
  • flsjr55flsjr55 Posts: 16
    Call Lexus Customer Service and explain the problem and ask why no recall? These vehicles should have been recalled since there was a design flaw. Lexus has known about the problem and done NOTHING.
  • lserlohnlserlohn Posts: 10
    edited July 2011
    Can anybody answer me: WHY NO CLASS ACTION??????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I think any owner who suffered such experience is willing to pay some bucks on the class action. Toyota will definitely loss, see what happened to RAV4 Owners.


    (I am not a lawyer, otherwise, I would probably take the head of this action)
  • flsjr55flsjr55 Posts: 16
    I also wondered the same. My only thought is there are not enough vehicles involved to make it worth an attorney geting involved?
  • slsrmeslsrme Posts: 2
    I called Lexus and they are forwarding this issue to a higher up. I informed them of the knowledge that this issue is not an isolated incident and has occurred it seems in all 99-2002 RX 300 owners’ vehicles. I am going with my employer to see his lawyer tomorrow and taking the documentation where Lexus completed "preventative maint." on my transmission in March of this year. I am most assuredly going to mention this site to my lawyer and also the site which also has a plethora of complaints of the exact same nature as the ones posted here. I will certainly keep you guys posted as to the outcome. The dealership actually has my car as we speak, so the main branch of Lexus stated they would do all they could to keep me and the dealer happy.....we'll see.
  • garingerbgaringerb Posts: 1
    We just bought a used 2000 RX300 from the dealer less than 3 months and 2000 miles ago. They claimed their mechanic went through the whole car, made some repairs and it was in great shape. Now my transmission is busted and its going to cost $4500 to fix. That is about 50% of the price we paid for the vehicle. It has about 122,000 miles in total on it. I find it hard to believe their mechanic couldn't have seen an issue within such a short period of time. They indicate its my fault for not buying the extended warranty, but what product breaks down like that. And even if it does, wouldn't you want to help a customer somehow to keep them loyal? I'm all for a class action suit.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    While it is very likely the mechanic could not have detected the impending failure they should have known the history of the '99-00 RX300 in this regard and at least forewarned you.
  • lserlohnlserlohn Posts: 10
    is it a "Lexus Certificated" one?
  • pamfinleypamfinley Posts: 1
    2000 RX300 FWD 103k Regular dealer service. This week it had Tranmission failure with no warning. Needs rebuild. Contacted Lexus today.
  • same thing here...2001 RX 300...transmission just went out....won't buy a Lexus ever again
  • stw962stw962 Posts: 2
    Who was the person to fax bill to and how much did they pay on bill ? Thanks. My daughter's transmission just went out 7/13/11 on 2002 RX300 AWD. Waiting on estimate.
  • stw962stw962 Posts: 2
    Count me in lawsuit.
  • i bought my used 2002 300rx 3 years ago with 110,000 miles. tranmision went out in 1o months. local auto shop replaced it for $4000. it lasted for 13 months. just over the 12 month warranty. i had to purchase another new transmission but the mechanic felt sorry for me and did the labor for i paid only $3000. the mechanic put in a certified lexus transmission. that new transmission (#3) lasted 2500 miles, about 3 months. lexus wants $1500 to replace their certified transmission. the local mechanic doesnt want to spend any more of his time with this lemon. so i am stuck in no mans land with a car i cant gert rid of because it doesnt run again for the 3rd time in about 24 months. i told leus customer service that this was a problem with their car and they told me that there had never been a recall on these cars.
    i feel like the problem only kicks in with these cars when they near 100,000 miles. they are conveniently out of warranty and no longer their problem. when i told lexus that the internet was full of complaints on this car, they told me that they couldnt control what people might put on the internet. i now need my 4th transmission in 25,000 miles and i have to pay again even though its under warranty.
  • mrbostonmrboston Posts: 43
    Lexus motto "The Relentless Pursuit of Perfection is a lie and false advertising.

    Go to small claims court and show the judge the Edmunds .com list of al lthe RX 300 transmissio nfailures. I received ful laward $5,621.15

    Lexus is a liar make them pay!
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    "...local auto shop replaced it.."

    I would suspect that there is a really good chance the fault lies with the engine/transaxle controlling ECU. Has anyone addressed that possibility or changed it out..?

    Also, the ECU MUST match the model year and revision date of the engien and the transaxle, you may have a mismatch.
  • kwbuggykwbuggy Posts: 11
    Eleven years old and over 180,000km!!!! I would say that most cars suffer major breakdowns at this point in time. This whole thread seems to be composed of people with old, worn out cars expecting miracles just because the name Lexus is on the vehicle. Get a grip, cars, just like people, wear out over time. Looking after yourself by having good quality healthcare or your car by having it maintained exclusively by Lexus dealers may extend life somewhat but everything wears out and certainly buying an eleven year used old car of any brand with over 160,000km (100,000 miles ) for $9,000US is asking for trouble. There must be a group of underemployed lawyers behind the concept that a class action lawsuit relating to ten or eleven year old cars is a worthwhile cause. Only in America I guess!
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