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Mazda CX-9 Problems



  • cericceric Posts: 1,093
    It sounds like you have a occasional short in electrical system somewhere.
    There is a known problem with the 12V power socket inside the console.

    Tire? 20K is about average.
    I couldn't wait to get rid of the lousy tires from Mazda.
    BTW, same tires can be found on Toyota Highlander. Just FYI.
    Try Yokohama Spec-X. You will not regret it.
  • ozeyozey Posts: 18
    I have 18K and I need new tires. Also, sometimes my windows open and close by themselves, but I can't replicate at the dealer. I am thinking of trading my CX9 with a more reliable similar style car, any suggestions?
  • tomhawk1tomhawk1 Posts: 12
    Well, Mazda called the problem is a bad Body Control Module. Hopefully this fixes it. I do plan on replacing these terrible tires. I plan on getting the yokohama parada's. I am hoping since the snow is gone though to get a few more months with the current ones and then adding the new ones come fall.
  • jcpharmjcpharm Posts: 92
    you will have to look up their reliability ratings but the usual players in this segment are Honda Pilot, Toyota Highlander, Acura MDX, Ford Flex, GM Lambda SUVs (Chevy Traverse, GMC Acadia, Buick Enclave). Too bad about your CX-9...perhaps it was a lemon. mine has been trouble-free since purchase last year.
  • wdhytewdhyte Posts: 92
    what's this about a known problem on the 12V console outlet ceric? first I've heard of this...I've used it a couple times and didn't have issues. is there a doc/TSB on it or anything? TIA...Dave
  • paulvhpaulvh Posts: 6
    Check your METER fuse (fuse 4 10A). It is located in the fuse box behind the glove compartment, it used for turnsignal, keyless entry, AWD, headlight, instrument cluster etc. It might not be located correctly or have a bad contact.Maybe replace with another fuse.
  • ozeyozey Posts: 18
    Well, I drove the 2010 CX9 today. No transmission noise with the 4th and sixth gears at all. I wonder why mine has it (2008 CX9). The warmer the car the noisier it gets. It sounds like I have a flat tire, drive-shaft noise or metal on metal noise. Not sure what to do next?
  • msmchelesmsmcheles Posts: 11
    Just realized I am having the same problem with my 2010 CX9. Sure wish I did not have to deal with the San Bernardino dealer. Their service dept is horrible! :mad: Perhaps I will try a different mazda dealer and will not be asked to leave my car there (without a loaner) alllllll day for a 30 minute fix like with the rearview mirror on my 07 CX9. But I DO LOVE my car!!! :)
  • stevecx9stevecx9 Posts: 1
    Does anyone have an experience when you make a left turn, that the AC sounds like it is getting louder until you complete the turn? It does not happen on right turns. thanks
  • denver10denver10 Posts: 1
    I have a 2009 Mazda CX-9. Two days ago while I was at work - the car was locked and turned off - the 2 front windows rolled down and the sunroof was open. They were all closed when I went into the building & down when I came out 1 hour later. I called the dealer & he had never heard of it. Said I could bring it in & they would see if they could find out anything. Over the weekend, it has not happened again. I'm not sure if I should take it in or wait to see if it happens again. I have had the car for 10 months & this is the first time this has happened.
  • davichodavicho Posts: 190
    Which San Bernardino dealer are you talking about? California I take it correct? If so, there is no San Bernardino delaer anymore. It used to be Center Chevrolet and Mazda, they closed about 2 years ago and then it was San Bernardino Mitsubishi-Mazda and they closed about 6 months ago. Try Tom Bell's Redlands Auto Plaza formerly known as Redlands Auto Center, Riverside Mazda, or Romero Hyundai-Mazda in Ontario, CA

    Personally my best experience has been with Romero Hyundai-Mazda in the Ontario Auto Center.
  • cericceric Posts: 1,093
    Have you tried this?
    Press the unlock buttom from the remote (SmartKey or not). Press it again.
    Now press again and hold it, you will see the both front windows roll down and moonroof roll backward. This is a feature that is less know to people who don't read manual completely (which is 99% of the owners).

    What I am saying is that, was there any chance that your remote was pressed unknowingly at least 3 times while you were very close to your vehicles? (such as you sitting on it etc.) ;)
  • aviboy97aviboy97 Posts: 3,159
    I have a 2009 Mazda CX-9. Two days ago while I was at work - the car was locked and turned off - the 2 front windows rolled down and the sunroof was open.

    Your front windows and moon roof will open if you press and hold down the "unlock" button on your remote. You must have held it too long. Your dealer should have mentioned this feature to you.

    To be sure, go and try it. I bet your front windows and moon roof will open!
  • tiruvantiruvan Posts: 10
    My 09 Sport seems to keep blowing air from the rear vents even if I turn off the rear controls on the dashboard. If anyone can confirm they had the same issue or if that's the way it's supposed to work I'd sure appreciate it.

  • cericceric Posts: 1,093
    There is a TSB for it.
    The relays need to be replaced.
    Search for that. It only cost a few dollars and you can DIY.
    If under warranty, dealer should be able to do that on the spot.
    Most dealers should be aware of this issue.
  • k1200k1200 Posts: 40
    Oh yeah....been through that...many, many times.... and they replaced the relays, I gave up on after numerous issues, and having the dealership act as if I was the problem. Mine was an 07 CX9 . If I remember correctly I had mine in the shop 13 times in about an 8 or 9 month period.. I really liked that vehicle, but I seemed to spend more time in their filthy loaners...never again
  • cericceric Posts: 1,093
    Do you still have the CX9? Seems not.

    Anyway, 2007 was the 1st year model.
    Like any vehicle of 1st year, it has more issues than later ones.
    The list of TSBs also confirms my point. Longest for 2007.

    For me, 2+ year of owning a 2008 CX9 GT AWD + Moonroof + NAVI with 29K,
    only 1 issue with window failing to roll down due to insufficient glue at factory.
    Took care of that at oil change.
    Either I was extremely lucky or you were extremely the opposite.

    ConsumersReport shows that CX9 is a very reliable vehicle overall.
    (mostly red dots, not black)
    My guess is that you were the unlucky one.

    Personally, I would avoid all 1st year model even for a Toyota or Honda.
  • k1200k1200 Posts: 40
    You are right about it was the 1st year for that...and I kind of expected some issues...that goes for any new model .
    And I will not bad mouth them or bash them, I have driven RX7 and a few other models and they were great, and a lot of fun.
    My CX9 was actually fun to drive , but I guess the bugs had to be worked out...Quick story....the day I took delivery...nice new car smell the works...jumped in with my wife and drove off. She took a CD out of her bag for the ride....pressed the CD button, waited to say "IN", tried to put the CD in, won't go....hmmm pulled over to take a closer look. AH Ha ! there is a CD player, they forgot to cut the slot so you can insert it... ..I said "I dont think this car is done yet" X-D
  • cericceric Posts: 1,093
    edited May 2010
    You know, a lot of customers' dissatisfaction about an automobile was caused by lousy dealers, not the automaker itself. The dealer may be incapable of repairing or diagnosing issues properly and quickly. The dealer could fail to prep a new vehicle before delivery to customers. Those are issues caused by dealers. Mazda is not very outstanding in this area. My favorite dealer is superb, however. My nearest one is not.

    US laws on automobile is structured in such a way that the automakers have very little control over how their dealers conduct business other than some forms of reward system.

    A great vehicle needs a great dealer to support it. Any brand of vehicles have their share of issues. Some may have less than others. I own my vehicles for 7-8 years typically. I usually expect 1 or 0 problem with them. Other than the infamous BMW I once owned, of course.

    P.S. I don't buy 1st year model, ever. :)
  • ozeyozey Posts: 18
    Some dealers are lazy and don't care. I wish Mazda will do something about it.
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