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Mazda CX-9 Problems



  • jrenni said:

    rick254 said:


    We have a 2008 CX-9 with about 85,000 miles on it. Approximately 10,000 miles ago it started exhibiting the following symptoms:

    When going about 30-40 mph under very light load (level or slightly downhill), when the transmission is showing it is in 4th gear, the car will vibrate slightly when you put light pressure on the accelerator. The feeling is very much like running over mild rumble strips on the road. If you accelerate more aggressively, it runs smoothly/normally. If you put the transmission in manual mode, it will not display these symptoms - only when in automatic mode.

    This started out very subtlety - my wife would point it out to me and I couldn't even notice it. But over time it has gotten more and more pronounced.

    Again - only seems to happen when going between 30-40 mph in 4th gear under light load and when light acceleration.

    Any idea what this is or what I should do about it? The transmission fluid has never been changed. My wife did take it to a Mazda dealer some months ago but all he said was "it's the transmission" and indicated it would cost about $2500 to repair. He also didn't seem to think it was anything that could suddenly get worse and let us stranded.

    Thanks in advance for any advice.


    Hello Rick. I am a Mazda master technician. I have been with Mazda 25 yrs. and have delt with almost any problem know to mazdas. You issue specific applies to the operation of the torque converter in your transmission. I noticed your 9 has about 85k and you said you have never serviced the fluid. Many people will tell you that trans fluid services are not recommended but remember that as all fluids go through constant thermal cycling, there is a breakdown occurring and with trans fluid the friction modifiers fall away and wear will certainly occur. Your mazda takes a specific fluid #jws3309 and that fluid is the only fluid that should be used. Unfortunately in the case of your vehicle, the problem will not go away. The feeling your getting is from torque converter chatter during application. You will notice it about 4 gear on the dash between 30 to 40. I have replaced several transmissions specifically for this problem. Sorry the news can't be better but remember that in the future, change your trans fluid at least by 50k. P.s I am already dealing with trans issues w/ 2014/2015 Mazda 6 and when I look at the fluid coming out of these transmissions,I can already see the breakdown in the fluid. They use a type FZ fluid that is blue but when I take this stuff out of transmissions at 10 k miles it's already broken down to a dark gold.
  • sebr0d1e1sebr0d1e1 Posts: 1

    I have had the same problem as Rick with my wife's 2009 CX9 (has 99+K miles on it, but the issue started several thousand miles back when my wife first reported the issue, and has steadily worsened over time), and our vehicle has spent the last 2 months in the shop with the dealership (who have provided us with a loaner) attempting to determine the cause/subsequent resolution for it.

    I can recreate the problem at will when I'm driving; anywhere between 35-45 mph, 4th-6th gear (and on occasion going up a steep hill under 35mph, but in 4th gear), with a light throttle application (like giving it a little gas to maintain speed up a hill, or to keep up with the flow of traffic) the car behaves as Rick described, sounding like traveling over rumble strips, but feeling like its having a problem grabbing the next gear. When I get a good one, it feels like someone has hit or kicked the back of the vehicle.

    I've had the Master Tech, Service Advisor and Service Mgr all ride with me at various times, and all have experienced and acknowledged the problem. My SA, a former mechanic himself with 11yrs experience, who happened to be riding behind me at the time, indicated he could feel the 'clunking' and 'jerking' (which feels to me like transmission slippage from driver's seat) right underneath his feet (i.e. behind the driver's seat). That's why I originally took the car in for service when I noticed the problem (my wife, the DD of the car, had noticed waaaay before me, but it was a here-there thing; once the problem exacerbated, she had me drive it, and that's when I noticed it as well), because I thought it was a transmission issue.

    At this point, I'm not even sure its the transmission, and I can tell you, it ain't something a fluid change can fix, as the following attempts have been made to fix the problem:
    *replaced transmission (three new (i.e. rebuilt) 3rd party trans and 1 new Mazda-sourced Aisin trans failed to
    *all transmission fluids were drained, flushed and refilled
    *replacement of TCM/PCM; these were also updated before replacement was attempted.
    *removal of driveshaft (its AWD Touring model) during which issue still occurs.
    *there was one other thing they fixed that was broken on the back end of the vehicle, which they noticed during a thorough examination, but I can't remember what it was they fixed.

    As for the transfer case, that was replaced about six months before I took the car in for this issue, as my dealership went ahead and replaced it via TSB (or recall, not sure which) since they knew there was a problem for existing TFCs, and I already had it in the shop for an oil change (didn't cost me anything since I had the superlative Ford Extended Warranty which has been a gift from God!).

    After each attempt to resolve the problem using the methods indicated above, I've test driven the vehicle and each time I drive it, the problem is still there. I've even gotten to the point that I now have a route mapped out for me to test drive it that includes flat surfaces, hill and curves (this problem is easiest to replicate for me going up hills, or up hills with curves in them).

    I wish replacing the transmission was the solution as we'd already have our car back and be in good shape (the transmission replacement comes with a 2-year extended warranty from FEW company), but that hasn't proven to be the case. We are still looking for a solution, which is how I found this thread when searching for a way to contact Mazda TE myself (dealership has engaged them, but they keep telling the dealership to replace the transmission...). If we ever get it figured out, I'll follow up with a post on the solution so others can be armed with the knowledge if required!
  • gpomjr2gpomjr2 Posts: 2
    Has anyone figured out this rumble/vibration? I pinpointed to the rear but not sure what.Any suggestions?
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