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Mazda CX-9 Problems



  • I have a 2009 CX9 and first had a metal like sound when I turned and braked. It happened twice in the first year, but now it happens more frequently, usually when I am going around the circle in my development. It feels like the brakes are failing but they don;t, However, I can't seem to recreate it when I just make turns, sharp one, not so sharp ones, in an open parking lot.

    I;ve had 2 mechanics check out underneath and saw nothing. Mazda says its my right tie rods. But the sound definitely comes from the left front. ???????
  • k1200k1200 Posts: 40
    Dont know if it is the same issue I had... When I would put my 07 CX9 in gear, depress the brake first of course, then step on the gas just a little I would hear what could best be described as sounding like a sock with pennies being dropped. First it was very subtle then it began to happen whenever I would slow down also. I had taken it to the shop several times... and they never found it. Then it started when I would turn like leaving the driveway.. They told me it was the brake calipers. Which they did replace but not before giving me a hard time about the brakes I had installed....Only problem was those were the original brakes and I never had anyone other than Mazda work on my vehicle.
    Not trying to bash Mazda, but mine was less than desirable, complete transmission failure at 71000 miles...
    If you are interested...I can give you a list of things that went wrong...if nothing would be f.y.i.
  • drc1017drc1017 Posts: 2
    Hi all,

    After noticing a distinct "clank" upon the first few stops of the day and a whining as the car came to each and every stop, we took our 2010 CX-9 GT AWD in to the dealer today. They just called and said the rotors needed to be resurfaced. The car is just over 12 months old with 16000 miles. The car had sat at 1.5 week intervals here and there, and the dealer is saying that is what caused the problem. I am not as convinced. The mileage is mostly highway, the rest suburban.

    Anyone else having an issue like this so soon in the life if their CX-9? I am quite surprised to say the least. Thanks...
  • k1200k1200 Posts: 40
    My 07 CX9 did not make a whining noise, just a very audible metallic "clank"...first on when starting out then it progressed to slowing then turning...they resurfaced the rotors told me "you must have hit some potholes"
    Heres what went on with mine....dont laugh

    Upon delivery in March 2007 the slot where cds would be inserted, no opening was cut
    sound system repllaced
    4/07 Battery kept dying, relays replaced (2 days)
    6/07 caliper pins replaced...cleaned and resurfaced rotors
    11/07 Throttle body replaced... irregular idle
    02/08 customer reports noise from front end...nothing found....heater blower comes on when ignition is turned off, (even when heat was not initially turned on....Tech needs Mazda specialist to correct.
    4/08 transmission makes noise when put into drive...nothing found
    front brake pads shim kit/clips lost, replaced calipers (3 days)
    7/08 extreme vibrations, rotors replaced
    10/08 Verified fan comes on for no reason, relay replaced... drivers seat adjusts without warning...cannot replicate
    12/08 front windows roll down unexpectedly, heat comes on when car is turned off. Relays suspected
    5/09 All dash lights out.

    I basically gave up on this car and only drove it to the store but never further than 5 miles from home.
    The front bearing had to be replaced in Sept 2010. In Nov the transmission went and though I had an extended warranty, I was over by 310 miles and Mazda would not honor it. The vehicle looked good was nice for a short time , then it came apart at the seams. My brother bought one too, and got rid of his before I got rid of mine.
    I hope all turns out well for you, but Mazda... never again
  • what exactly was your problem? I have a 2009 CX9 and very very intermittently when I make a tight left turn on a incline, I hear a metallic/grinding noise which my personal mechanic told me was the ABS. But it is scary and there's no reason for it. Mazda says my ABS checked out fine on the computer and that's it's probably rust on an unused part of the rotor - NOT!

    What is this January bulletin and how do I get a copy of it?

    Thanks so much.

  • jschwajschwa Posts: 11
    I recently got a new 2011 CX9 GT with no options (so no back-up camera). I needed the back-up camera, and my dealer said he could install an aftermarket one that would display in the rearview mirror. In the process, he broke off the rain/headlight sensor and eliminated the homelink capability.

    My questions are:

    1. Is there an aftermarket rearview mirror with camera display that will work with the rain/light sensor (and hopefully homelink)?

    2. What does the dealer need to do to fix the problem? He claims he is going to fix it, but seems totally clueless so I am a bit worried he is going to do more damage in the process.

  • I am not familiar with backup cameras. But for your question #2, just let the dealer fix it. He is obliged to fix any damage he caused so just let him do it. when he is finished either it works or it doesn't. My bet is that it will work.
  • jschwajschwa Posts: 11
    Just picked-up my new CX9 GT AWD from the dealer, and already noticed a problem. When I put the car in park (from drive) and take my foot off the brake the car "lurches" forward. It moves a noticeable amount ~6 inches before the car "catches" and stops.

    If I put on the parking brake with my foot on the brake then it doesn't move, but it lurches forward when I take off the parking brake.

    This is on a fairly slight incline (not a steep hill), and I have never noticed this with any another car parking on the same street.

    Any idea on the problem? Thanks!
  • I am having the same issue with my 2010 CX9 touring. Its under warranty, the dealer is having a hard time diagnosing the problem. I believe they are ordering a replacement throttle assembly in an attempt to resolve the issue. Its probably hard to diagnose because there is no dash indicator for the computer to read, i'm not sure if its a sensor or what.
    The Dealer reports that they "flashed" the computer X2 and installed an update, this reduced the amount of "surge" in the idle while the car is in drive, however the condition still exists.
    They've ordered the parts, I'll keep you posted if it resolves the issue. I've been scowering the web to see if anyone else is seeing this issue, you were the first instance I've found that is similar.
  • jschwa - I picked up a new 2011 CX-9 Grand Touring on April 2 and am experiencing a very similar problem--the car occassionally lurches forward when shifting from park into either drive or reverse; the problem is worse when the car is on an incline. Very odd indeed; I would be interested in hearing what the service center tells you.
  • circlewcirclew Posts: 8,261
    Is your foot on the brake when shifting from park to either gear?
  • Yes; my foot has been on the brake when shifting from park.
  • ek0195ek0195 Posts: 1
    We have 2009 and have the same issues. We are even having issues with the piping rubbing away, kind of looks like its been rubbed by a course piece of sand paper. We don't even carry things in the seats, only us. We took to the dealership and they had the Area Rep look at it. The Area Rep claims it is normal wear and tear. Never heard or seen something like this before. We even sent letters to Mazda main offices for help to understand why and the response we get is that is normal.
    Hope you get better answers than we did.
    Good Luck
  • jschwajschwa Posts: 11
    Just to be clear, my "lurching" is when I shift the car into park and then take my foot off the break. The car seems to move more than normal before it "catches" and stops. This doesn't happen if I set the parking break before removing my foot from the break (though I have never had to do this on any other car).

    The car "lurches" again if I remove the parking break without putting my foot on the break (even though the car is in park), particularly if on an incline (even a modest one).

    The dealer's service department thinks it is normal and let me try another CX-9. The experience was somewhat similar so it may just be part of the design, though the car seems to move more than I have ever seen with other cars.
  • jblack2jblack2 Posts: 1
    What did you find out about the noise? I have a 2011 mazda cx-9 and have the same problem. I'm getting ready to take it in and wanted to know if they resolved the problem for you.
  • I do not have wind noise. Good luck.
  • tsingotsingo Posts: 3
    Purchased a 2011 CX9 Touring yesterday. Found a problem today. In the morning after the car is started, it did not respond to the gas peddle. It just moved slowly by itself. Then I noticed the powertrain malfunction (the little orange wrench) light is on. I stopped the car and shut off the engine. After the engine is restarted, the problem went away, but it appeared again in the shopping mall parking lot.

    Searched on the web and it seems that there are few people (but not many) are having this problem. Anyone here experienced this problem? Will have to take the car to the dealer tomorrow.
  • pwr1pwr1 Posts: 5
    ** Alert**
    This is a complete failure of the oprating systems of your car, and you should not be asking ANYONE on this great forum what to do! Have it towed immediately to the dealer, DO NOT DRIVE IT! Also, make sure it is documented as such, and not written up as a loose battery cable, or some other trivial thing. They will try to do that to get around the lemon laws of your state.
    That being said, the CX-9 is the best of 40 cars I have ever owned... And I hope it all works out for you. Please tell us the outcome!
  • ewsncewsnc Posts: 14
    Frontal metallic clicking/knocking noise finally got fixed after replacing strut bearings. For this problem, over the past two years, the car went through at least 3 days of major diagnosis (at two different dealers), replacement of both front struts, then the strut bearings. Now at 30K, it drives like new.
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