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Mazda CX-9 Problems



  • cericceric Posts: 1,093
    Are you sure that the problem (pulsating braking) only happens going down hills?
    If the rotors needs resurfacing, the problem will show on any road surface, not just down hills. It could also be the tires getting bold. The OE tires (if still on your CX9 - Dueller H/L 400) are so-so tires (to put it mildly). It has wear index of 260, which means it lasts about 26K miles in my book.

    The bottom line is
    - check the tires if the problem only happens on down hills
    - check the rotors (need resurfacing - so-called warped rotors, a misleading term)
    if the problem shows on any surfaces.
  • Ceric....Mazdatechie......

    Any help on this issue???
  • We have a new 2009 CX9 GT AWD, and recently we took it to San Francisco. We noticed that when stopped at a light on a steep hill (going uphill), the car starts to roll backwards when we took out foot off the brakes. Is this normal, or is there a way to stop it? FYI in my 99 BMW 528i, we never had this problem. I thought AWD would never allow this kind of issue to occur.

  • bdymentbdyment Posts: 549
    AWD has nothing to do with rolling backwards. Keep your left foot on the brake and give the engine a little gas to counteract gravity when releasing the brake. Some automatic transmissions simply roll back easier than others due to engine and transmission setting. There is no way to manually select AWD.
  • cericceric Posts: 1,093
    Use foot brake may help.
    Hand-brake would have been better/easier, but most SUV/CUV don't use hand-brake (occupy center console space)
  • Sorry to keep bringing this issue up, but I want to see if I can get an answer or perhaps to see if someone else is experiencing this as well, the noise is driving me crazy.

    My 2007 CX-9 2WD Touring makes a crunch/squeek noise that seems to come from front suspension area. It seems to make it only when traveling at slow speeds over speed bumps and going in and out of driveways. The noise may be there all the time but it is only noticable when driving slow under the circumstances mentioned. My 2006 Mazda5 had this similar noise and Mazda had a TSB for sway bar bushings which remedied the problem, but I cannot find any TSB relating to this concern on my CX-9.

    Does anyone know what the problem is or the solution to it? Is anyone else experiencing this noise/sound?
  • Mine is driving me crazy with a sqeeky noise coming from the sub-woofer area when going over bumpy old roads (lots of those here in New England).

    I lubricated every seat bolt in the back of the car yesterday and finally narrowed it down to somewhere below where the sub-woofer sits in the trunk. When I bang on the cargo mat above the speaker, I heard the squeek!

    Ceric, do you have the instructions for removing the plastic cover over the sub-woofer?
  • k1200k1200 Posts: 40
    I have a 2007 CX9, and I know I have posted many problems I had, mine is a AWD and that sound drives me crazy to put it best it honestly sounds like I am piloting an old wooden boat. When I turn at slow speeds 20 mph or less it sounds like boards bending loudly. I have taken it to 2 different dealers and what I get back is a vehicle covered in lithium grease and they say "nothing is wrong" I still have the issue of turning the car off and the interior fan front and rear come on full blast (even though they were never on to start) and runs for about 4-6 minutes. It does not matter what the temp. outside is.
    The mechanic told me "its the car trying to (auto cool) itself" ....note to mechanic there is no such feature on this vehicle...and if it did why do it when its 31 degrees outside ?
    I could go on and on, but I am not here to badmouth mazda.... I just wanted the things fixed... :-( (C)ar (X)perimental 9
  • K1200,

    I guess we will continue in the search for the mysterious squeek/crunch noise resolution, but to help you out on your blower fans coming on after turning off your vehicle here is what I posted on the ventilation forum:

    "My CX9 is out of warranty so I asked my buddy that works at Riverside Mazda to hook me up with a copy of TSB 07-008/09. I read through it and was very simple and straight forward. I bought the relay that the TSB said to replace (part# G115-67-730) replaced it (under hood relay box closest to the driver's side fender) and up to right now no more occurences"

    There are three fuse/relay boxes under the hood. 1) small slim one on the very front attached by the radiator. 2) Main fuse box on driver's side (the biggest of the three). and 3) Relay box right next to the main fuse box closest to the driver's side fender.

    Relay box #3 is where the two relays for the front and rear blowers are. They are the biggest realys in there and they are probably black in color. Both relays are the same number, so be sure to buy 2 of the part number I provided and replace them both. The new relay should be a light blue color. Hope this helps you.

    Now lets get back to trying to figure out our suspension noise...Ceric? Mazdatechie?

  • My 2009 CX-9 has 3500 miles on it. The transmission already went bad. First my dealership says it's the transmission control module, now they claim it needs a whole new transmission! It has been in the shop for 3 weeks, now I get to wait for a new transmition to come in. Anyone else have transmission problems. Zoom, zoom...what a joke.
  • cericceric Posts: 1,093
    "Anyone else have transmission problems. Zoom, zoom...what a joke. "

    Don't said that, man. :(
    Aisin transmission used synthetic fluid. Once in a while, the service people at Mazda dealer put in the wrong fluid causing it to seize up badly. This has been happened to many other brands as well. Wrong fluid kills transmission. Aisin is the transmission supplier of Toyota and Lexus. The reputation is there.
    Mine has 21K on it and it is as smooth as day 1.
  • fguzzofguzzo Posts: 3
    Did you ever find a fix for this issue my car is blowing Air that is 90+ degrees when the otuside temp is 75 degrees.....
  • k1200k1200 Posts: 40
    Funny you should ask...just today I pulled into my driveway...nice temp. outside about 72 had the windows down (no a/c or fan on at all). Turned the car off and the blower for both front and rear come on full blast. I have thrown in the towel on this vehicle and the lack of concerned technicians... I will probably just donate it when I find something else I like :-(
  • wdhytewdhyte Posts: 92
    what year is your CX-9?
  • k1200k1200 Posts: 40
    2007.... I have had the relay changed 2x..... I just done with this vehicle..
    It became almost comical taking it in so often. Dont get me wrong I do not complain about every little thing, heres another issue to add. I started to smell mold in the car a day or tow after driving in the rain. At the same time I started to hear a very light clicking, but only when I would be on a bumpy road. It was coming from the right rear section.. hold that thought.
    My daughter discovered the floor in the rear was wet..not damp... soggy wet. all of the windows are shut tight, sun roof is fine. I took out the rear cargo area because this is where the noise was coming from. First thing I noticed was a lot of rust. So I asked my father to drive while I sat back there and looked around . What I see right away is where a spot weld gave way hence the metal to metal "tapping sound"
    But when he drove through a puddle ..the water is channeled up through the wheel well where the weld gave way..some goes forward to the rear seating area, some goes backwards to the cargo area.
    When I show this to the dealer they said "you obviously drove in water over 30 inches. Well if you know the CX9 you know that 30 inches is just below the headlight...and would be about seat level on the inside...and we all know cars are not water tight and there would be significant interior water damage... instead of a rusted right rear quarter panel...i dont know what else to say.. i just done
  • wdhytewdhyte Posts: 92
    wow, what a crappy dealer you have over far mine has been very responsive but I also haven't been in for anything major yet. EVERY maker creates lemons and you may just be (un)lucky enough to have gotten one. I know in most states there are lemon laws you can fall back on but I don't have any idea on the particulars or what qualifies as a bonafide :lemon: ...but I agree 110% that if you had driven in water 30" or more deep there'd be extensive markings/damage on the vehicle let alone at that depth you may have even floated the bloody thing.
    Tried contacting mazdausa (corporate) yet and complaining? good luck...
  • imamgimamg Posts: 136
    The problem with the air/heater has been the relays.. and the heater control... If you've replaced the relays...and not the controller ... I'd do that... that's a now known issue. We carry them in stock... so I know.
  • cericceric Posts: 1,093
    If I am correct, the relay was blown due to installed accessories such as IPod interface, Sirrus Sat Radio, Remote Start, etc. If one does not have those on the CX9, there is no such issue (I should say much less likely... never say never...).
  • imamgimamg Posts: 136
    I've none of those on mine... Not sure on the others...but can pull a survey if folks wish. It does happen in the "heat" more than anything ... I've not noticed it during the winters... though I do live in northern cali so... winter isn't such a strong word up here...
  • k1200k1200 Posts: 40
    so you say I should tell them to replace the relays and the heater control...hmmm I will do that when I go in for service.... thanks
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