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Honda CR-V Noises and Sounds



  • Did you try the heat sink. My 2005 CR-V had the same problem. The heat sink was making the noise. It becomes loose often. The best is to tie it up or nail it to something. I had enough noises on my 2005 CR-V that I sold. It is indeed a reliable vehicle but the highway noise, rattles put me off..
  • I've had this noise but where is the heat sink.
    Thanks Gary
  • I have a clunking sound or sounds like something is loose under the front of the car when going over bumps and what not in the road. Does not happen all the time some days its there and others its not. Sounds like it"s coming from the right side but I could be wrong. its a 2010 crv. Any help would be great....
  • I have a 2008 CRV and noticed the same thing. Did you get any further info on this? For me tt seems a lot worse the colder it gets and after I drive for a while it gets better. I took it the dealer and they said that there was a service bulletin out on this and it was a faulty oil pump. I was skeptical but since it's still under warranty it didn't cost anything to replace the oil pump. It didn't fix the problem and I'm going to take it back in.
  • sue312sue312 Posts: 7
    Think its the rear differential and think there should be a class suit instituted
  • tboyettetboyette Posts: 4
    I have a 2002 CRV. I have popping sounds from underneath the car (both front and back), particularly at low speeds. It is really noticeable when backing in and out of the garage. There is also a rumbling sound from the rear end, as well as a slight rubbing sound on occasion when turning at 15-30 mph. The rear differential and transmission fluid is new and the u-joints have been replaced. Any ideas as to what might be going on?
  • kurtq1kurtq1 Posts: 8
    I am getting a creaking noise which sounds like it's coming from my front passenger door panel or form that vicinity. It happens when I first accelerate. I can alos recreate it by having the truck in gear and pressing and releaing the brake. I have tried to press on the door panel and the other plastic around there but have been unable to get the sound to stop. The sound is not there when the truck is cruising, only when I first accelarate. Anybody else experience this and if so what was the solution.. Thank
  • tboyettetboyette Posts: 4
    I had a similar noise with my 2002 CRV (see earlier post). Mine was caused by two things:

    1. The brake pad had separated from the caliper (the subject of a Honda TSB) and damaged the rotors.
    2. A stabilizer link was bad and had to be replaced.

    Hope this helps.
  • I am purchasing a 2002 Honda CR-V there is a noise it sounds like in drive train and it kinda wines when I push the accelerator. take off overdrive and the noise goes away......??? Any Ideas? The more I accelerate in overdrive the wine increases. This is an automatic naturally! 4cylinder. It kinda feels like a little shake around 40 MPH or so at first I thought it was an unbalanced tire or something.
  • pegg16pegg16 Posts: 7
    I wrote about the same noise in my automatic 2003 Honda CRV. I never found out what it is, but it doesn't seem to affect the performance of the car, it is just annoying. I also think it is more noticeable in warm weather ( i live in Jersey). I have about 122000 miles on my CRV. If your high pitched whine is the same as mine, then the little shake at 40 mph is something else and not connected to the whine. If you find out more about the whine let me know. Good luck with the shaking.
  • deckharddeckhard Posts: 1
    I have a four month old 2011 CRV and it has been making this clunking noise for over a month. I took it in to the dealer because it sounds like the front end is coming apart. You can feel the clunk. The dealer "could not duplicate the problem" so I was sent away. It is still doing it but it is intermittent and I cannot seem to make it do it. I called and asked them to just keep the car until they figure out what is wrong with it but "oh, no" they can't do that. I must take them for a drive so that they can hear it while I am there to point out the noise. I explained that it is an unmistakable thunk that you can hear and feel under your feet. Anyone else having this problem? Help?
    Frustrated! :mad:
  • care4all1care4all1 Posts: 1
    yes, I have the same problem with a 2010 crv. I've been complaining about it since I bought the car last year. First I was told there was a rock stuck in the brakes then 3 months later told they couldn't hear anything and there was nothing wrong. about 3 months later for my next oil change I was then told the regular maintenance of getting the brakes calibrated was due. That should have been done over 6 months ago when I first started complaining so I let my husband take care of it from there. It is still under warrantee. The brakes have been grinding and squeeling since the first month I owned it. Every once in a while I would hear this loud clunking and feel it in the floor under my feet. Now it happens quite often but they say they can't find it. Not happy with the dealership right now but I will let you know if they figure anything out.
  • gmackegmacke Posts: 2
    My 2007 Honda CRV is making a rattling noise. Crawled underneath and snapped this photo:
  • gmackegmacke Posts: 2
    edited July 2011
    Can anyone tell me what this is hanging off of my 2007 Honda CRV and how much it will cost?

    Link to Picture here
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,704
    Hard to say... another picture from an angle to the left of that one would help... It looks like part of a heat shield (to shield the bottom of the car from a hot muffler or exhaust pipe).. Sort of looks like half of the piece that is still attached to the right of it..

    Not sure how the heck it got that rusty..

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  • I think it is the heat shield - I had them replaced on my 2001 Honda (both front and back) and those were the first "major" replacements I did on my CRV. I can't really remember what I paid to replace the heat shield on mine, but I think it ran around $300 - unfortunately, it's a needed part.

    Sadly, my 2001 CRV is moving into a new life - my son's. He needs a car before school starts and is inheriting my car. After almost 10 years of owning this one (I bought it used when it was just over a little a year old), I still LOVE it! Since Honda doesn't make them in manual anymore (which is my preference to drive), I'm not getting another one, but at least this one is staying in the family. He's almost 17 and I figure this car should make it through college with him (it has 103,000 miles on it and is incredibly reliable and maintenance free).
  • crvnoisecrvnoise Posts: 2
    Ours is doing this as well. It seems it did it last summer, and we were told it had something to do with the differentials. What did you find out?
  • pamcamppamcamp Posts: 1
    Hi. I have the same problem with my 2007 CRV. It's a creaking sound coming from the area around the driver's side door when I drive at low speeds. If I drive with the door open-no creak. Did you resolve your problem? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  • The noise I was hearing was a "whoop" or "chirp" noise rather than a creak. It also was at low speed or no speed at all. However, it appears that replacing the differential fluid corrects the problem. Good luck with yours!
  • It may be the weatherstripping rubbing together. Try lubricating the weatherstripping with silicone spray.
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