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Honda CR-V Noises and Sounds



  • hellounohellouno Posts: 5
    Thanks for the reply. Definitely something to ponder.
  • hellounohellouno Posts: 5
    I ended up getting the 2 wheel drive CRV instead of the AWD. I pick it up today. Thanks for all the insight GUYS!
  • jimmeliajimmelia Posts: 1
    My 20 year old daughter has a 2009 Honda CRV that she bought last week. The fan makes a hum that increases in intensity as the fan speed is increased. We have cleaned out the cabin air filter and the noise continues. The hum is present with the AC on or off. It is present while the motor runs or when we turn the motor off and use accessory power. Any ideas?
  • rikrikardorikrikardo Posts: 23
    We had a similar issue in both my wife's CRV and my MDX. In both cases the problem was that a mouse had built a nest next to the HVAC fan motor. The blades were hitting the nest material the mouse had drug in. So as you increase fan speed the material gets hit more often and changes pitch and apparent intensity. On the MDX I just had to drop the fan motor into the footwell to get at the nest and pull it out. My wife took the CRV to the dealer so I am not certain if getting to the fan is identical or not.
  • pete2815pete2815 Posts: 20
    I have a 2008 Honda CrV with 37,000 easy miles on it. The right rear strut was replaced (broken) in 2008. Now the left front strut is broken and is being replaced. Has anyone else had problems with their struts breaking?
  • myscottermyscotter Posts: 1
    Just picked it up, less than 100 miles on it and all the way home it made an unusual, low pitched noise. It is not constant, but seems to occur at speeds higher than 20 mph. It is louder on some road surfaces than others. Called Honda dealer and was told to bring it in Monday. Anyone else experienced this?
  • mac134mac134 Posts: 9
    edited July 2013
    My 2012 developed a noise at about 5000 miles. It sounded like you had run your wheel up on the rumble strip. Turned out to be the left front wheel bearing. Now at 10000 miles my Continental tires are getting noisy. On some stretches of freeway I can't hear the radio .
  • ljvaljva Posts: 5
    New 2013 CR-V EX AWD. Less than 100 miles. I heard a whining noise sound (from front) when I released the gas pedal if the speed was between 55mph to 60mph. It disappeared if I press the gas pedal or the speed dropped 2-3mph. It did not happen when the speed was below 55mph or above 60mph.
  • dtstofdtstof Posts: 61
    Power steering pump????
  • ljvaljva Posts: 5
    Thanks for the info. Have not had the cr-v checked yet. There are other people who had the same problem with no luck from dealers (from other posts). I will mention this when I visit the dealer.
  • My 2007 Honda CR-V makes road boom sound while driving in the highways and also the pressure varies which I can feel in my ears. What can be done to minimize this.

  • vette60vette60 Posts: 2
    My new CR-V EX-L AWD has the exact same whine that you describe - 55-60 mph on slight deceleration (coast side of gear). Same symptoms as yours. Honda dealer says "characteristic of model" and will do nothing about it. Wondering how you are making out with Honda? Mine was purchased in Late July, 2013 in Minnesota - how about you?
  • ljvaljva Posts: 5
    I have not went to the dealer yet. Someone mentioned to check the trans fluid level. I checked mine that is above the low marker. I am considering to write a letter to Honda directly since the dealer most likely will say that it is normal for cr-v.
  • vette60vette60 Posts: 2
    My trans fluid is normal also. That's not the problem. My dealer had recently replaced a trans in another new CRV for the same noise problem. Honda covered it under warranty.. Not so on mine. Technician said the replacement trans had the same noise. Mine was louder he said, but Honda has decided it is "normal". Interesting also is that when dealer drove another brand new CRV from their lot, it had the same noise, which in my opinion is far from normal. These cars were all sold this July - I wonder if they have a production run of transmissions they are just now experiencing noise problems with since they have used this trans. for a while now. Good luck with Honda. Keep me posted.
  • mld3mld3 Posts: 1
    ours has this same noise at same speeds. The dealer had it two days and came up with no solutions. Only 7,000 miles on it. Any solutions?
  • I have 1100 miles on my 2013 CRV EX AWD that I picked up in the first week of August. I have the very same noise at 50-60. Only seems when you take the load off the drivetrain. (letting up on the gas pedal just enough, but not enough to coast) I have not been to the dealer as of yet.
  • I have the same noise and dealer keeps saying its normal, I drove other CRV's and the noise is not there, I have opened a case with American Honda (rudest folks work there its seems) they called from blocked number and refuse to call with number being displayed.
    I will an attempt to see dealer again if no action M ready to file a lemon law.
    I will post the sounds on Utube and post again the exact noise...
  • nianownianow Posts: 1
    My new 2013 CRV is making the same whine between 40 and 60 mph when I let off the accelerator just a bit. It comes from the passenger side into the cab. It is driving me crazy. Yes, the dealer says it is "characteristic of "this" transmission. I am going to continue to pursue this. My car was assembled in Ohio.
  • dandrwdandrw Posts: 10
    It seems like it's only the AWD models which have this problem. If you live in a non-mountainous part of the country and most if not all your driving is on level surface, the 2WD model is all you need. I have a friend in the Houston Tx area who was considering a AWD model CR-V. I managed to convince him he would be much happier and have much fewer problems with a 2WD model.
  • I have the 2013 CR-V EX AWD bought August 24th 2013 after 500 miles, noticed the same noise described here. Noted the whiling between 40 - 65 MPH regardless if pressing on excellerator or fully releasing it. Now at 1,100 miles. After traveling from Vegas to L.A. and back over those 8K foot mountains, and still hearing that same whining between 40 - 65 MPH, decided to bring it back to the dealer - I'll let you know what happens. Thanks for starting this thread, good to know Honda did replace at least one trans for someone on this tread.
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