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Mitsubishi Lancer 2008 Paint Chips



  • yvettecyvettec Posts: 16
    Well I am glad you feel that way, because that time is coming! I am already in touch with an attorney that is talking to her partners about us and a class action. FYI, there is no cost for us involved out of pocket as the firm assumes all up front costs. BTW...Mitsu told us that our car chipping was due to road conditions too. The resolution team said they looked at our car......I called my dealer the next morning and they informed me they had not even sent them any information yet! So they made their ultimate decision ON NOTHING, SIGHT UNSEEN! Imagine that!

    My body guy PUT IN WRITING that the car has a design flaw, but the cause is NOT ENOUGH ANTI-CHIP ADDITIVE IN THE PAINT! He said that we should check and see if our vin's were close together. I do not know how to do that. I am thinking that someone was smoking crack the day they sprayed all of our cars. What do you think? LOL

    Our car had a little over 2800 miles when we brought it in. I have three pages of documented calls with mitsu and my dealer.

    We will be working on this for the near future. Any interested parties need to let me know. I tried to post my number on here, but out of respect they removed the posting which I understand. Can someone please explain to me though how to enable people with this issue to get in touch with me? I would appreciate it.


  • paintchippaintchip Posts: 10
    I wonder if you can PM members with your email address or your attorney's information?
  • yvettecyvettec Posts: 16
    I don't know. I live in the Chicago burbs, and I got in touch with an attorney for advice on how to handle this situation before I even dealt with mitsu & the dealer. After reading all of the posts and knowing going into this they would not help, I thought it would be the best thing to do. She has been calling me step by step and advised me if her firm will not help us she will put me in touch with a firm that will. There are too many of us having this intermittent problem. It's not every car. My dealer told me flat out they have seen three cases already. Maybe when our forum people read this, they can write me and let me know how to let people contact me. I have no problem with people calling me as I am in Sales and get calls constantly anyhow. I just want to help everyone, if they want the help. It will take all of us. Class actions usually have a minimum of 100 cases.....If we are going to do this, we need to unite.

  • slider12slider12 Posts: 15
    As I said...I'm in. My dealer has blown me off. My 09 Lancer looks like crap. I'm pissed and want vengeance!
  • yvettecyvettec Posts: 16
    Go to my carspace page. Check out my profile.
  • yvettecyvettec Posts: 16
    Hello -

    We are avid Fox Chicago viewers that need your help. We purchased a Mitsubishi Lancer EVO, a very fast sportscar, in November from a local dealership. It currently has under 3000 miles on it. Upon waxing it a couple of weeks back, my hubby noticed 60-70 chips in the paint! We contacted the dealer and followed the motions. We were told by the Mitsubishi Corporate Resolution team that they viewed our pictures, and that the chipping is caused by "road hazards". Come to find that our dealership had not even sent in our information yet! Sight unseen, they made a decision! Upon google searching the topic, we found we are not alone! And...everyone is being told the same by the manufacturer..."Not Under Warranty".

    They have a serious problem and will not acknowledge it. We need this aired out! I did not spend $37000 on a car to see it RUST in a year. Please help us and hundreds (maybe thousands) of others!

    We know you can do it! We watch your show! Lots of people invested money in their cars to have the finishes fail! All over America!

    If it were you, you would want justice. ABC 7 San Francisco did an excerpt in 2006 for the same thing! And Dan Irvin of Mitsubishi stated to them that it would be covered if it was defective. They still aren't helping anyone in 09!


    Thanks in Advance,

    Yvette Calandra
  • paintchippaintchip Posts: 10
    Yesterday, you were sent an email from Yvette Calandra concerning paint problems with 08 and up Mitsubishi Lancers. She asked that you aire the story.

    I would like to see the story aired over the entire Fox network as this is a problem affecting these cars nationwide. Mitsubishi knows all about it but will not do anything.

    I was told that the sides of my new car looked sand blasted because I was "driving it on roads it wasn't designed for". I live in a rather clean city that has decent roads and is in a moderate climate that doen't require tons of salt. The car is garage kept and has never been driven in grass let alone gravel. If the car was not designed for these "road conditions" exactly what kind of roads was it designed for? My guess is not any that are on this planet.

    Mitsubishi seems to think that America is full of idiots and that they can pass off garbage here with no consequences. The American public needs to know this and show them they are WRONG.

    Please aire the story...and aire it nationwide if possible.


    James Anderson
  • yvettecyvettec Posts: 16
    Nice! Your post just made my day! Glad to see someone else out there taking action too!

  • yvettecyvettec Posts: 16
    My husband just got off the phone with Mitsubishi Corp. It is an "Industry mystery" as to what paint they use on our cars, and the maker of the anti-chip additive is unknown too!
    Gee, maybe we should call Crayola since I think that is who sprayed our cars!

    And the dealership hung up on my husband. Isn't this nice?

    Oh, and the best part.....our EVO is about to become a driving billboard of the lack of quality that Mitsubishi has. Our neighbor designs car wraps!
  • paintchippaintchip Posts: 10
    LOL! I'm seeing a car wrap that's something in the way of yellow and fruity looking

    ...perhaps with their logo all chipped up. :o)

    PLEASE post pics if you do that!
  • paintchippaintchip Posts: 10
    Perhaps if everyone that reads this thread sends an email to Fox Chicago then maybe they'll be more inclined to cover the story...perhaps even on a national level.
  • yvettecyvettec Posts: 16
    It will read something like" My paint is chipping off! Please help me Mitsubishi!" and "Do not buy from Libertyville Mitsubishi. They don't care about their customers or cars like me!" or, "Mitsubishi sells LEMONS! Touch me and my paint will come off! I had to double-bag it to stop it!" LOL. Any ideas are welcome. He is giving us a cost for the hood, both the side panels, and also the back window in a transparent wrap. Just the areas that ARE chipping and are most visible. And the beauty of the wrapping is it actually lasts 5 years! Better then my paint job I have on the car! may stop CHIPPING! Gosh, $37,000 on a car to deal with this!

  • slider12slider12 Posts: 15
    As far as the contact the media angle....the problem I have is that the dealer I bought my car from is one of these mega-plex outfits that has every brand under their umbrella and they advertise HUGE in all of the local media markets. So as one can imagine, there's going to be little enthusiasm to slay one of their cash cows.

    I am pursuing legal action on my own. I will post results.
  • yvettecyvettec Posts: 16
    Hey Slider -

    I tried to respond to the e-mail you had sent me from the carspace, and it said you are not accepting outside e-mails. ??? I have no clue how to re-navigate.

    Yeah, we have the same problem. The gentleman that owns the dealer we bought our car from owns 40 dealerships! That is why we are not going after the dealer, we are going after the Corporation. It really is not the dealerships fault. Though they are not being pro-active and helping us, we cannot pin the blame on them. They did not build the car, or paint it....

    I am still working on the class action. I heard from the firm yesterday and it is still in the works. Class actions need at least 100 cases. Pursuing this on your own will cost a lot of out-of-pocket expenses and in the long run only get you a new paint job on a brand new car. You will also have to pay attorney fees. If you can afford that I have nothing but encouragement for you. I stand behind you 100%. We will need you though if you like the idea of the class action. I have talked to several other people, and the more will be the merrier. Please post your outcomes with this on a personal and individual level. I look forward to reading them.
  • lostaunlostaun Posts: 3
    THIS HAPPENED TO ME TOO!!!! 2009 LANCER ES WITH UNDER 5,000 MILES? this is not the kind of money i want to spend to have a crappy looking car in less 6 months of owning it. i got a $1,500 estimate to fix and was also told about mud flaps and plastic? what the heck? at my dealership three other mitsubishi vehicles were brought in with the same problems and then when we asked for the other people's info, we were told that they had already got rid of the numbers and names....bull! this is crap. strength in numbers. anybody else have this problem that actually wants to do something about it? what do we have to do to get some justice here?
  • yvettecyvettec Posts: 16
    Please read all of my posts. My car is an EVO...with less miles then yours! I am working with an attorney on a class action. We need everyone to get together on this.

  • lostaunlostaun Posts: 3
    oh man that sucks. i am so in! when i read the first post i was in a hurry to write my part and didnt even realize that there was 70 sum other dad was talking to someone from better business bureau and was told that they cant really do much because mitsubishi mostly isn't in america or somethin like that and blah blah blah so dead end there i think...yvette...what you got in mind?
  • yvettecyvettec Posts: 16
    Well - I had a neighbor come over last night who gave me an estimate on wrapping the portions of our car that are seeing the chipping effect the worst. He is going to do it for a very reasonable price. The car will be wrapped in a flat black (to match the front end of the EVO), but the back window is going to read "Is your paint chipping too? Call....and my phone number!" I will post a pic for those are interested when it is complete!

    I am still working with a high end Class Action attorney here in Chicago. These things take time. I also filed a complaint form with That post should be up soon, and I recommend everyone that is upset about their cars do the same. Doubt it will help, but at least people will know of our problem!

    We got our letter from mitsu yesterday telling us (again) that their defective paint is not under warranty. Lovely.
  • lostaunlostaun Posts: 3
    awesome! i love it when you fall in love with something and it becomes your pride and joy and then bam after you wash your car one day after the snow is gone you realize this looks like sh**! its almost embarassing to drive that car around now. yvette...what do you think we will accomplish? do you think we will get anywhere with this topic or should i strongly urge (haha) my dealer to let me trade my car....
  • cbull25cbull25 Posts: 2
    I can't believe this! I just washed and waxed my 09 Lancer yesterday and was instantly sick to my stomach. The pain chips on the back end are REDICULIOUS! I searched to see if this was a common problem and found all of you. The dealership where I bought the car said they have never heard of this problem. I find this hard to believe after what mine looks like after 6 months. I haven't taken it in yet, but after reading these posts am not hopeful that I will get results. I'm thinking very seriously about getting rid of this vehicle and advising everyone I know to beware of Mitsubishi paint. What a bummer because I LOVE this car! :cry:
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