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Mitsubishi Lancer 2008 Paint Chips



  • slider12slider12 Posts: 15
    cbull, I feel your pain. I traded an '02 Lancer in for my '09 because of the trouble free miles I had with it. I put well over 100,000 miles on that car. It was one of the best cars I've owned as far easy, inexpensive and hassle free transportation. I like, yes "like" my new Lancer. The styling is way better, but aside from the obvious paint concerns, there are a few things I liked better about my old Lancer. I digress...there are two new Lancer owners here on my road. I've stopped and talked to both. Both have similar problems. I felt bad, because one guy had just bought his in late winter and hadn't really noticed what was happening to his rear quarter panels right in front of his wheels. When I pointed it out and showed him mine which is at a more advanced stage of deterioration he was very upset as you can understand. My main point here is that everyone who's posted here has got pretty much the same response from the dealer..."whaaaa, you're the first one we've had a complaint from blah blah blaaaaaah" what a load of crap. I am seriously looking at ways to unload my car before I have to subject it's poorly formulated paint to another winter. I will pay dearly to do so. As usual, the consumer takes it in the posterior. Where's Ralph Nader when you need him?!
  • j_fifer_919j_fifer_919 Posts: 12
    Hi everybody. I spoke with the attorney today and she said they are very busy at the moment. They will present the case to one of the partners in the law firm and get back to me. Hurry up and wait I guess.

    I went to the dealership yesterday to show my car the the mitsu warranty rep about my fading "carbon fiber" trim. He tried to say I put some chemical on the trim that caused it to discolor. I told him no chemicals have been placed on the trim and it was due to sun damage. We then looked at every lancer on the lot and all of them except for the brand new lancers had fading trim. The rep told me he would replace the trim one time out of a "good faith gesture". I guess my bumper to bumper warranty has nothing to do with defects in craftsmanship. I also asked him if mitsu will be doing anything with the paint problems. He said "what paint problems". I told him the paint flies off the car when it is driven on this planet. He said they have been having rock chip issues which is a road hazard and I should not be driving the car on those types of roads with sand. Jerk. He then went on to tell me that "You have unrealistic expectations of a production vehicle". I almost lost it.

    I forwarded all of this info the lawyer today. She was very surprised to hear all of this and placed the info in our file.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    The CarSpace forums may not be used to solicit others for class action suits. I am sorry, but posts that include those kinds of requests have to be removed.
  • capoo86capoo86 Posts: 1
    I have the same problem with the paint being chipped off in front of the back tire of my 08 Lancer. I have been through the local dealership here to try and get it taken care of but they just told me that it was not their problem and that I was going to have to get it fixed elswhere.

    The whole reason that I bought a new car and not a used one was because I didnt think that I would have to worry about things like this for a while. I was sure wrong. Hopefully if enough of us complain then we can get them to do something about it. I mean, who wants to pay 1000 to 2000 dollars more after they just bought the car?
  • slider12slider12 Posts: 15
    I feel your pain. MY 09 is now starting to rust . My car is 10 months old. I'm dissappointed and disgusted. I wish I could just return it for a full refund and buy another brand.
  • vladefanvladefan Posts: 1
    I can't believe that this many people are having the same problem.But now I'm glad that its not just me.My dealer told me the exact same thing as you guys and they said that there is nothing they can do about it.I thought about the class action suit like some of you guys but from the looks of it the suit will cost me more in the long run than it would be just to trade it in and eat the trade in cost.You guys that do have suits let us know how they are going.I have an 09 GTS that is doing the same thing as everyone elses.
  • I own a red 08 Lancer GTS and the same thing is happening to my car. The paint is chipping off in front of the rear tires. This started less than a month after I bought the car. I've had it over a year now and it's just getting worse. The whole reason I bought a new car is so I wouldn't have to worry about things like this. I try to wax it all the time but it doesn't really help. It's just a matter of time before I start seeing rust. Does anyone know of anything that could help bring back the look? Or at least protect it form getting worse?
  • psychogunpsychogun Posts: 121
    Before I begin, I apologize for posting a link to another forum. However, this will hopefully help some of the members that are having the paint chipping issue.

    Please do note that the thread is for Lancer Evolution X's, not for the regular Lancers (which appear to have a much lower incidence of the paint issue). None the less, the same fixes can be applied to protect the regular Lancers. oblems-thread-merge.html

    Hope this is helpful.
  • ivettivett Posts: 2
    I see you have a suit going on against Mitsubishi. I'm from Canada, but own a 2008 outlander and the paint is trashed on it. The local dealersip is run by a teenager who doesn't give a flying f about the fact that i paid 34000 for that car. he won't get the paint fixed. i was wondering if there is a way to get in on this suit. please let me know thanks.
  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Posts: 5,675
    I am really sorry you are having nasty paint issues with your Mitsubishi Outlander. But I've got to know, is your Mitsu's dealer really run by a teenager? :shades:

    2008 Mitsubishi Lancer GTS

  • cbull25cbull25 Posts: 2
    Hi all,
    I FEEL YOUR PAIN! I bought an 09 Lancer GTS in July of 08 and (even though it never left the garage this winter) it started to rust on the rear quarter panels and rear doors these last few months. I went to multiple Mitsu dealerships in which managers told me it was a design flaw that Mitsubishi was not acknowledging and they could do nothing about. I understand dealerships not wanting to do anything and putting the blame on Mitsu... BUT IF YOU'RE GOING TO SELL A PRODUCT YOU SHOULD BACK IT!!!!! If you know there is a problem, why is the #@$% are you still selling a defective vehicle. Grrrr... I decided it wasn't worth the headache and unloaded my Lancer. I purchased a 09 VW Tiguan which actually makes the Lancer seem silly! The Lancer, which I absolutely loved, now seems like a toy car. So thank you Mitsu for producing a crappy product or I may have missed our on some awesome German engineering!

    I decided it wasn't worth the headache of fighting Mitsu when I knew I wasn't going to get anywhere. Although don't think I don't tell my story to anyone that will listen. Good Luck to those of you fighting the fight!
  • ysatysat Posts: 4
    yup my evo too has paint chips already am thinking of buying sparco mud flaps or rally armour mud flaps. did you try calling mitsubishi about it or informing the dealer about it
  • ysatysat Posts: 4
    count me in i also have alot of chip paint
  • ysatysat Posts: 4
    any progress from mitsubishi i got alot too ill give them a call tomorrow :mad:
  • Hey I am disappointed to hear that this is still a problem with Lancers. I have an 03 OZ Rally that looks like someone dumped paint remover on it. After arguing with my dealership for over a year and being told that they will not fix it, I am finally paying out of pocket to have the car repainted. The clear has peeled off of the hood, sides, and doors. I was wondering how to get in on the class action suit? Any info is appreciated. Thanks
  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Posts: 5,675
    addition to my '08 Lancer GTS' purchase package that's called Auto Butler. Every 6 months I drive it 209 miles NW to Avondale, AZ, which is 9 miles west of Phoenix, where my wife and I bought our Lancer in March of 2007. They put a paint protectant on it and a wax. I've had this treatment done 4 times so far. I believe this program goes on for 5 years. It's worth every penny, IIRC it cost $400, which was written up right on purchase day, along with the cost of hooking up our Lancer's alarm system. I have a grand total of two paint flecks (right above both rear wheels) that I can detail right back in with my $9.95 Mitsubishi Rally Red paint stick. This paint stick has a paint side and a clearcoat protectant side. I have a couple other little paint nicks on the car's hood that I can touch with the stick to cover them.

    But we live in the hicksticks of SE Arizona and often go on gravel roads and we're not picking up paint flecks, I would think that would mean that the Auto Butler treatment every 6 months is working.

    2008 Mitsubishi Lancer GTS

  • slider12slider12 Posts: 15
    I just picked up my '09 Lancer from the dealer. It took time, but patients payed off. They re painted the areas in front of the rear wheels and installed a 3M kit that was developed by Mitsubishi. It looks good, I can't complain. I just hope it holds up through the seasons. We shall see. So people, if you're being told by your dealer that there's no recourse, then they're selling you a bridge. Mitsubishi is aware of this issue and is fixing it. They've done several repairs already at my dealership.
  • I bought my 09 lancer in July of 2008 and after one year i am also having problems with paint chips. My paint is coming off on the sides only of the car. When i bought the i told the salesman that i had heard alot about paint chipping off on the sides and then he admited they were having some issues. They installed some clear tape like stuff ontop of the paint just behind the front wheel and infront of the back wheel where the trim off the body flares out. I don't get chips there but am now seeing chips on the doors. I do drive on gravel quite often though
  • slider12slider12 Posts: 15
    Sounds like you got the same fix that I did. I hope it corrects the problem in those areas. I too am concerned about paint on the rest of the car. My wife has a Honda. We park side by side in the driveway. I noticed some crap from the maple trees on our cars. Like little brown dots. They washed right off her car, but are etched into the paint of mine. It's like they burnt right through the finish. I fear this car and it's paint are going to be a nightmare. Road conditions here in the NE are tough enough, even when a car is painted properly, factor in a sub-par finish and I doubt by the time I pay this thing off, there will be much left. I buy new or low mile vehicles and drive them into the ground.
  • Hi Slider, I got mine repaired but they didn't repainted it. They filled the chips. It's a nice job far from perfect. Better looking then before. And now with the 3m it should help.

    What did they do on yours? Repainted or filled the chips?

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