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Hyundai Tiburon Engine Questions



  • tiamattiamat Posts: 1
    :mad: I took my car to two Hyundai shops in Ontario, and both of them could not help me. In fact when I left the one in Stoney Creek, it was worse than when I left and they supposedly put a new catalytic converter on it! I swear I'm being robbed!!

    The problem I have is thusly. My car is dumping fuel into the cylinders and rotting out the exhaust components. I'm on my 3rd cat and 2nd flex pipe in less than 3 years. I've replaced the fueltank, fuel pump and all four injectors. Still doing the same thing.
    Currently I've switched to Elantra injectors, same engine size, but less fuel flow to save fuel. The car used to get about 700km to a tank (53L) if driven gently. When the problem first came about and I was popping fuel injectors thanks to the bad fuel tank (rust/water from top side hole which Hyundai didn't even investigate, they just tossed in some chemical at $80 a gallon to try and flush the system...), I was lucky to get 400km to a tank. Now with the Elantra injectors I'm getting about 525km. However, she has her power back. When pushed heavy, I can kill a tank in 450km and still get top performance, but again, still dumping fuel intermittently.

    The engines intake system has a Bosche Electromagnetic Air Throttle Valve which is apparently STOCK EQUIP on a Korean engine, yet here.. the techs at Hyundai in Stoney Creek didn't even know what it was. Couldn't order it. Hyundai Mississauga wanted $800CAN to import it. I got a used one from a scrap yard for $50!!! Works fine!!

    I'm at my wits end. Been three years driving her like this.. Poor thing. :sick: She's in great shape otherwise. Body's mint, one or two dents thanks to Toronto's bad parkinglot drivers... only 118,000km (75,000mi)on her. I love this car. Completely agree.. Even stock, this car kills turbo Integras, Mustangs, Lexi.. Even some older Porches. Just the right combination of power and torque jammed into a small compact economy sports car. YES, "economy sports car." Its very economical, and extremely sporty. My old man loves this thing more than his 'Vette, a '74 Stingray with custom 454-V8!! Which is like driving an ocean liner to work. Just turning it on takes a litre of gas!! :cry:

    Randy and Tiamat
  • i have a 01 Tiburon that has been doing the same thing. I replaced the fuel pump,filter and idle fuel control but none of that worked i took it to a shop and they said something like the crank switch so I am going to try that too we will see.
  • cjohn40cjohn40 Posts: 1
    i've got an '03 tiburon v6 with lean codes - 171, 174. long terms are at 24, and 25. no intake leaks,i borrowed a scanner, monitored the maf, its reading in lb/min. the reading while idling is from .394 - .435.. when i unplug the mass air flow, the reading seems to stay the same. please help i'm confused!!!!!
  • i changed the coil, plugs wirers. fuel is going through fule filter and to the injectors still dont start but turns over. its a 2000 any suggestions
  • jph8jph8 Posts: 1
    While in park, my 2003 Tiburon GT V6 races to 3500 RPM when I barely tap on the accelerator. Also RPM fluctuates and surges while driving, very scary! I have replaced the TPS, Idle Air Control, and the MAF sensor. I also cleaned the throttle body and checked for vacuum leaks but did not find any. The only way to get the RPMs down is to unplug the Idle Air Control connection. It then drops to 800. This car has an automatic trans and an electronic manual shifting mode. It only has this problem when in automatic trans mode. When I switch to manual, all problems disappear. Anyone have any ideas? Thank You
  • hello,i have the same problem whit my tiburon gt 2003 5speed and i check for the problem,good luck,i dont have the solution,i search
  • I own a 2007 Tiburon GT 57k on engine. I've never had a problem with this car until very recently. I bought it in july and it runs like a dream. This winter it has sat a lot more since I drive a SUV for winter months. I start it twice a week to keep it warmed up though. The last time I went out to start it, I noticed a tapping sound like the oil hadn't made it up to the top yet so i just let it run hoping the sound would go away but it hasn't. I left it running for over ten minutes today in my driveway and it showed no signs of stopping the tap noise. I'm pissed off and I have no idea why its doing this now. My question is, i have a 5 year 60k warranty. Is it too late to take it in to hyundai under warranty? I don't see an owners manual in the car so I'm not sure when it was manufactured but I know I have kept up with maintenance. Any ideas?
  • Try putting some Motor Flush by Gunk in the engine right before your next oil change. I use it about every third oil change in all my cars. It saved me from having to overhaul an engine once about 30 years ago so I know it works.
  • Where did you find the kit. I need one
  • ivetaiveta Posts: 1
    Hi diid you fix I have same issue I replace TPS and my RPM go up.
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