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Toyota Prius Hybrid System Questions



  • prius08prius08 Posts: 1
    just want to know if anyone else has had this experience. when driving my car, or sitting in a parking lot, the volume of the radio will go off the charts. The first time this happened (it has happened 3 times total) I thought someone hit my car. the only way to reset the volume of the radio is to turn off the car and restart it. also, when this 'event' occurs touching the screen will also produce an ear splitting noise. the car is 5 weeks old and has 800 miles on it. so far, Toyota has said that i can bring it in whenever I am 'in the area' so they can see the problem for themselves. this response seems unsatisfactory to me, does it seem that way to anyone else?
  • annettesannettes Posts: 2
    May 6, 2008 at 8:50pm. AAA towed to Toyota and they started working on the car before they called me. It started up for them but with the engine light on. I got a free rotation and oil change out of that because no one called me until 8am when I was already on my way in. Anyway, the air filter was heavily dirty and after running a computer check, nothing else noted. I didn't fall within the "system" recall of 2005's so we'll see what happens. The dealership was great though I must admit. So many Prius's here and I'm the first with something odd to happen. I still love my car!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • mtrialsmmtrialsm Posts: 159
    What is the battery life of the Prius batteries? How often would they need to be replaced and the costs?
  • ck90211ck90211 Posts: 129
    Depending on where you live, Prius drive batteries (not the 12V one) are warranted 8-year 100K miles, or 10-year 150 miles (CARB states like CA, MA). And there are Prius taxis with 200K+ miles (and lots of Gen I Prius with lots of miles) that are still on original batteries. So honestly I don't think many people ever paid for battery replacement yet (not unless they go over the warranty or drive more than cabs).

    In terms of battery price, I have heard the whole pack is nearly $3500, but Toyota recommends replacing only defective batteries, not the whole pack, so one is unlikely to pay that much to replace a few batteries.

    If I ever have to pay $3500 for batteries, I am moving to a plug-in (hopefully it will be that cheap by then).
  • jana6jana6 Posts: 17
    Has anyone kept track of MPG manually and compared it to what the computer says you get? I am a gas mileage nut and have always figured out my gas mileage on all vehicles I've ever owned. I've had my 2007 Prius for a year now and, other than a few times, I have always gotten less gas mileage than what the computer says I'm getting. It should at least average out but that has not been the case. I still love my Prius but.......
  • peakoilpeakoil Posts: 8
    I have consistently gotten between 51 and 52 mpg over 47,000 miles on our '04 Prius (except for Dec & Jan in CA, when fuel has the 15% ethanol mandated by the state for pollution control help. Then I get about 48 mpg) I have checked the Prius screen mpg against 2 pencil and paper checks over the years. The screen mpg and pencil/paper checks were within .2 mpg of each other, on one the screen was ~.2 mpg more than my division, and the other the screen was ~.2 mpg less than my division.

    By the way, how did I discover I had a slow leaking tire, you ask? When my mileage dropped from ~51.3 to ~50.3 I decided to check the tires, and sure enough, my right rear was down to 16#. Another benefit of the running mpg screen.
  • happyman2happyman2 Posts: 1
    You must have the secret touch! My Prius will only bless me with
    a 45 mile average no matter how I drive. If I must drive 55 to get
    50 mph my average is ok.

    Please tell me how you do it.
  • angela501angela501 Posts: 1
    My daughter has a Pruis that she (we) have been mostly pleased with. We bought it used about 9 months ago and had it checked at the dealer at purchase. We also have it regularly maintained at the dealer.
    Yesterday she experienced some hesitation on her way to the store. After about 15 minutes she returned to the car and when trying to start, the dash lights fickered a few times and the horn beeped. She managed to drive it home without any more trouble but once it was turned off, it won't run anymore. The lights, horn, keyfob and radio all work. When I turn the key, I get nothing. Well the console and dashboard lights, do light up but the engine isnt engaged.
    I was planning to have it towed to the dealer but was hoping for some ideas before I get there .. and find out what this is going to cost me. Has anyone here experienced the same thing?
  • foxzcarfoxzcar Posts: 1
    When I park my hybrid and turn the engine off, a small red image of a car
    appears just to the right of the normal lights, that blinks on and off. This
    error light is not documented any where in the manuals that came with the
    car. I can start up the engine after this, and it drives normally.

    But again after driving, I turn off the motor, go into park mode, this little
    red image of a car (facing left) appears blinking to the right of where the
    normal running lights are. It is NOT documented and I can't see any
    think wrong under the hood. This just happened on this 2008 model.
    if anyone has a clue, please let me know. Email, my handle is foxzcar.
  • dcjackdcjack Posts: 6
    My 2001 Prius has encountered "hybrid system failure" several times now. The fix is just to turn the car off and on three times, which reboots the computer, and all is well. The dealer traced the problem to a sensor providing sometimes erroneous data.

    Try the engine off-on routine before doing anything else. That can save you a lot of trouble.
  • scottc3scottc3 Posts: 109
    Where did you find the information about the computer rebooting if the car is turned on and off 3 times?

  • cheepercheeper Posts: 5
    This is the security light. It blinks to tell you it is set, alarm will go off if someone tries to steal your car.
  • belsybelsy Posts: 1
    I am the second owner of this vehicle. I love my little car. I got it againts my husbands wishes as he was not ready for the technology. Now a year later and 80.000 miles on it all of the sudden as I am driving and my Navigation system and radio quit working the screen appears black. following this incident all light came on the triangle, the battery and the light sugesting air bags. Broken hart, I manage to get home and next day turn on the engine and all warnings disappear. Except I still do not have navigation and radio. I do not have the funds to take it to Toyota as I have been told it can cost $3,000 to $ 4,000.00. Has this happen to any body? any sugestions? I forgot to mention that the radio and screen tries to come on only for a few seconds on and off.
    I also experience twice failure as i am driving. with out warning it quits working and the speed nly goes to 35mp having plenny of gas. I turn off engine wait an turn on and woala!! it works!!
    :confuse: :confuse: :sick:
  • Don't let the price tag scare you. This sounds to me like a faulty sensor -- one of the many sensors that the car's computer uses to run everything. Unfortunately, the reaction of the computer is to shut down when it gets a "bad" reading, leaving your car crippled. Turning everything off and on again resets the computer, and you're okay -- unless the faulty sensor again triggers that reaction.

    Take it to Toyota, let them interrogate the computer to find out why it's croaking. Replacing a faulty sensor will not be such a big deal, certainly not in the $3000 price range.

    -- Jack in DC
  • dtagliafdtagliaf Posts: 6
    do you have any idea what the cost is for the individual cell unit?
  • My friend has a year 2001 Toyota Prius and it has about 160,000 miles, everything works fine until last week. Dealer found the car needs a new battery, quote almost $3000 (parts and labor) for the battery replacement. Any good suggestion?
  • Check for "Re-InVolt" in North Carolina. They rebuild packs using the newer NHW20 modules. Everything I've seen and in some technical exchanges, these folks have a clue.

    Bob Wilson
  • Hi,

    A 2001 Prius with 250,000 miles had the battery go bad. The owner contacted me and the two of us swapped the battery in four hours:

    After shipping and everything else, $1,700, and the new traction battery has the stronger, more powerful NHW20 modules.

    Bob Wilson
  • loulou4loulou4 Posts: 1
    does anyone know where in K.C you can find a place that does hybird revolt for batteries.
  • priusgalpriusgal Posts: 1
    My car died suddenly, with a red triangle, a car, and some other symbol showing up on the screen. The tow truck driver read the codes as hybrid system failure, and towed it on a flatbed to the dealer, as it would not re start. The dealer has it, and tells me that error codes p1325 for inverter, with info codes 287 & 303, and code c1259 for HV regeneration are coming up. They are recommending replacing the inverter and transaxel. Transaxel damage was diagnosed because the motor won't turn over, and vehicle can't be moved. The cost is $5000+.

    Shall I sell it, as the dealer recommends, or get it fixed? Any other ideas?
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