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Toyota Prius Hybrid System Questions



  • rayrico55rayrico55 Posts: 3
    edited July 2010
    The car ran for three years with no problems, three weeks ago the car won't start, the ready light would come on, but when I push it, the engine turned once and the dash lights would come on, but won't start? I had the car towed to a Toyota Dealer. The Toyota Dealer told me that it was the HV ECU. After replacing it and programing it for $1,000.00, the car still won't start. Now they are telling me that it might be the inverter or the transmission? Can anybody help?
  • Is that "p1325" or "P3125" ?

    Do you still want an analysis?

    Bob Wilson
  • Sorry, not enough information. Did they give you any error codes? What city is the car located?

    Bob Wilson
  • rayrico55rayrico55 Posts: 3
    edited July 2010
    The error code is P0A1D, the car is located in Jackosnville, FL
  • piglets1piglets1 Posts: 1
    my 2001 prius died 3 weeks ago and the main battery had to be replaced. At the time they gave the car a once over and there were no other problems. 3000 poorer and last night the various warning lights come on. Towed to station an told today that due to stress on car due to battery that was replace (keep in mind we never had any warning lights until car would not start one day) that now our transaxel is shot and it would cost 6000 to fix. Help is there any recourse. This is crazy. if a low battery was going to caus a problem would there not have been codes when they checked car 3 weeks ago. This car only has 115K miles. Please advise. :mad: :sick:
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    New Fusion Hybrid.
  • Sorry to be late. On the P0A1D, there should be a subcode but Google shows it to be "internal ECU faults." This is potentially pretty expensive.

    Bob Wilson
  • rayrico55rayrico55 Posts: 3
    I changed the dash hardness and now it give my a new code POA1F, is there a way to charge the HV battery? I need HELP??
  • "dash hardness" - Huh? I do not understand this term.

    "a new code POA1F" - this is a hybrid vehicle control computer general error. The subcode is needed to understand what is going on.

    "is there a way to charge the HV battery" - Yes but normally at the dealer.

    Bob Wilson
  • When battery gets to 2 bars and car is shut off for 1 to 2 minutes the car makes a loud mechanical sound like it is having trouble switching from battery to gas engine. Has only done a couple of times mostly noted in colder weather.
  • eastreastr Posts: 2
    I own a 2006 Prius. I love the engine braking feature ("B" on the shifter) and use it frequently instead of the regular brakes to slow down for red lights and on the highway. A week ago, the car started to act like it is in medium "B" mode when the car is in "D" drive. Instead of coasting after taking off the gas, the car slows down at a faster than normal rate. It also requires pushing the pedal farther down/more gas to keep the car moving at a consistent speed. I took it to my local Toyota dealership and they told me the car "operates as designed," did a fuel induction/coolant flush and the problem is still there. Any ideas from the prius experts?

    Thanks in advance.
  • bobw3bobw3 Posts: 2,997
    Maybe you're confusing the computer with your use of "B" that's designed for going down long inclines, not for increased engine braking. Because you're using "B" so often, the computer may think you're driving in very hilly terrain, so now the computer is managing the "D" almost like a "B"
  • mickeyrommickeyrom Posts: 936
    Bingo! I think you hit the nail on the head.I have never used B in the year we have owned our Prius.
  • bobw3bobw3 Posts: 2,997
    I said in my post, "for going down long inclines, not for increased engine braking..." Actually the "B" is for increased engine braking when you're going down long inclines. But it's not designed for routine engine braking on flat surfaces during normal driving.
  • eastreastr Posts: 2
    Thanks, this may be the problem. I've stopped using B except for long hills. Hopefully, the transmission can fix itself.
  • My 2004 toyota prius does not start. The light comes on the sreen, you can play the radio,blow the horn and do everything but the car cannot start. What happened was that, I was driving in traffic and I saw smoke coming out through the front (bonnet). We parked and checked and realized the coolant pump under one of the front headlights was burnt. We replaced the coolant pump and put in some coolant oil and the vehicle cannot still start. Does anyone have an idea what is preventing the car from starting and how much roughly it will cost me to get the car running.
  • 2010 V recently became hard to start. When I depress the brake and press the power button the dash lights up and a yellow skid icon comes on. The starter doesn't work. After maybe two or three or more tries of turning it off and on the skid icon doesn't come on and 'ready' lights up and all is fine. The first time it happened I thought maybe there wasn't enough juice in the starter battery and called out a AAA truck to jump start it. The guy said that the battery showed a good charge so that wasn't the problem. I've had it into the agency, and they couldn't replicate my situation. Anybody know what's going on? Both my wife and I have the same problem with it.
  • I had the same thing happen to me once in my 2011 prius. A friend was with me and said take your remote fob out of your pant start immediately. He said sometimes with the remote key fob in your pant pocket a certain way/position will on rare ocasions prevent the car from recognizing the key. I recall this happening with my 328i once or twice. Not sure this is your situation, but it may help repositioning the key on your person if this happens again.
  • Has this been tested in court? Perhaps this is old stuff, but it isn't right and should not be legal! Surely this has come up many times before, or should have. This political crap has kept me from seriously considering the prius and now that I'm taking another look, Toyota, in the name of safety, has placed an engine cutoff feature on all models if the brake and accelerator are depressed at the same time. What a thrill it would be to be driving on a multilane highway in a storm with big trucks bearing down on you and the engine suddenly and unexpectedly turns off!
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