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Nissan Murano Navigation System



  • greanpea68greanpea68 Posts: 1,996
    It's the least Nissan can do since they took away the aux port

    You do know that the auxilary port is in the back where the audio visual ports are behind the aremrest right?

  • Thanks for the reply. What is a CF card? I thought they were called "Flash Cards" hence the initials FC. Whatever. I don't even have my new Murano yet, but my dealer let me drive an LE he had on the lot with the NAV and Music Box for a couple of days. But what I did do( in my in home tower computer) is load about 15 cds on two 2GB flash cards and then just switched out the Flash Cards. I'll bet the steering wheel controls would select and play the selections we want also. Although I have not been able to try that yet because my dealer wanted his Murano back. Can you imagine the nerve of that guy, wanting his own car back? Seriousley I love my dealer, this will be the third Murano I have purchased from him and he has been very fair with me. His service department is also great. I had to special order my Murano because I wanted the Brilliant Silver with the Beige Leather Intereior. It seems to me after doing extensive dealership searches that 85% of the Muranos in this country have black interiors. I ordered the SL FWD with all the available options. Did not like nor did I need AWD since I live in Florida. The AWD feels like your hauling around 500lbs. of sand in the cargo area. Especially when you put your foot halfway into the pedal. Talk to you soon. Thanks, Steve
  • cjo1cjo1 Posts: 3
    Yes, I had to buy a new cable from Apple to connect to the back seat AUX port so there's cable all over the place. I am so surprised they removed the front port.

  • David V. I checked with my dealer and with Nissan District Rep. Ther is NO VOICE recognition feature for the audio portion of the Navigation system, just for the Navigation System itself. Ain't that a bummer. My wife's 2008 RX -350 has voice recgnition for all Nav and Audio functions. Oh Double $%$#@ ....Thats not bad language is it? Regards, Steve
  • akjha627akjha627 Posts: 4

    I am very excited with my new Murano 2009 SL AWD with Premium, Tech, NAV and dual moonroof. (bought 03/29/08).

    But the fact that we can only rip mp3's from audio cd is very weird and so backward in technology.
    I don't understand if they can be so advanced to provide a hard disk and CF slot in a car, but what is the use of it if you can copy only 12-15 songs at one time by ripping the CDs. Why they couldn't give us the option of copying the songs from CF slot or an MP3 cds ? To fill the whole 9 GB in the music box, its going to take approx 100-110 Audio CDs to rip it. Its just so annoying and pain in the [non-permissible content removed].
    Is there going to be a modification in this software ? Can we all request this feature ? Is there some work around ?

    Also, sometimes my voice recog screen doesn't come if I press the voice recog button on my steering....I suppose the screen was coming much less often in the beginning than its coming now (its only 1 month old). Did this happen to everyone ?

    Thanks for reading my queries.
  • When I was parked I was able to find the Alternate Command Mode which changes the way voice recognition works. It's described on page 4-120 of the 09 Murano manual:

    I turned this on and now I have an expanded list of voice commands I can use when I press the Voice button on the steering wheel. Among those extra commands are some extra Audio functions I can control via voice. There's more commands for Navigation and Phone as well. Check it out.
  • I'd like to see Nissan give us a USB jack that we could either connect a USB memory stick or card reader (then we could use SD card, Memorystick, OR CompactFlash). I've seen that the Ford Edge has this and even allows you to connect an iPod to the USB port and you get FULL control over the iPod via the head unit. I think THIS is what we want in terms of audio connectivity.
  • Hi Brad. Thanks so much for sending the url address for the 09 Murano pdf manual. I have been reading it and am much more comfortable about purchasing my new Murano than I was before.
    Thanks to YOU. Steve
  • I guess I yelled Ouch before I got hurt. Thanks again to Brad for sending the Manual pdf link. From what I have read, there is a whole second layer of both TOUCH SCREEN and VOICE COMMAND options available for the Audio and Navigation systems. You have to set the system ahead of time as to which function you want to use. I guess Nissan did a better job than I thought. Steve
  • akjha627akjha627 Posts: 4
    Can someone tell me how to use voice tags ? I already have tags saved but I am unable to find a way to speak it.
  • sadsack862sadsack862 Posts: 20
    Hi AK. Thanks again to Brad and his pdf link for the Murano Users Manual. If you go to the pdf manual you will find explicit instructions on how to set up and use this function. I read through it and it is quite involved in getting it set up. Regards, Steve
  • sadsack862sadsack862 Posts: 20
    Hey Brad, need more help. Have you been able to find a pdf link for the 2009 Murano Navigation Manual? Steve
  • bradpennockbradpennock Posts: 32
    Let's all remember, that Google is your friend. The survival skill of the 21st century is knowing how to use an internet search engine :-)

    This search query (for 2009 nissan murano navigation manual):

    Yielded this excellent, but slightly dated, resource for Nissan manuals:

    And there I found a 2006 Murano navigation manual:

    Let's all remember to search first and ask questions after. Enjoy!
  • bradpennockbradpennock Posts: 32
    Searching a bit more, I found the Zenrin company appears to author the navigation software for Nissans:

    They say there will be a navigation update for the 2009 Murano in the Fall/Winter of 2008:
  • bradpennockbradpennock Posts: 32
    Well, whatta ya know... I was able to find a 2009 Murano navigation manual PDF here:

    I selected Nissan publications and was taken to this page:

    Then I dialed in what I was looking for and found a URL to the navigation manual PDF file:

    Isn't technology wonderful? :-)
  • bradpennockbradpennock Posts: 32
    I didn't get a navigation manual with my Murano. Did anyone else?

    I also heard there is a tutorial DVD video that comes with a new 2009 Murano. Did anyone get one?

    All I got was the owner's manual, a quick reference guide, and the zippered binder.
  • sadsack862sadsack862 Posts: 20
    Hi Brad. Thanks for your extra work in finding the pdf file on the Murano Navigation System. (2:am in the morning?) The reason this is important to me is this. I have a 2009 SL-FWD Murano with all the options, on order from my local dealership in Vero Beach FL. But I am here in Houston TX at the MD Anderson Cancer Clinics with my dear wife who has a rare type of breast cancer. We will be here for two months while she finishes up her treatments. (Thank God she is doing quite well) We have a laptop computer with us so we can communicate with friends, banks, etc. and carry on our lives so to speak. Reading The Manuals is good therapy for ME and this way I can be well informed when I take delivery of my new Murano when I return home to FL. One last favor..... do you think you can find the pdf for the Music System??? If not .... OK. Thanks for all the time and effort you have already spent on behalf of us blog members. Steve
  • sadsack862sadsack862 Posts: 20
    Hi Brad, Please disregard my last note concerning a pdf file for the music box. I see there is a lot of additional info available in the regular manual. Steve
  • mikea11414mikea11414 Posts: 33
    I just got my new 2009 SL-AWD with nav, leather, tech and prem.

    When the salesman gave us an overview of the car and how to use the nav system he did it all manually. When I asked him how do you do it by voice command he said the car doesn't have that feature. Yet the manual (quick reference guide) gives detailed instructions on how to do it by voice but when I push the talk button which is suppose to start the process, NOTHING HAPPENS. Right now I have no bluetooth program set that needed to activate the voice system by voice ? When I set the nav system manually the voice gives me instructions. Shouldn't I be able to give the nav system an address by voice?
  • bradpennockbradpennock Posts: 32
    Hi Mike,

    You can control some of the navigation features with voice commands. Bluetooth is just used for pairing the car with your Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone so it's not a requirement for navigation.

    It would be difficult for me or anyone to walk you through how to use voice commands to control the navigation here in this forum. I would suggest you return to your dealer and find someone else there more educated in setting up and using the navigation system.

    Be sure to have them show you the default voice commands as well as the alternate voice commands. The latter is a more advanced setting you can change the navigation system so you can speak more commands and get less audible feedback to speed you through using the system.

    The owner's manual:

    And navigation manual:

    Both describe how to set up and use the navigation system via voice commands as well.

    I didn't get a DVD tutorial disc or a paper version of the above Navigation Manual with my Murano. If you did, you might watch the DVD to see if it explains how to use the voice commands with the navigation system.
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