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Nissan Murano Navigation System



  • How do you search for a specific store/restaurant using the nav system (e.g. Dunkin Donuts, Target,etc.)?
  • bcondebconde Posts: 1
    2009 Murano with Nav. I like the voice feature, but know that 'training' the system greatly improves its ability to actually make the change I request, as opposed to 'guessing' at what I want. But as I follow the user's guide under 'Voice recognition', pages 9-23 thru 9-25, it appears that the 'Speaker Adaptation' and "Command List' choices are not shown on the screen. The car is parked, not moving, so there s/b no impact due to the car moving and features blocked.
    1) Is this the right forum for this question?
    2) If it is the right forum, whatcha y'all think about this question?

    Thanks, folks.

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